McCabe’s Computer is Dying! (Updated)

McCabe’s computer is on the verge of dying, and desperately needs to be replaced. We need your financial support to make that happen!

Over the past two years, McCabe has been using an ancient, crumbling laptop to develop Imprudence and compile the Windows builds. It takes him several hours to compile Imprudence from scratch, and even if he makes a single change to the source code, it takes over a half hour merely to link the viewer again, the final step of compiling. Obviously, such a long compile time makes it very tedious to test out new changes, which makes the development process difficult.

But, what used to be a nuisance, is now becoming an immediate hazard to Imprudence development. The hard drive on McCabe’s laptop is showing signs of failing, and it could die completely any day now. If that happens, McCabe would be totally out of commission, which would significantly disrupt Imprudence development. McCabe is in charge of compiling the Windows builds, as well as coordinating and assembling the weekly Experimental releases.

We have been reluctant to ask for donations in the past, because we’re not in this for personal gain. But, this is an emergency: we need your financial support to replace McCabe’s computer and keep Imprudence development running smoothly!

You can donate with a credit card or Paypal account using the button below, or send L$ to McCabe Maxsted in Second Life. Any amount you can spare would be a great help. Thank you!

Update: Thanks to our mind-bogglingly generous users, we have already met and exceeded our target amount several times over, in just a single day of fundraising! We no longer need more funds to replace McCabe’s computer, but if you still feel like donating, we will find other ways to use the money to support Imprudence development.

20 Responses to “McCabe’s Computer is Dying! (Updated)”

  1. Fideaux Boucher

    1000 L$’s are yours sir. It’s not much in real world money, but I’m sure i will not be the only person donating. Good luck to you and your lappy. :)

  2. FedoraJones Popstar

    Just how “ancient” is the dying laptop? Perhaps someone has a better machine lying around that they’d be willing to donate, loan, or sell really cheap?

  3. zoebuggy

    I truly wish i could help.
    Regretfully I do not have a credit card, or bank that Paypal or Linden Labs will recognize

  4. Lance Sorex

    Sent you L$3,000 in world. Good luck!

  5. zoebuggy

    i found away…i can tomorrow by paysafecard

  6. Adamas

    I know 20USD probably isn’t much, but it’s the best I can do right now. Maybe you can find a solid used (but not too old) computer. Anyhow, good luck!

  7. Rhonda Pennell

    L2500 for you McCabe, and for the wonderful work on a wonderful viewer which I love more every day. Thank you so much! The Lindens are not much but hopefully will add up and get you a new computer soon:)

    Love, Rhonda a.k.a. dollydee

  8. Codie

    Thinks you people are incredibly supportive and generous. You may think your 20$ won’t make a difference but it definitely will. We are edging on our 500$ objective already. We could use a bit more since the faster CPU we get, the faster McCabe will be able to work. But I really want everyone to know how grateful the whole Imprudence team is toward you, our dear users.

    Again, kudos to you guys. You all rawk! <3

  9. paulie Flomar

    I threw $50 your way! Let’s keep Imprudence flying! :)

  10. Tali

    Do look into an SSD drive. While still fairly expensive, they tend to give more effective performance in actual use than spending the money on a powerful CPU.

  11. Mimika Oh

    Consider a Mac with many OSes! I’ll send some money.

  12. Tazy

    Oh no someone find a Laptop Hospital fast!

  13. Alexandra Rucker

    An SSD drive still runs into read/write problems like a flash drive would – it has a limited lifespan. As the technology improves it might be a better option, but right now it’s more sutable as a fun and “geek cred” accessory than actual intensive use.

  14. Justin Clark-Casey

    Glad to donate to a great bunch of OpenSim supporting guys :)

  15. Arkady Arkright

    US$20 on its way – keep up the good work

  16. Per Eriksson

    Help is on it’s way thank you for a good viewer

  17. Jo Exonar

    I have a dual-core athlon cpu and a 3.5″ 300GB SATA drive I can donate if you’re going the build it yourself route. Send me a notecard in-world where to send them.

  18. fabrice

    Done – long life to imprudence

  19. Tipodean

    There is $100 USD keep up the great work.

  20. Jamey

    So, McCabe, what kind of machine are you going to get now?