Status Update (January 21)

It’s time for another Imprudence/Kokua status update. This update is brought to you by the letter “i” and the color purple. :mrpurple:

If you’re a Second Life user, you may have heard that Linden Lab recently raised the group limit from 25 to 42. We’ve received some questions about whether current versions of Imprudence support the new limit. The answer is: partly. You can join up to 42 groups, by opening the group info window and clicking Join (if they are open enrollment). However, being invited to a group will not work if you are already in 25 or more groups. Also, the Groups window will say “You belong to __ groups (of 25 maximum)”. The “25 maximum” part is incorrect, and you can just ignore it.

We’re preparing a new “patch release” of the 1.3-series viewer, version 1.3.1. Imprudence 1.3.1 fixes the group limit, as well as a few other nasty bugs, like being unable to interact with the world after taking a freeze-frame snapshot. It also includes the font customization features from the Experimentals, and a few tweaks to bring the viewer into compliance with the latest SL policy revisions. It will most likely be available sometime in the next week.

Progress on Imprudence 1.4 and Kokua is a bit slow lately. For the most part, we’re taking care of other business while weighing our options for how to proceed with the media system. If you’ve never been involved in a project like this, you might not realize how much more work goes into it, even beyond just writing the code. But, we’re steadily chipping away at it, and we’ll keep you guys up to date.

19 Responses to “Status Update (January 21)”

  1. Stryker Jenkins

    Thanks for the update! Let keep the updates coming, just to show your all still there… hihi

  2. Liska

    When we can wait for release of depth of field? :)

  3. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Please tell me the new update fixes the tattoo layer tint problem and has something to make display names visible.

  4. Emilly Orr

    I’m less concerned on media, now, than I am about the eventual announcement that 1.x will be phased out. If that also comes with “and no more TPV viewers, EVAH!” blather from the Labs, then technically, there’s nothing else to worry about–I think they’ll lose easily half their userbase over the next week, and we’ll all figure out where else we’re going to go.

    How’ver, barring that extreme eventuality, if it’s just ‘everyone on 2.x, now MOVE!’…how close are you to a functional beta of Kokua?

  5. Jamey

    Not going to be “no more TPVs ever!”, becaue the 2.x code is already released.

    If they tried, well, remember that libsecondlife predates the LL source code release for the clients.

  6. Fmeh Tagore

    Have they fixed ogg/icecast streaming yet? It’s really really irritating when people come in and can’t hear my stream because they’re using Imprudence.

  7. Robin Cifuentes

    seems you have quite some stuff to catch up on….add-feature, display names etc etc…

  8. zoebug

    @ Fmeh l that is the main thing they are working upon :)

  9. Crim Mip

    I wonder if it’s even worth spending time on another 1.x based viewer version at this point. LL is going to actively start shutting off features for those (starting with Search) in the next 4 or five months. They can’t go forward with mesh graphics and other neat new stuff until a LOT more of the user base is on 2.x based viewers. That’s now squarely in the lap of the third party viewer developers. They’ve been pretty patient so far. I don’t think anyone would deny 2.0 and 2.1 were buggy as heck. 2.4 and 2.5 are a lot better and LL can’t stay patient forever. I’d not be surprised to hear of a hard deadline within six months.

  10. Justin Smith

    Has a VNC (not VLC) plugin ever been developed? I would be very interested in this. I hate the Realxtend viewer with a passion (it’s slow and it crashes all the time).

  11. SKK

    About the “I think they’ll lose easily half their userbase over the next week”… i have eard that when the 1.20 with their “totaly unusable GUI” was out… and well, i still see post about SL from people “that would left SL if the GUI of the 1.20 was kept… (so they haven’t left SL)…

    About the V2 we are now on 2.6 and the UI is far from the original 2.0 and since i use it since nearly a year i must admit that (exept the side bar) the GUI is very pleasant, i feel “limited” when i use a V1 now, the V1 interface is dead (and dead end anyway) for me now.

    and most important thing: V2 is incredibily more fast, stable and with less lag on modern computer.

    It’s just evolution, and we will be in the same situation when V3 will appear i guess.

    i can’t wait a V2 with imprudence stuff in it :) long (2nd)life Kokua.

  12. Yrla

    I have tested some of the latest V2 based viewers, and I always feel happy to return to Imprudence because of the radar and the “restore to last location” function…
    … and because of the 64 bit Linux version of course.

    Those are 2 things I would love in V2 imprudence…

    Guess I can only say “Thank you developers, for providing me with such a good tool to interact wit SL!”

  13. xia-xue

    yrla: there’s a V2 third party out with the radar extremely similar to imprudences. won’t name it here cause that wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike…
    and v2.5 now allows you to log in using your LMs… never used imp’s “restore to last location” function, but if they’re both what they sound like, it’s about the same?
    i’m just hoping kokua will kick the pants off the current v2-tpv i’m usin! i’ve really settled into it, and like SKK said… v1 feels clunky, limited, and awkward now. and it always made my graphics choke if i tried to run 1366×768 res :P

  14. Sylvio Runo

    My 20 cents for the media system.

    You can change the code to use the Quicktime as player for music URL.
    Quicktime can handle audio streams, but it uses a diferent protocol to understand the stream data: icy.
    I use icy protocol for long time to give possibility to the people to listen audio stations in private mode. Yes, i told in private mode, send the command url using the avatar key.

    This is the URL to the 977 Hitz:

    Open your Quicktime and change the HTTP protocol for ICY and open the URL using the Quicktime menu ;) Bingo, it is playing:

    :) Good luck and keep the good service ;)

  15. Joseph MacAlpine

    What viewer were you referring to?
    You can send me an IM inworld… thanks :)

  16. Sorina Garrigus

    I been using Imprudence for use on the AviNation Grid. Reason is mostly because using the same viewer when you have the same name on multiple grids creates wierd cache issues. Running Phoenix for example on the Avination Grid after being on other grids I had one shoe that was detached and part of the shoe from the other grid was attached. I believe probably from the OS Grid Library perhaps. I would like to see viewers in the future address this kind of issue as people are starting to venture outside of SL these days to look at other grids and want to use their SL name etc.

    SOUND BUG: Different issue entirely but there is a sound bug with Imprudence specifically. I am on a 64 bit Windows 7 computer and all too often I get these wierd echoing sound effects. They come and go and not sure why but I only seen this issue in Imprudence. Is there any fix for this? I would try other viewers but they tend to have the aboved mentioned cache conflict bug as stated above.

  17. xia-xue

    sorina: doesn’t sound like a problem in the viewer itself OR your cache. i’ve seen this ‘bug’ on attachments not loading if you’re not focused ever since post-1.23 viewers. i can replicate it *extremely* consistently by simply camming up away from my av on login. most attachments will only ‘half load’ exactly as you described. and i don’t even use multiple grids :P

  18. lupopa

    Hello @ll :)

    last Status Update from 21.january ???

    I’m waiting for the next Imprudence Version. I missing the Feature to change your display Avatar Names.

    I’m using Linux Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (_64 Bit_) and all other TPV or LL Viewer can’t play Inworld Stream but Voice, GuI, Gestures and ambient sound will work.

    I don’t will change my Linux to 32Bit…

    Please release the next Version with the Features…


  19. Arkem

    Could it be possible to have news from 1.3.1? I understand it may have issues to correct before releasing it, but just having news would be nice