No new Experimental this week

Just a quick post to mention that there is no new Experimental this week (2010-09-25). McCabe has been very busy with RL stuff, and I’ve been busy finishing up the 1.3 final release, so we haven’t had time to get everything together this week. A new Experimental will be available next weekend.

10 Responses to “No new Experimental this week”

  1. Jamey

    Thanks for the hard work ya’ll put in! We should all remember that this is not your day job, and doesn’t put wads of money in your pocket!

  2. Phoenix Desmoulins

    I have to say, I’m really impressed with the quality of the Experimental releases. I use the most current experimental, and thus far they’ve been as good as stable releases for me.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks!

  3. Tazy

    oh cool time to apply some Coolviewer patches… well i wish you guys gonna do it,

    But anyway 3 DEV’s and two viewers BIG respect for making them :d

  4. zoebuggy

    Tazy what are those patches? do they work with imp????

  5. Armin Weatherwax

    @@ Tazy & zoebuggy:
    Current state is that they break all attachment related RLVa features.
    Apart from that the patches work great.

  6. zoebuggy

    cool…looking forward to implementation esp for macs

  7. Lib

    Hey Guys, you do an awesome work. No viewer for SL is so stable, fast, have so regular and creative releases and so many usefull features as Imp. You have a very good communication and always try to apply any good request that users can ask. Your way to manage this project is impressive. Many other open source projects should be inspired by your effective organization. Thanks MacCabe, Jacek, CodeBastard, the whole team and contributors for your art, your seriousness in work and your integrity.

  8. zoebuggy

    Excellent spot on Comment, Wish i said that Lib :)

  9. Makomk Makosen

    Armin: yeah, I guess the changes from the latest viewer 2.x version of RLVa need to be backported too.

  10. Armin Weatherwax

    good news are … Kitty is working on it \o/