Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.17

There are a lot of important updates in this release. This will be our last Experimental until some big fixes/features come your way, so hopefully you guys give it a good run-through so we have a good base to compare things with. Remember: you can install the Experimentals side-by-side with the main release, they’re entirely optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We changed the location and name of the settings file for Experimental to avoid any conflict with the regular stable Imprudence settings file. Unfortunately that means re-doing your settings for Experimental as if it was freshly installed. You will only have to do this once as the change is permanent.

Here’s what’s new this week:


New Features:

  • Added support for viewing  Photoshop (PSD) and TIFF files as Local Textures on Macs.
  • Added support for direct uploads of Photoshop (PSD) and TIFF files on Macs.
  • The tools window now lists the link number of a selected prim when Edit Linked Parts is enabled.
  • Teleport History now has a “Clear History” button.
  • Friendship requests now show a “Profile” button, allowing you to view the profile of the person offering friendship.
  • Several new easter eggs. Gotta catch them all! ;)

Bug Fixes:

  • RLVa has been updated to 1.1.2. This should fix all the RLVa issues people have been having.
  • Fixed crash when uploading non-powers of two images on Macs.
  • Fixed #593: buy currency button overlaps amount when you become a millionaire.
  • Fixed #628: tab completion on names isn’t setting the cursor to a useful position.
  • Fixed #526: screen_last.bmp created in the root directory.
  • Fixed #634: name/owner not showing up in abuse reports.
  • Fixed several compile issues on Linux.
  • Fixed terrain textures rendering as “rainbow” when terrain detail is set to Low.
  • Fixed the “Apply” button not working as expected in the profile window.
  • Fixed the WindLight toolbar not selecting the right preset when first opened.
  • Inventory is no longer auto-fetched on login since the loading stops after a teleport. You can reenable the old behavior with the FetchInventoryOnLogin debug setting.
  • Fixed a memory leak in llcommon/llstring.h.
  • Fixed #77: urls in group notices not being clickable.


  • Spell check is no longer enabled in the script editor.
  • The Experimentals now use their own cache directory and settings files. This fixes settings issues when switching between the main release and the Experimental, such as cache clearing.
  • Accuracy of the texture spinners has been increased. Should make texturing objects a lot easier.
  • Python 2.7 can now be detected on Windows. This needs some testing if anyone’s up for it.
  • Avatar bakes now always use UDP instead of trying HTTP first.
  • Included more information about the GCC version being used.
  • Macs now use CoreGraphics when uploading textures, bypassing the viewer’s internal classes.
  • Windows now uses multi-core compiling by default.

Known Issues:

  • Inworld audio streams may crash when being changed, still. We’re workin’ on it.

If you have any issues with this release, please post them in the official forum thread. Thank you.

23 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.17”

  1. paulie Flomar

    When shadows are enabled, scene renders totally black below water.

  2. shamus

    the black underwater is a know issue in all clients.

  3. David

    Is there a way (before or after installing this experimental) to move/rename the settings files on a Mac to avoid having to go through all the settings again?

    Or, in other words, where were these files previously stored and where will they be stored now?

  4. Astoria

    This release seems to have broken the built in AO :-(((

    (Running on Windows 7, in Inworldz)

  5. McCabe Maxsted

    @David: you can copy your old settings_imprudence.xml file and rename it.

  6. Suzy Forcella

    To be more specific, you will find the settings file at:

    [your home]/Library/Application Support/Imprudence/settings_imprudence.xml

    Duplicate that file and renamed it “settings_imprudence_experimental.xml” and you’ll be good to go.

  7. Daphnée Dutoit

    Still crashes when attempting to upload pics on Mac, that has not changed (MacOS 10.6.4)

  8. Devin S.

    I found last night under 64bit linux that I was unable to access the clipboard for copy/paste functions. Of course this could be a personal system glich. I’ll test it out some more to make sure before I report this as a bug.

    I’ve been using phoenix for my alt accounts and imprudence experimental for my primary one. I rather enjoy imprudence, although I admit I do hack it a bit for the extra attachment points that phoenix gives. Although phoenix has more windlight settings saved then imprudence does, I find the taskbar feature for it very handy, and as a builder I love having the link and unlink buttons in the build window.

    I want to thank the imprudence team for creating a viewer that works for my system which is an old 64bit linux computer. Even the experimental versions have been very stable for me, with full sound (something phoenix cannot seem to do).

    You guys rock.

  9. Morae

    I am not sure if this is uniquely my problem, but not only am I crashing more frequently, but my entire computer freezes when I do. This is not happening with other viewers & I’ve never had any trouble with any of the experimentals or releases prior to this. I’m not ruling out my system. Any ideas?

  10. Daphnée Dutoit

    Confirm the AO is broke, does not load note card. Also upload pics is still broke – this is all on Mac.

  11. Margot-Xara

    Import from stable and export to stable of all settings may been nice feature…

  12. BrendaC

    I am also having AO issues.It wil not come on upon logon, nor reload notecard. Sometimes relogging kicks it on, sometimes not. Alo, toggling works occasionally, and sonetimes it just decides to come on by itself after awhile. I’m on a P4 machine running XP.

  13. Elektra Hesse

    Hi Daphnée, I have no issues at all uploading pics on Mac, can you please tell me what kind of images are you testing with and, if possible, send them to me ? We can see in SL if you feel like helping me debugging this :)

  14. Lurkasaurus

    I had the problem with the AO, too. Like Emerald/Phoenix, it doesn’t kick in until your inventory is fully loaded. Open an inventory window and type a letter in the search box to get it to finish loading the last few items, and you should be good to go.

  15. livio korobase

    “Python 2.7 can now be detected on Windows. This needs some testing if anyone’s up for it.”

    What is this? I have python 2.7 installed, but?


  16. Dalek

    Watching video still crashes viewer to desktop in both Windows 7 64bit and XP but works fine in ubuntu 10.10 and OSX Snow leopard.

  17. Rhonda Pennell

    The AO related issues are caused by inventory that has not completely loaded. Once it does load, the AO works fine.
    Imprudence used to automatically fetch the inventory upon login, but this process stops prematurely if you teleport before it finishes, so the automatic fetching was disabled in this release. Please read the release notes for information on how to re-enable it and fix your AO issues at the same time :)

  18. Fantastic 5

    is there any way to add something on imprudence viewer besides phantom, sit options and other antigriefer effects like when you landed on sim i can land direct underground around -54 to a hundred meters below so it is absolutely safe when you land on the combat sim safe zone that is not safe and sandbox that griefed spam and lag before i get crashed when landed.

  19. Fantastic 5

    now i load the 1.4 imprudence and mess up my password and also find out my avi trap on limbo still online but cannot log on with it.

  20. Lyrica Destiny

    okay where the heck did my submitted comment go?

  21. Lyrica Destiny

    Guess I have to re ask it. Was wondering if anyone was having issues with being fully dressed but showing up to others at topless or pantless or even completely naked. Also will the viewer be coming out with multi tatoo layers like in sl viewer? I’d really hate to have to use regular viewer if I don’t have to. I do not like it nor does my computer much lol. Thanks

  22. Jamey

    @Lyrica – as far as I have heard, no – nobody’s reported that. A rebake (Edit -> Refresh Appearance, I think it is) should fix the issue, forcing the client and the server to synch up your appearance textures. However, if you are switching between any 1.x based viewer, and any 2.x based viewer, you are likely to have an issue because the server started storing the outfit as a whole, and not just the baked layer textures, when the client supports it.

    Both multiple attachments, and multiple layers, are likely not to make it into Imprudence 1.4, from what I’ve been reading, but will make it into Kokua viewer, almost from day one.

  23. Fantastic 5

    how about adding a close all dialogs,to prevent griefers similar to singularity viewer, but only cant load on old pc.