A Rose is a Rose

One of the perils of announcing something early in the process, before all the details are carved in stone, is that sometimes plans simply change. Such is the case now with the naming of Aurora Simulator (“Kokua Sim”).

We announced last week that we would be offering Kokua Sim, a new variant of OpenSimulator, alongside our new Kokua Viewer. We further explained that the original name for the simulator software was Aurora, but that it would soon be rebranded as Kokua Sim and become part of a broader project, called the Kokua Project.

Those plans have changed a bit, and Aurora will be keeping its original name. Also, while there will still be close collaboration between Aurora and the Kokua Viewer, Aurora will function as a distinct sister project, with its own website and such. There are several reasons for these new plans:

  • Although we on the Imprudence team were not aware of it, there was already a group of developers and enthusiasts involved with Aurora. There was, regrettably, a break in communication somewhere along the line, and the planned name change ended up causing a lot of unnecessary confusion and conflicting information.
  • Our purpose in having both the sim and viewer share the name “Kokua”, was to emphasize that the two programs were being developed hand in hand, so users could be certain that they would work very well together. Unfortunately, it instead gave many people the wrong impression that the two programs would work only with each other, and would exclude other simulator or viewer software. (In reality, both the simulator and viewer will be compatible with other software, and will be open source so that other projects can benefit from any improvements we make.)
  • Another unwanted side effect of the naming was that people naturally tend to to just say “Kokua” for short, which could refer to the viewer, the sim, or even the project as a whole. This sort of ambiguity isn’t a big problem, but it does make talking about the two programs a bit more awkward and confusing than it needs to be.

All that considered, it simply makes sense to eliminate these sources of confusion, by having Aurora keep its original name. As I mentioned, the Aurora Simulator and Kokua Viewer teams will still be working side by side, and we’re still very much looking forward to creating innovative new features and improvements together. :)

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

– The Kokua Team and Team Aurora

14 Responses to “A Rose is a Rose”

  1. Eryn

    Thank you Jacek for clearing that up. I have a lot of fun testing Aurora right now and I’m a big supporter of Imprudence, wheather it will be called that or Kokua in the future. :)

  2. Greybeard Thinker

    Thank you JJ. We look forward to working far into the future together with you.

    GT. (Team Aurora Tester)

  3. Juggernutz

    They should name the viewer Borealis so the whole project can be called Aurora Borealis.

  4. Tenebrous

    ^ this

  5. Opensource Obscure

    In other words…Aurora is the username, while Kokua is the Display Name, and they will change it on a weekly basis.


  6. Mimetic Core

    @Juggernutz – I really like that idea ;) Pitch it harder.

    @Jacek – Good call on considering the potential confusion of which component the term “Kokua” might refer to in a given situation. Many of us here wouldn’t think twice since we’re all keeping track of what’s what, but with the influx of new, less informed users to the blossoming Metaverse community and the unprecedented amount of press it’s getting, keeping things clear from the start is necessary.

    REALLY looking forward to these projects and what they will bring to the new frontier. Thanks again folks!


  7. Morgaine

    Such problems happen when things are done in secret — not enough eyeballs to squish the errors. We get this from Linden Lab all the time, failed planning and failed development as a result of secrecy.

    Please keep everything in Kokua/Imprudence/Aurora done in the open. The project(s) will be much the better for it :-)

  8. Kansas

    Even though this clarification is understandable, in my opinion this is wrong. The Kokua Project would have a bigger impact, because it grows the brand. Image, people, image! Silly Futurama quote but seriously, now it’s just Kokua and this alternative sim things. The majority of users don’t care about the server and the rest should know the difference. So, there is no confusion. Also it’s more important to bring up the benefits of this collaboration because nobody will know if Aurora is compatible with w/e anyway. This has to be exemplified in any case. Now there is no foundation to recognize. This looks like an internal dispute to me (too many cooks…).

  9. A1A

    You have options: Aukora, Korora, Rokakora, Okurakoka… this could be a very long list if I keep going…

  10. Lalo Telling

    I’ll add my vote to the “Aurora Borealis” suggestion… and eagerly await public beta of both projects.

  11. Orion Pseudo

    Ditto on the Aurora Borealis name! Now here’s a question, does Aurora have any sort of official forum, wiki, blog, documentation type thing? I’m quite interested in switching my grid over, but all I can find so far is their github site and whatever has been mentioned of it here.

  12. shamus

    I’ll add my vote to the “Aurora Borealis” suggestion.

  13. Hiro Protagonist

    I rather liked the name ‘Nimbus’ for the new name for Imp, because it’s a personal aurora, so to speak – but the aurora borealis idea isn’t bad either, as it has the same sort of complimentary connotations of ethereal illumination, and plays into the co-branding hand quite well.

    For the record, it’s the code and the teams that really count, these name things tend to be far less important in opensource down the road than we think (look at ‘linux’ lol)

    Much Props to both teams and keep up the fantastic work :)

  14. Tom Wilson

    A question… will Aurora be released here, or is it on another web site? Does anybody have a binary release yet? I’m going to install SOME simulator on my system this week, and I’d like to start with Aurora, rather than have to install OpenSim and migrate everything later.