Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.02

Imprudence Experimental 2010.10.02 is now released! As you will see, not many new features, but an incredible load of patches and fixes for many common issues. More goodies to come next week, of course, but we are hoping this build will be much more stable and polished. Of course this is an Experimental build, if you got any bugs to report, please do so in our feedback forum thread.


Things we would like feedback on:

  • About Landmark was causing crashes
  • Linden trees appeared white or grey
  • Voice disconnect related crashes
  • Snapshot related crashes (apart Hires related, we already know about that one)

New features:

  • Enabled friends chat and keywords highlighting for both IMs and Group IMs.
  • Added handler for new OpenSim function “OpenRegionInfo”, more info at


  • Advanced > Logout now works again.
  • Changed ResetFocusOnSelfClick to default to false.
  • Show start location on the login screen by default.
  • Chat translator ignores non-interesting translations (empty or same as original) that may result from Google. Translate’s language autodetect failure.
  • Context translator: default to enabled.
  • Changes the search system, so it matches the keyword against name or surname initials.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: Added safety checks to the snapshot window as well as a few backported changes from Viewer 2.
  • Fix: Double-click teleport: Clean up duplicated (and subtly and needlessly different) code. Keep the camera heading in inter-sim double-click teleport in a hackish way, since SL sims give LookAt info that is kind of random in AgentMovementComplete.
  • Fix: Default setting for grass/tree type was “Random”, but it’s supposed to be an integer.
  • Fix: Added empty indra/cmake/CMakeLists.txt to suppress a CMake 2.8 warning.
  • Fix: Ported gSavedSettings changes from Emerald (as well as modifying a few of ours).
  • Fix: Converted XUI files to unix line endings, again.
  • Fix: Too many bug fixes to the inline translator to list here (thanks Thickbrick).
  • Fix: Friendlist not cleared on logout.
  • Fix: Crash on logout.
  • Fix: Don’t play balance changed ui-sound when relogging into account with different balance.
  • VWR-12984: Water flickers and disappears in patches (thanks Aleric).
  • SNOW-220: Don’t rely on indexed color extension.
  • VWR-14426: Link step fails on Linux when LDFLAGS is set.
  • SNOW-86: Dangerous macro leads to possible wrong code.
  • #501: Fix for “about landmark” crash when invoking it on a freshly received landmark.
  • #513: Attempt to fix white/grey cached trees + grass white (works on Opensim, to be tested in SL).
  • #573: FindTut.cmake is missing: tut.h is not searched for.
  • #567: install.xml contains Linden Lab “local” sources.
  • #565: Building the package/ directory fails for standalone.
  • #562: SNOW-422: Imprudence doesn’t compile with g++ 4.4.x
  • #561: Optimization flags used during –Type=Debug (linux x86_64)
  • #556: SNOW-800: Massively duplicated objects.
  • #554: SNOW-623: Add support for boost 1.42
  • #553: SNOW-766: Add a ‘printbuilddirs’ command to
  • #552: VWR-12838: NDOF is assumed to exist, even with –standalone.
  • #566: doc/contributions.txt clean up.
  • #581: SNOW-796: Clicking ‘Reset to default’ in the Debug Settings floater doesn’t update cached control values.
  • #579: SNOW-751: ‘configure’ with cmake 2.8 is extremely slow.
  • #578: SNOW-744: scripts/ –uninstall does not remove symbolic links.
  • #577: SNOW-477: Wrong string raw_file in strings.xml for RAW file.
  • #576: SNOW-415: Viewer prints always “WARNING: cleanup: Quitting with pending background tasks”.
  • #575: VWR-13040: LLObjectSelection::valid_root_begin() is really the same as LLObjectSelection::root_begin().
  • #583: Fix missing “Open” in context menu on notecards in inventory.
  • #489: added /LARGEADDRESSAWARE to the Windows linker command line settings.
  • #568: reload balance option in the advanced menu. Patch originally from Phoenix. We’ve modified it to support our currency changes, too. (thanks Ansariel Hiller)
  • #544: Mac OS X – missing security framework import in weekly keychain support (thanks Caer).
  • #413: 1.3 Logout: crash when cancelling currency purchase.
  • #390: Logout: snapshot window doesn’t close when logging out.
  • #381: using voice causes viewer crash on disconnect/quit.
  • #355: More sanity checks in OpenJPEG decodes.

8 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.02”

  1. zoebuggy

    wow!!! so many fixes
    thank you for your dedication and hard work
    very much appreciated.


  2. ARADTech

    Awesome fix’s still wondering about HPA support in this viewer as I don’t seem to get answered and I have asked this in 3 separate messages and gotten ignored. Lets see if it happens on this one too. Also if you want to have better OpenJpg support use the one in Kirstlee’s viewer that is for high performance machines works great to just replace the one you have.

  3. Erikah Jameson

    no radar in this release?? -.-‘

  4. Jacek Antonelli

    @ARADTech: HPA support is not in this version, but we are working on it.

    @Erikah: Radar is still located in the minimap, as in previous versions. There have not been any changes to it in this version.

  5. Chuckie Breda

    Is there no solution for the audio stream switching bug??? Its SO frustrating, particularly for those of us who make our livings in SL in the entertainment industry. Surely, if we can put a man on the moon……

  6. Ron Overdrive

    @ARADTech: When HPA is implemented in the viewer it will be announced. No bug fix or feature will go unannounced.

    @Chuckie Breda: The solution is a part of a bigger solution which is replacing Gstreamer with a better backend which is a WIP. When this is finished it will be announced. I know its frustrating, but its not as simple as dropping in a new DLL file.

  7. Suzy Forcella

    Does this experimental release include support for multi-wearables and the official solution for multiple attachment points (a la viewer 2)?

  8. Jacek Antonelli

    @Suzy: No, not yet. The blog post lists all the changes in this release.