Experimental slightly delayed

Hello Imprudentistas!

Just a short note to tell you that the newest Experimental will be slightly delayed as we hammer the last kinks from the new Media Plugin system. Don’t worry! It should be released in the next days, as soon as everything is working in a satisfactory manner. Stay tuned!

10 Responses to “Experimental slightly delayed”

  1. Jean Horten

    It’s a shame to blame LL for, that every ‘innovation’ coming from the lab needs to be hammered into shape by someone before it works, Keep up the great work, Imprudence team, looking forward to seeing your successful efforts in doing so.

  2. Codie

    Actually Jean, Media Plugins is an Imprudence thing. We just replaced our old Gstreamer based media system with this new more flexible and more functional plugin based system. Nothing to do with LL this time!


  3. Chris

    Awesometastic! That is the one thing missing for me in Imprudence – live RTSP/H.264 video streams that are not wonky/explode. Thank you so much!

  4. Codie

    Chris, if you got sample streams I could try, I would be grateful. But I must mention that EVERY darn video stream I could put my mits on, they worked. =)

  5. Steph

    /me fidgets impatiently.. ^_^

  6. nimil

    our tv at home has the ability to watch stuff like justin.tv and livestream, will imprudence be able to do this as well?

  7. Codie

    oh yes it will Nimil. oh yes it will. my own NHC media center works like a charm.

  8. Indigo Mertel

    @Jean, it’s even more of a shame to see people bashing LL for anything that is vaguely related with SL. I see this happening too often.

  9. Chris

    @ Codie – just a standard H.264 400k stream from Wirecast. On current/previous Imprudence builds I will randomly get audio, or video but usually not both at once (Mac or PC) – video was always super stuttery if it shows at all.

    Here is my stream if you would like to check it – rtsp://video.slserver.com:8060/milkdrop360.sdp

    Example of usage at http://mcburris.homeip.net:9000 (Diva Distro standalone w/Hypergrid 1.5) Look for the crazy dance club floating in the sky with media textures all over the place.

    Again, megathanks!

  10. Siobhan McCallen

    I’ll just be happy if I can play .ogg based Icecast streams again. Right now, the darned things are giving me nothing but the cold silences.