Status Update (January 12)

Hi ho, Imprudence/Kokua fans! We’ve been gearing up again after our vacation, so it’s time for another status update.

First, though, I’d like to introduce a new team member, Boroondas Gupte. Boroondas has been working on the Kokua source since mid-November, but we’ve been so busy I forgot to announce it! Welcome, Boroondas! :)

Now then, the news on Imprudence. I wrote last month that we were going to try to release a 1.4 beta in mid-December. As it turns out, that was very wishful thinking on my part. We were so tired that we pretty much collapsed into full vacation mode right away!

The biggest thing left to do on 1.4 is getting a working plugin for streaming media and audio on Mac and Windows. As I wrote before, we were hoping to use a new VLC plugin created by Robin Cornelius. Unfortunately, Robin has been busy with holiday stuff, and now with her RL work. So, we’ll either need to try to pick up where she left off, or get the GStreamer plugin working with Mac and Windows, and save VLC for Kokua.

Speaking of Kokua, there has been some gradual progress on that. Over the break, Armin has been working on many parts of the code for fun, such as reimplementing colored client tags, song titles for music streams, preview animation uploads on your own avatar, private Point At and Look At targets, new minimap teleport code (including teleport-to-ground functionality), and the most important feature of all: purple clouds for unloaded avatars! :lol:

Armin has also done some UI work, including making the sidebar optional (although we still need to add alternative ways to access some of the features there), making the movement and camera control windows more similar to the old ones, and changing the main menu to the familiar File, Edit, View, etc. layout. In the future, we plan to offer a choice between this “classic” menu layout, and a new layout we’ll be creating later.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent some time revamping the build scripts to improve the way the viewer version is defined, and to make packaging the compiled viewer a fully automated process. Both of these improvements just reduce the amount of “chore” work for us, making our lives as developers a little bit easier, and letting us spend our energy on more interesting things.

I’m reluctant to make any predictions about when either Imprudence 1.4 or Kokua will be ready, since so much is uncertain. But, we are alive and working on them, and we’ll keep you guys in the loop. Thanks for your patience. :)

32 Responses to “Status Update (January 12)”

  1. Marcus Llewellyn

    Ready? Ready is over-rated. I’d like an alpha Kokua now, please. ;)

  2. Zauber Paracelsus

    I’m compiling it from git right now :-)

  3. Garn Conover

    yay :) One thing I’d like to mention I had for a while and really enjoyed to keep in mind.. NiranV had a mod (before the latest Kirsten update broke it) where the sidebar buttons were able to replace the search box in the top right corner.. This went along with Kirstens ability to hide the buttons in a box @ the bottom but something I loved :)

  4. Siobhan McCallen

    Zauber, if I knew how to do that, I’d be right behind you.

  5. Rhonda Pennell

    Purple clouds?

  6. Rhonda Pennell
  7. Rhonda Pennell

    *blushes I was trying to put an animated laughing smiley at the end that did not work very well:)

  8. makomk

    Thanks for the update!

    By the way, has Armin managed to clean up the licensing for the GStreamer changes in Kokua yet? I’d quite like to make use of them, but the commit notice suggested permission from the other developers to relicense them under the LGPL was still pending.

  9. Jamey

    Oh, THANK YOU, Armin, for the work on the UI! The rest of it is useful, but the UI is the blocker for virtually everyone I know who’s stuck on a 1.x viewer!

  10. Sidney

    Thanks for the update. I love that you’ll be making the sidebar optional.
    Looking forward to it when you’re able to get it out for the big test

  11. Ener Hax

    sounds excellent and nice on your packaging work (i don’t know much about that but i have to create InstallShield stuff at work and that seems tedious to me)

    good luck with your projects and thank you for a wonderful viewer =)

  12. Escapee Sohl

    I was wondering if Imprudence will change their coding to increase the grouplimitation to 42. Linden Labs just announced the increase to 42, as followed;

    Maestro Linden added a comment – 13/Jan/11 10:14 AM
    As of yesterday afternoon, the group limit is 42.

    Note that you will need a viewer that supports >25 groups (such as the 2.4 viewer) in order to take advantage of the new limit, as older viewers have the limit hardcoded to 25.

    More details will follow shortly on the official blog.

  13. Optikal

    Excellent, thanks for the info update & welcome Boroondas.

  14. David Seikel

    Um, the limit for groups is already greater than 42 in open sims when using imprudence. Though I’m using the last weekly, which is saying I’m in 77 out of 50 max, so some work still needs to be done, but it’s rather trivial.

  15. Escapee Sohl

    RE: to David Seikel

    Thanks for your response David, but not in my case, the limitation of 25 is still in Imprudence on Second Life. So coding of Imprudence needs alteration still. For you this may be a trivial issue and one easily to discard, but for me i need the extra slots, for land, moderation and all of that fun stuff! o.O

  16. Fabrixx Beck

    Please Update 1.4 !!

    I love imprudence (not phoenix)!!

  17. Ron Overdrive

    @Escapee Sohl: Group limits are dictated server side not client side. The client side simply displays the “(of 25 maximum)” as a hard coded cosmetic portion of the UI as there is no server flag to change that UI element. It shouldn’t prevent you from joining additional groups. If it is then there’s a problem, but the reports I’m seeing indicates there’s no problems except for that cosmetic issue.

  18. zoebuggy

    Esacapee i am now in 42 of 25 groups as Ron says the 25 figure is part of the GUI
    of the viewer that will get updated prob on the next release. Imprudence under the
    bonnet supports 100 groups because of opensims.

    Pretty please on the viewer update to come..may we have Display names they are fun and creative. For the doubters.. on the Display name viewers i have seen in preferences you can select to see Display name, User Name or both over folks heads, always see User names on profiles and are fixed for 7 whole days.


  19. Nihilady

    Thanks so much for the update on the additional groups. Works fine for me.

  20. Gaga Gracious

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys have put in on Imprudence and I look forward to Kokua and Aurora.


    Noooooooooo, I hate display names, lol.

    Seeing the world is far better than names over avatar heads blocking the view. But, if I can turn them off in my viewer then that works for me. What would also work for me is the means to hide the side bar and the god awful address bar at the top. I hate all that clutter ruining my view of the world. Damnit, do I have to spend my virtual life in mouselook just so I can actually see the world?

    While your at it how about floating all windows and getting rid of those silly fixed avatar images. I would rather see the avatars that move. You know, the ones hidden behind all the clutter LL put in viewer 2 to block the screen. I could go on. Enough!

  21. Oceane Grumiaux

    First of all, I absolutely love the imprudence viewer. The WL settings showing permanent in my screen are great and also the mini map. But I miss the multiple tattoo layers the most and also some other features that other viewers have. As for now I prefer Imprudence above Phoenix or any other viewer.
    However, i have the feeling your team is getting fed up with imprudence, so I would like to know: do you keep working on it or is it heading to an end? (Lack of enthusiasm i sense here and there in your words and maybe some upcoming new projects?).

    Thanks for all your efforts. I highly appreciate it.

  22. Rhonda Pennell

    While Imprudence 1.4.0 does let you join more than 25 groups in Second Life, I am sorry to say that it will not work correctly if you are being invited to a new group by someone else. The 25-group limit is still enforced by the viewer in that case.
    Of course I can relog with another viewer, ask to be invited to the group again, accept it, and go back to Imprudence, but clearly this is an inconvenience. Pleaseeeee patch it :)

  23. Holger Gilruth

    download with 6kb/sec is not real or? Use a better service or dont wonder when nobody download it even when last update is 3 Months ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Belochka Shostakovich

    Welcome back! And welcome to Boroondas!

    I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and New Year. :) Really looking forward to seeing all the new stuff you’re working on. :)

  25. xia-xue

    “What would also work for me is the means to hide the side bar and the god awful address bar at the top. ”

    just right click and untick “navigation bar”, it’s gone. same for the ‘favorites’ bar. then enable “show coordinates” in the location bar that WILL show after that.

    and bottom bar can be similarly customized by right-clicking it and click-dragging the buttons into whatever order you like.

  26. Chuckie Breda

    Such a nice viewer. Too bad that you let it die.

  27. zoebug

    hardly dieing, just a hiccup on the media dev, short break, winter festivals and work on a new 2x viewer t0o

  28. Armin

    Sad that you see it that way, Chuckie, but thats your choice. We invest a lot of our time into the project, thats often enough all and more of the time others have fun in virtual worlds, going to cinema, spend time with their friends, family, partners. Recharging was more than necessary.

  29. Robin Cifuentes

    Will you be adding the add-feature soon? Adding multiple object to attachment points on your avi?

  30. Ener Hax

    gee Chuckie you are a bit of a wet towel! this viewer is fantastic, i depend on it and am grateful to those that work on it and who do so at their own expense without compensation

    let me know Chuckie when you make a better one *holds breath*

  31. Gaga Gracious

    Thank you xia-xue for answering me!

  32. Gaga Gracious

    I agree, Ener. The Imprudence team have done a fantastic job for all of us, whether we be lovers of SL (I’m not) or lovers of Opensim (I am). The amount of work they do must be huge and the result truly amazing. And now Aurora!

    I don’t know how they manage it and stay sain.