Help wanted: Support team

We are looking for friendly volunteer people to help our users in forums, IRC, and inworld groups on as many grids as possible. We need people with a good technical background, that can file bug reports or help users in any ways they can. Multilingual people would be most than welcome, and obviously, a good technical background about the usual viewer issues would be a plus.

Please contact CodeBastard Redgrave if you would be interested to help. I can be emailed at Please include your avatar name(s) and on which grid(s) you can help, languages you can speak, your usual availabilities, and your platform (Win, Mac, or Linux).

Looking forward to hear from you!

5 Responses to “Help wanted: Support team”

  1. Neal Hernandoz

    Hey code. Here’s what i can do to help if anything…

    1.Provide support for the viewer common technical questions.

    2.Help with bugs/find bugs in experimental viewers and current viewers. Also help users with special types of bugs on windows.

    3.I have alot of experience with all types of features…I mainly do alot of self learning.

    If there is anything else i can do to help that i can do i’m sure i can. And would be willing to do so. Thanks! Hope to be hearing from you soon!

  2. Neal Hernandoz

    Also forgot to write this down….

    Grids i can work with:

    1. Second Life.

    2. Osgrid.

    3. 3rd Rock if you need me on that…

    Languages Include:

    1. English only.

    Platforms include:

    1. Microsoft Windows

    2. Occasionally, i can do support for linux but it can be a touchy subject for best support can be done through windows.

  3. Garn Conover

    Neal, email them please :) makes it much easier them to keep it all organized

  4. Arkady Arkright

    Hi – Ubuntu on InWorldz, if that helps

  5. First Prim

    I use several grids, but mainly SL and opengrid to set up the art project Simulacron One. I want to help to get a stabile viewer that can be used even in 20 years (as an offline version). The Simulacron linux server I run on- and later offline will be donated to the Bremer Kunsthalle to conserve the art of 3D of the year 2010 for future generations. At Nov. 5th, 2010 the exhibition of Avatarkunst happend in RL.
    This is one of the pictures I made on the spot:
    I have a background in IT and in art, see: