Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.23


New Features:

  • Imported Qarl’s prim align tool:
  • Added two new options in Preferences > Fonts to adjust font sizes. (Note: increasing the font size too much may cause some parts of the UI to mess up or look bad.)
  • Updated script editor tooltips to match OpenSim 0.7.
  • Added more German translations from Eryn.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the mouse not being able to interact with the world after using snapshot freeze frame.
  • Several fixes and improvements to make HTTP texture fetching more reliable.
  • Fixed the options in Preferences > Communicate being grayed out when the server doesn’t send you some information (i.e. on OpenSim).
  • Viewer no longer prints out a useless debugging callstack when it exits normally, only when there is a problem.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous debug warnings.


  • Mac version now defaults to compiling with SSE3 and SSE4, GCC-4.2, and the OS X 10.5 SDK.
  • Viewer no longer pops up a Vivox agreement window on your first login if you are logging in to a non-SL grid.
  • Changed some modal alerts in Preferences to “blue box” notifications instead.

If you have any issues with this release, please post them in the official forum thread. Thank you.

19 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.23”

  1. Nalates Urriah

    \o/ Qarl’s Alignment Tool!!!!!!!!!!!

    This should be so fun. Thanks.

  2. Meagan

    1. Is there a way to have a save feature under the file menu…advanced etc…. When you adjust prims, if you crash everything reverts back to the was it looked before you made adjustments. It would be nice if there were a way to save periodically in case of a crash. Also, I can never get the feature to work to make prims larger than 10 I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Lastly, in order to watch a movie with a Damani Media player I had to install another viewr because imprudence would not display the movie and the Damani Media player is a very common player in SL.

  3. Aabye

    It seems to be a nice tool. It will be better if it will complete with a command to adjust centers (middles ?) of prims

  4. Rhonda Pennell

    The only case that I am aware of where prim edits are not saved due to a crash is when you are wearing such prims on your avatar. As a workaround, simply detach the object you are working on, wait a few seconds, and re-attach it. This will save its current state to the asset server; do be careful however as there is no way to “undo” this, particularly if you are editing a no-copy object.

  5. Ceorl Onlyone

    Awesome! Thank you Qarl. This is of more immediate practical use to me than mesh :)

  6. Beverley

    The inbuilt AO does not work when I log in….I know there is a way by using the inventory to get it to start, but I find that so annoying…..will this be fixed on the next release?

  7. Rhonda Pennell

    Beverley you can simply re-enable automatic fetching of the inventory through the debug setting ‘FetchInventoryOnLogin’ in order to restore the behaviour of earlier versions. That will make your AO work after logging in again:)

  8. sblair GossipGirl

    Is the name change incorporated?

  9. Amaya Summers

    well I am more then impressed here. I am very pleased with the effort put into teh font adjustability. so many people are going to benefit form this feature. May I suggest though that a reset or reset to default button be placed at teh bottom for times when someone over does teh setting to being to large. I did that and there si no way to access the arrows to lower the font size because the enlarged fonts over lap it and prevents adjustment. The only way to reset this at present is to uninstall Imprudence and reinstall it lol. But man .I’d say this is really getting closer to accessiability. Kudos guy’s!.

  10. Hiro Protagonist

    Hi Folks,

    Couple of things I’ve run into with the latest experimental on linux –

    Can’t seem to paste text into the viewer at any juncture, also can’t seem to invoke the upload animation dialog.

    Thanks and cheers!

  11. Mr. Ed

    Is source code available for this? I like to build all my own viewers from source.

  12. Liquor Andel

    The prim align tool works wonderfully on Linux, but unfortunately, there’s insufficient room for the extra radio button to invoke it.. the drop-down list for the coordinate set to use is pushed down behind the tabs.

    Also, I see occasional random crashes when opening the minimap.

  13. xstorm Radek

    I love the new tool it is great im just no longer in second life do to what has happen to my wife and I.
    And i see the Alignment tool as a great tool for opensim owners and builders.
    why bother using second life when you can own your own sever.
    thank you Qarl you will work and build better in opensim then in second life.
    maybe next we can get mesh and metasearch assets systems…

  14. xstorm Radek

    Oh P.S. xstorm Radek is now Bill Windwalker and i own my own server now.
    Thank You All

  15. zasa

    I have no sound when playing game.

  16. candi clawtooth

    Hmm what about an UNDO button for when ya goof!!! hahahaa

  17. Margo

    Using the experimental viewer, I am seeing no improvement with the streaming music at all.

  18. Timber

    Unfortunately in Mac snow leopard Imprudence which worked well in OSgrid and elsewhere for months now suddenly crashes every time the “search” button is clicked.
    It is repeatable in at least all 3 last versions I tried over the past few days.
    Soon as the search window opens, poof, complete crash. Uninstalling the viewer several time and installing a new copy of each version going back hoping it was one of the updates causing it in the subsequent versions- each would do the same the instant search is touched.

    I tried 1.3.2, 1.3.1, 1.4.0 and all 3 of them do this. I haven’t tried it with other OS grid, SL or with older versions than 1.3.1

  19. Michael

    I am using this in Snow Leopard OK.

    Is the development of IMPRUDENCE continuing though?

    I wish to use Voice and have asked my Opensim host to set up VIVOX which they have done BUT how to I then use voice in world?
    i know in SL one just clicks the voice button and it works.