A Quick Clarification about Kokua Sim / Aurora

It seems that in my excitement to announce the big news about Kokua, I misunderstood the current status of Kokua Sim, also known as Aurora. Woops!

My apologies for the confusion, and please enjoy Kokua Sim / Aurora! :)

10 Responses to “A Quick Clarification about Kokua Sim / Aurora”

  1. Talvin Muircastle

    Will this include OSSL support?

  2. Rob Danton

    I’m happy to learn about this as I think there is a real need for an easy-to-use server setup for SL-type worlds. However, I would be very interested if anyone has compiled this under mono on OS X, I’ve made quite a bit of progress (I’m really learning as I go along here).

    When I run nant in terminal, I get this error:

    error CS0234: The type or namespace name `AuroraModuleLoader’ does not exist in the namespace `Aurora.Framework’. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    Any ideas? : )

  3. Greybeard Thinker

    Talvin, yes “Aurora” has many improvements, OpenSim core does not have. New improved threaded script engine, new improved physics engine, more and better region controls over viewers, such as region level viewer blocking.
    And please call it “Aurora”, NOT Kokua, as it IS Aurora server a fork of OpenSim. I have been the only tester of this new fork since inception. If it was getting a name change I think I would be informed before the rest of the world.


  4. Morgaine

    I get the same build-time error from nant on Linux as Rob Danton above received on OSX.

    ‘AuroraModuleLoader’ is present at Aurora/Framework/ModuleLoader/AuroraModuleLoader.cs, but I guess you’re not listing it in the right build files?

  5. Greybeard Thinker

    try IRC channel #aurora-dev

    and here for bug reports.


  6. Rob Danton

    Hi Morgaine and thanks Greybeard… I think I’m being stupid here… (I did warn that I am no expert when it comes to compiling) in that the fatal error is actually this:

    Do you get the same Morgaine?

    External Program Failed: /opt/local/lib/pkgconfig/../../lib/mono/2.0/gmcs.exe (return code was 1)

  7. Us Vemo

    Hi! If any off you succeed on OSX please let me know… I will not have time myself for any serious attempt for 2 weeks. I would hate to have to boot up a pc for this… ;o)
    Please let me know the progress?

  8. Falke

    At the github I miss the Opensim.exe. There are only the Opensim.exe.config

  9. Ron Overdrive

    For OSX users you have to use xbuild instead of nant to compile.

  10. Ron Overdrive

    @Falke: you need to compile the source code. Read the README.TXT for details.