Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.11.13

Imprudence Experimental 2010.11.13 is finally here and it’s one majorly big release. This week’s Experimental contains a complete overhaul of the media system, plus many other fixes and goodies (over 225 commits!). Put your emphasis on Experimental.

Note that audio streams are unfortunately broken on Windows and Mac in this version. If you need streaming audio, you can either use Imprudence Stable, the previous Experimental, or an external program like VLC to listen to them. We are working hard on finalizing the media system and fixing this issue, but we are confident that the new media system works far better than the previous version. If you want to help us, please test media as much as you can. We are eagerly awaiting your feedback!

IMPORTANT: This new version has a different location path for it’s config file on Windows, which is now named settings_imprudence_experimental.xml. So you may need to redo your settings, or copy/rename your existing settings file to the proper name.


New Features:

  • Webkit browser, which supports Flash (note: you may have to install Flash from here using a browser other than Chrome to get it to work. You cannot install Flash from the internal browser).
  • New plugin-based media system. More media types are supported on Windows, and streaming no longer crashes the viewer. Quicktime is now required on Windows. GStreamer (installed on your system) is now required on Linux.
  • Aurora Sim support. Aurora-specific options will be set when logging into an Aurora sim via OpenRegionSettings. You will also have an additional panel in the Estate Tools on Aurora simulators.
  • Added Message Log and Message Builder from the Inertia Viewer to the Advanced > Consoles menu.
  • Updated Japanese, French, and German UI translations.
  • Teleport offers now show the location’s maturity on Second Life.
  • Added highlighting/tooltips for new llSensor keywords in the script editor: AGENT_BY_USERNAME and AGENT_BY_LEGACY_NAME
  • Added three new standard HD resolutions to Preferences > Graphics, for machinimists: 1280×720 (HDV720), 1440×1080 (HDV1080) and 1920×1080 (HD1080).
  • Align now has a keyboard shortcut: CTRL-A to Align, CTRL-SHIFT-A to Pack.
  • Area Object Search now has a right-click context menu.
  • Draw distance can now be set up to 1024m and manually entered.
  • Particle count and avatar imposter count can now be manually entered.
  • New debug setting: DisableInternalFlyUpAnimation, to disable flying up animation.


  • Linux now uses system GStreamer and plugins. Users will need to install those themselves.
  • New background when loading the login screen.
  • Added new preference panel: Chat Colors, which combines chat highlighting and chat color options.
  • Renamed several Preferences panels: Text Chat > Chat, Voice Chat > Voice, Communications > IMs & Logging. Their order has been changed as well.
  • Renamed “Help” in preferences to “Support”.
  • Removed support for the 640×480 resolution.
  • Reverted max screenshot resolution to 6016×6016. Please be warned that the viewer can crash with big sizes, especially with High Resolution Snapshots enabled.
  • Updated several Linux libs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed mini-map not rendering correctly.
  • GCC 4.4 compatibility fixes.
  • Fixed several issues with the cache.
  • Fixed skin selection thumbnails not appearing when using the default skin.
  • Fixed failed bake uploads not retrying.
  • Fixed inability to edit trees like normal prims.
  • Fixed Windows installer creating shortcuts that still point to 1.3 (settings_imprudence.xml) instead of settings_imprudence_experimental.xml.
  • Fixed gap at the top of the login menu bar.
  • Fixed “Advanced” preferences panel not appearing last.
  • Fixed drag select not working on Linden plants.
  • Fixed tools tabs overlapping the Ruler because of the new Align option.
  • Fixed Align tool not hiding when switching tabs in the Tools window.
  • Fixed Align being enabled on prims you don’t have move/modify rights to.
  • Fixed several bugs with Mac image uploads.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the drag tool failed to work.
  • Fixed installed default grid list using old URLs for OSGrid.
  • Fixed numerous compiling issues.
  • Partial fix for #614: sporadic 5ms sleep.

Known Issues:

  • Streaming audio does not work yet on Windows or Mac.
  • User needs to redo their settings, or copy/rename their current settings file to settings_imprudence_experimental.xml on Windows.
  • On Linux 64 the web browser and Pulseaudio don’t play well together yet.
  • Most of the known issues with 1.3.0.

37 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.11.13”

  1. billyjo

    when will the mac build be up?

  2. Marc

    The 64 bits linux version’s link seems to be broken. Is there another way to access it?

  3. Jacek Antonelli

    @billyjo: The Mac build is up now.

    @Marc: As the post says, the 64-bit Linux build will be uploaded later, it is not yet available.

  4. Marc

    It wasn’t mentioned when i asked. Thank you, I will wait for it

  5. Armin Weatherwax

    @Marc its up now.

  6. zoebug agrawal

    ok streaming not working….but wooohooo…because of it new feature allowing you to click on edit in the area search … and then from the tools menu to take….i cleared my ghost prim problem

  7. Marc

    Yay!!! Thank you so much :)))

  8. Phoenix Desmoulins

    Looking REALLY good on Ubuntu Linux 10.04.1 LTS, 32 bit. That new web browser is wickedly fast! VERY good job.

    Any chance we’ll get Display Names?

  9. buford pookes

    On Windows Vista I’m getting a “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect”.

  10. sneakkyg

    i like it but… is there any way to disable the Alt A shortcut? i use alt to move the camera :(

  11. Ener Hax

    bah, no go on my XP =( installed it three times – even fully uninstalled older version and deleted all folders and get the same error:

    Unable to execute file: C:\program . . .
    This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. . . .

  12. Nica Pennell

    I’m very much looking forward to taking this out for a spin with an Aurora sim to see the new features that go with that. I’ve hunted around and have only found Aurora in source code form so far, does anyone know if or when a binary I can play with will be available?

  13. Zauber Paracelsus

    the CTRL-A shortcut for align is conflicting with the existing (industry standard) keyboard shortcut for CTRL-A, which is “Select All”, used in text entry slots.

  14. Lib

    Hi everyone. Same as Ener Hax and buford pookes. On my laptop with windows vista 32b home premium SP2, core 2 duo T9300, 3GB DDR2,GC ATI mobility radeon 2600HD with mod driver of 2600HD boxed, french language. Last exp was fine installed with a different cache than the 1.3 final, the new one once installed doesn’t want to run “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect”.
    Will try the next realease :( or the fixed one :)
    See you soon guys.

  15. Margot-Xara

    HEllo, this is not a problem due to viewer but to incorrect Micro$hit run-time libs, install last updates and it shall working if another game not messed system links.

  16. Vivienne Graves

    Requiring Gstreamer for Linux is less than optimal, really? Other third-party Linux viewers don’t enforce Gstreamer as far as I’m aware. I’m on Kubuntu, KDE 4, which uses Phonon…and the default backend for Phonon is Xine. Gstreamer is deprecated, and not really useable for me (using it instead of Xine disables the equaliser in Amarok, among other annoyances). So I still have no sound for streaming media in Imprudence on Linux (this isn’t, as I’ve said, a problem with other third party viewers or with the bog-standard LL viewer).

  17. Armin Weatherwax

    @Vivienne the LL viewer and any third party viewer I’m aware of require to install gstreamer for Linux, which I read is ok for you. So I assume it’s equally ok for you that Imprudence now also does.
    If you have no sound for streaming in the 2010.11.13 Experimental, please create a bug report in the bug tracker or the feedback thread in the forums mentioned in the blog post and provide a log file of a session trying it.

  18. paulie Flomar

    FLASH content not displaying for me in new browser.
    Windows 7 64 bit, Nvidia Geforce 8800, FLASH Installed and works in Firefox, IE, SL Viewer 2.

  19. Mike Swanson

    I’m getting no streaming media content to be playing on Arch 64-bit, with gstreamer installed, yes. The previous experimental didn’t have this problem.

  20. Seth Ock

    Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit here. The latest experimental works reasonably well. Music streams play, although with intermittent pops and crackling now and then. Video streams do not seem to play. Of course, I haven’t seen a working video stream on any viewer since 1.23 came out, so I’m not going to get my kilt in a knot over it.

  21. Dahlia Orfan


    The release 11.13 has definitely a BIG problem that did not have the previous releases. For linux users, open the SL search engine and have a look at the processes SLplugin: 100% of the CPU !!! Exactly the same problem as the recent version of Phoenix. Too bad really.


  22. Dahlia Orfan

    I repeat my comment since the old one seems to be lost. The linux version is unusable: open the SL search engine, 100% of the CPU will be taken by each SLplugin process :-(.

  23. Vivienne Graves

    @Armin: I have gstreamer installed. However, it’s not set as the audio backend for Phonon in KDE; nonetheless, streaming audio works properly in the official SL client and other third party viewers, but not in Imprudence. (Nor has it ever, for that matter.)

  24. McCabe Maxsted

    @Seth: did you download and run the installer linked in the post?

  25. Ener Hax

    nada? guess i’ll wait on the next experimental =)

    *waves at Lib who seems to be french too* =)

  26. Anjoux


    Gstreamer deprecated? Since when? Last stable release July 2010. Dev team currently deciding on a release date for 1.0 and forking for 2.x development. I understand that you may not like it (what’s not to like though?), but that doesn’t mean it’s deprecated – except in your household maybe :p

  27. Dahlia Orfan

    I don’t understand why my two other posts are not here. So I try a third and last time. The linux version is *unusable*: open the SL search engine, and have a look at the process SLplugin: 100% * the number of processes. The same problem as Phoenix now :-(.


  28. Jacek Antonelli

    @Dahlia: Sorry, your posts got flagged as spam for some reason. (Bad Akismet, no biscuit for you!) Anyway, thanks for the report, we’ll look into the CPU usage problem!

  29. Vivienne Graves

    @anjoux: not deprecated if you use Gnome, maybe, not everyone does (and it’s deprecated for my preferred audio playback application, Amarok).

  30. Jonvic

    I love Imprudence, but please work on the basics guys. So far music streams crash the viewer and now music does not work at all! Get the basics right and then work on the fancy features……but as always thanks for making a great viewer, just get it stable and then add to it..ok ok know this is Experimental but surely the base features need to work.

  31. alfonso Netizen

    Great viewer. However, unlike previous version (like the last stable, 1.3.0) this experimental seems to have issues with streaming also in 64-bit linux boxes. I have gstreamer installed and working, but viewer doesn’t play music or video.

    One important thing about is, unlike previous versions, debug console doesnt show any kind of problem when i start playing media. everything seems good but no sound here.

    If i find a bit of time i will report it as a bug. Thanks for the job guys. This is the only decent viewer for 64 bit word systems…

  32. Mewling

    @ Jonvic — 100% correct!

    In fact, I’ve moved over to that flaming bird viewer for the time being, simply because the music works (and it does have a nice radar)even though the spell check seems to not like me.

    I do a lot of photography, and being able to control the sky and lighting right in the viewer with no or few extra lights needed in-world is a godsend. But why release a broken version when you know it’s broken?

  33. nimil

    @jonvic they are working on the basics. they are completely reworking the code for streaming media and music so that we can have it work and not be broken. unfortunately that takes time, but that’s why you have an experimental. this is not a final release.

    @mewling i don’t see why you had to move to another viewer just because one experimental did not have sound.. just use the previous one until they get this small glitch fixed O_o

    again, not a final release, an experimental, which means, things get broken.

  34. Orbiyx

    A Quicktime requirement for Windows?

    That’s a no-go here.

    Surely, there are other options that do not require people to install *that*. Please reconsider.

  35. Skunkworth (SL name)

    The viewer works beautifully, but it’s lacking some features like multiple attachments per slot. (Really important because I cannot see some (a lot of) avatars correctly.

  36. Mister Acacia

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32 bit, 2GHz AMD X64 (for me, the 32-bit OS works better. Go figure), built-in nVidia GE Force, 3GB RAM.

    When I open search my CPU does not max out.

    I have Phoenix also running, and Imprudence graphics is faster than Phoenix, and they’re both running right now.

    LL-type attach points should be added, I think all other viewers now support it.

    Music works out of the box. I have and use gstreamer, and I have VLC installed. Maybe it’s a Kubuntu thing, since that’s a fork from the official Ubuntu, that gstreamer isn’t used.

    One interesting thing for me is the play button disappears when I click it, instead of changing to a pause button. No big deal, just something I noticed.

    Overall I like what I see and hear.

  37. Mister Acacia

    Support for 40 groups would be nice too.