Website Maintenance Complete

It took a bit longer than expected, but today’s scheduled website maintenance is now complete. All major parts of our website, including the blog, forums, wiki, and issue tracker, have been migrated to our new domain name: This new domain will host both the Imprudence Viewer and the upcoming Kokua Viewer.

If you visit the old domain, you should be redirected to the corresponding location on the new domain. However, we encourage you to update your bookmarks, links, RSS feeds, etc. The new locations for each part of the site are:

As well as migrating to the new domain name, the software running those four parts of the site have been updated to the latest versions. Other than the new domain name and site titles, you won’t notice much difference in the appearance of the site yet*. We will be switching to new styles in the near future, after the dust has settled on the domain name transition.

*The wiki has a new default skin, which is visible now. If you prefer the old skin, you can log in and visit your preferences page, then select the “MonoBook” skin in the “Appearance” tab.

There are a few parts of our site which are still hosted at the old domain, such as the client tag list, grids list, and spellchecking dictionaries that are fetched by the viewer. These will be migrated to the new domain later this evening.

If you notice any broken links, error messages, or other problems with the site, please leave a comment or email jacek at Thanks for you patience during the migration process. :)

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