Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.09

We are all giddy to bring you Imprudence Experimental 2010.10.09. A few very nice comfort features, several cool interface changes especially with fonts and the minimap that will make some people happy, and a flock of bug and crash fixes! Note that several big new features are coming next 2 weeks, critical ones, so please be patient. Of course, as this is an experimental build, please report any bugs or issues in the proper forum thread.


New features:

  • Implemented friends tags highlighting, including Preferences->General checkbox to enable/disable the feature. The font on the tags is rendered in bold when the option is active.
  • Preview temporary textures on upload (by Henri Beauchamp).
  • Enable building on any parcel if the agent has create powers in the land group. If the land is deeded the object is created with the agent active group, else it’s set to the land group by default. Also enables the build button when it should.


  • Reduced the minimum size of the minimap
  • Reduced the max width and height for the snapshot window to hopefully lower the crash rate a little
  • Removed the base SL version from the About Imprudence floater.
  • Use integer font sizes to avoid blurriness on some systems.
  • Tiny layout tweaks to accommodate different font widths.
  • Removed persist for HighResSnapshot setting as it causes crash loops when enabled and opening the snapshot window with bad settings

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed (again) how libjpeg is found on Mac. (#256/#464)
  • Possible fix for an infinite loop in LLTextureCache.
  • Fixed #157: Group lists get merged after logging into multiple grids
  • Fixed RezWithLandGroup not working when shift-dragging prims (from Henri Beauchamp and the Cool Viewer)
  • Fixed SL TOS not loading and causing users to be blocked there or crash
  • Fix RED-603: Errors when loading local images
  • Fix bug #611: Context menu spell checker suggestions broken.
  • Allow build under Mac OS X 10.6 SDK by removing deprecated things.
  • RED-429: Link against prebuilt libraries / always use gtk-related system libs (linux)
  • Fix bug #612: Option to highlight misspeld words doesn’t persist between sessions.
  • Don’t leak SpellMenuBind structs when destroying LLLineEditor/LLTextEditor objects.

7 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.09”

  1. nimil

    great stable release but the font is really screwed up. when i logged in for the first time on the new version i was greeted with unreadable microsocopic font for my top bar where my money is, my inventory, and my radar. everything else was fine and normal but those fonts were unreadable due to their size. i had not changed anything between this install and the previous version. i’ve been forced to make my UI size way bigger than i prefer because of this. none of the fonts in the fonts choice menu seem to make any difference.

  2. zoebuggy

    ooo i like the name tag highlights
    so simple and effective


  3. frodo siegel

    Maybe is only me.. but the upload of png gives problems in this releases. The colors comes partly wrong…

  4. Ruben Haan

    I realy like the High resolution snapshot and the great With and Height in the stable version. I use it a lot.
    It made Imprudence the only profesional viewer for graphical work!
    So for me its bad news seeing it lowered in this release. I can understand that you can crash wen you use it. But then its easy to just choose for using lower settings instead of being limited to lower settings, i think.

  5. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    So far, I’ve been adoring this version! The super-crisp font is a delight to read!

    I did crash when trying to upload PNG files (using Mac OS X 10.5.8), so I’ve got a worse experience with that than frodo. It’s repeatable, too.

    The rest seems to be working wonderfully!

  6. Aramil

    So far excellent, we just notice some issue avatar skin rendering, white skin on avatars, someone else is experiencing the same issue or its only in my side?

  7. Jonvic

    The bug where you crash when the music stream changes is still there which is annoying, but it is nowhere as unstable as 1.3.0 RC3 and overall feels a lot more robust.