Reminder: Website Maintenance Today

As I posted earlier, the Imprudence website will be down for scheduled maintenance as we migrate to our new domain name. Aside from the new domain name and site titles, you won’t notice much difference in the appearance of the site, yet. We will be switching to new styles in the near future, after the dust has settled on the domain name transition.

Maintenance will begin approximately 45 minutes from now (at 20:00 UTC/12:00 Noon PST), and is expected to last for no more than 2 hours. During that time, the blog, wiki, and forums will be read-only, and the issue tracker will be offline for part of that time. Our download mirror, source code repositories, and developer mailing list will still be fully online.

After the migration is complete, visiting any page on the old domain ( will redirect you to the corresponding page on the new domain. Your login information for the wiki, forums, and issue tracker will still be the same, but you will need to login again because the old browser cookies will not be valid with the new domain. All the blog posts, forum posts, wiki pages, and other content will be carried over to the new domain. Existing bookmarks, links, RSS feeds, etc. should continue to work (thanks to the redirects), but we still encourage you to update them to the new domain once it is up.

I will post another update on the new domain once the migration is complete. Thank you for your patience.

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