How do I log into Second Life with my username?

Now that Second Life has done away with last names, our login screen has become a bit confusing when connecting to the Linden grids. If you created a username, here’s how to login. (If you don’t have a username, you can ignore this. Your old first name/last name login will still work fine.)

  • Enter your username in the First Name field.
  • Enter “Resident” in the Last Name field.

Like so:

Logging in should work the same as it did before. You’ll see your username listed as your first name in your nametag (if you don’t have a username, you’ll still see other people’s).

Remember: your username is case sensitive. “Imprudence” is different than “imprudence.” If you have difficulty logging in, check to make sure you typed in the same username you registered with Second Life.

We’ll be adding support for display names in the coming weeks, but in the meantime enjoy logging in with the new system! :)

6 Responses to “How do I log into Second Life with my username?”

  1. SLB

    Speaking of case sensitiveness, the Secondlife wiki page for Usernames says to use “resident” in lower case as the last name. I haven’t tried it yet but yea, just thought to point that out :)

  2. Innula Zenovka

    According to the wiki page on usernames, in an edit made on November 16th, I should be logging in with Imprudence as innula.zenovka resident (this came as a surprise to me, but there it is). Except I can’t… it won’t accept it, but I can still log in quite happily as Innula Zenovka.

    Does anyone have any idea when this change for existing accounts will be implemented?

  3. Ansariel Hiller

    The SL wiki also says “firstname.lastname” in the first name field and “resident” in the lastname field should work, but – whoever expected anything different – this does of course not work! ;)

  4. McCabe Maxsted

    @SLB: all lowercase “resident” also works. It’s the first name part that’s case sensitive.

  5. Innula Zenovka

    Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.. the wiki has just been changed back to what I (and I suspect many people) thought was the position — that is, old accounts with a first name and a last name log on with Imprudence and similar viewers as we’ve always done, and new accounts follow the procedure described above. See

  6. zebra

    thank you so much