No Experimental This Week

There won’t be any Experimental Week this week, while we work on several key issues with the media system. In the meantime, I highly recommend giving 10.23 a try. Also, if you feel like helping out we’re looking for volunteers for our support team! Cheers!

3 Responses to “No Experimental This Week”

  1. Jamey

    I’m kinda glad ya’ll are taking this weekend off from putting together a release package, so you can continue to work on the whole thing. It will be wonderful to have media everyone is more happy with!

  2. Dalek

    Yep the Windows version needs to get playing video made stable. Works nice on ubuntu 10.10 though oddly.

  3. skaty

    Glad to hear you’re working on the media…Imprudence is the most stable viewer I’ve been able to find and it’s the only one I’ve been using, but crashing whenever DJ’s change streams has been a hindrance:(