Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 Released

Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 is now available! This is expected to be the final release candidate in the 1.3 series. If there are no new major issues in this RC, Imprudence 1.3.0 final will follow later this week.

The purpose of these release candidates is to make the final release as solid, polished, and reliable as we can. That means we intentionally do not add many new features during the RC process. If you’re itching for shiny new features and other bleeding-edge (and potentially unstable) changes, we suggest testing the new Experimentals each weekend.

As always, we ask that you post your feedback in the forums. We rely on your reports and feedback to make Imprudence better!

Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 release highlights:

  • Imprudence now uses the Droid Sans font by default, instead of Liberation Sans.
  • A new Fonts tab has been added to Preferences, where you can select from four included fonts: Droid Sans, DejaVu Sans, Delicious, and Liberation Sans. More flexible font controls are planned for a future version.
  • Imprudence now loads world map image tiles using HTTP when available. This improves the map loading speed on platforms that support it, e.g. Second Life. (It was intented to address the gray Second Life world map issue, but that issue has also been fixed on the server side.) Thanks to Henri Beauchamp for this patch!
  • Added the UseLegacyChatLogsFolder debug setting. If set to TRUE in Advanced > Debug Settings, Imprudence will save chat and IM logs in the old (non-grid-specific) location, as it did prior to 1.3.0 RC2.
  • Many bug fixes, including fixes for login errors, disappearing inventory search results, crashes with Make Outfit, and more. Read the release notes for the full list!



10 Responses to “Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 Released”

  1. Tsukibara Namori

    My question is, where did the Spell Check feature go? I’ve combed all over the RC3 client and cannot find it. D=

  2. Moni Duettmann

    Hi, just testing RC3. Seems to work fine, although I don’t observe any differences. My main hope was, that the problem of alpha-textures incompletely loading would be addressed in this version, which does not seem to be the case. Many of them still only load until the “second-but-last-step”, if you know what I mean, remaining a bit blurred. So I’m still pondering over it and break my head what the reason for this is. I cleared my cache many times – just in case someone wants to suggest this to me. ;-)

  3. Ron Overdrive

    @Tsukibara: Spell check is a feature of 1.4 found in the Experimental releases, not 1.3. RC’s are for the most part under a feature freeze to focus on bug fixes for the final release.

  4. Reynard

    The hell is this? I selected DejaVu sans, reset and it does NOT work. The font looks almost identical to the terrible default font.

  5. Reynard

    Thanks to this broken font selector I can’t even import the font from emerald like I could before.

    This better be addressed. Soon.

  6. Jor3l

    Hi, tried to use it (SSE2 and the other), both loads up and then crash when the windows show ups, I’m running at Win7 64bits. :)

  7. Buckaroo Mu

    Quick question: What changes (besides, I presume, the simple compile flag) are made for the SSE2 version? Do you use SSE2-enabled OpenJPEG, for instance? Just how much low-level optimization is done?

  8. Toshik Cyberschreiber

    RC3 crashes on texture initialisation

  9. Alun Dudek

    Now we have multiple fonts, any chance of a font that isn’t sams serif. Sometimes they work better in world, for instance if you are greeting people entering a shop, and see someone whose name either begins with a capital ‘i’ or a lower case ‘L’.

    Alright, I could, maybe, try loading one myself (once the bug Reynard complains about above is fixed), but I don’t know how, and am not especially anxious to learn right now. I have spent enough of my life fighting computer software (operating systems and applications) for money to not want to do so for fun.

  10. Armin Weatherwax

    @Alun Dudek: reads like you are offering a bounty