A word from Codie

Greetings dear Imprudents!

My name is CodeBastard Redgrave, affectionally also called Codie, and I am very glad to anounce my new position as the Imprudence team Community Liaison. You may have already seen me do some Imprudence evangelism around forums, Plurk, Twitter and in the official Imprudence Viewer group in Second Life.

My current role at Imprudence will be to be help the dev team with Imprudence related communications on the website, forums, social networks and so on. Also, one of my objectives is to help the development team concentrate on fixing the most important bugs and bringing to you the most frequently requested features. I am taking the Imprudence project from a user’s point of view, and bringing user’s needs to the developers, in order to make a viewer where you can feel at home.

My role is also to help revamp our information systems, inform our users of any issue or changes, announce updates, document and promote Imprudence. I also do moderation and general help in the forums and inworld group chat. I am not officially doing technical support per se, but if you need help, I will do my best to do so, and/or redirect you to the best resources available.

The reasons why I joined the Imprudence team instead of all of the other TPVs out there are numerous but, I believe, should speak for themselves.

  • Imprudence is a viewer made by users, for users. They really all are virtual worlds enthusiasts that want to deliver a viewer that can be usable for as many people as possible. Imprudence is not a company, it’s a group of independant developers with a passion for virtual worlds and it’s community. Everyone is the group is working for free as a volunteer. Imprudence already has a huge community to support it and help it to improve.
  • Imprudence is one of the only viewers out there which strictly observes all licensing, including the GPL (under which the viewer code is released) and propertary licences (like Quicktime). That may not sound very important to you, but it’s crucial to the free development of a viewer without getting into legal issues that could stunt it’s development. I hope people realize how important this is after what happened with a certain TPV including un-trusted closed source libraries as part of their distribution. Also, cutting down the dependency on proprietary components is somewhat fundamental to insure the sustainability of any opensource project.
  • Imprudence is VERY conscious of it’s user’s privacy rights, so the developers won’t include any feature that can breach trust between users, or between users and the development team. Features are scrutinized and their potential impacts discussed with the community before inclusion.
  • Imprudence is transparent. We openly discuss bugs, features, and dealbreakers. We publish every piece of source code used in our viewer on Github, where all contributions are reviewed then merged to the main tree. You can track EVERY commit from the first one ever made. For us, this is one of the most important points of our development model.
  • Imprudence is OpenSim friendly. We add features that are bringing extra functionality, such as LightShare, to users of those blooming grids. We offer and encourage users to explore those new avenues, as we believe it will be part of the future of virtual worlds.
  • Imprudence has a strong focus on usability, in every sense of the term, and tries to push forward features that improve ease of use, and we also look toward accessibility for vision or speech impaired people. Imprudence is sticking (for now) to the more familiar legacy SecondLife viewer interface, plus tons of usability improvements, menus re-shuffled when needed, and making frequently used features more easy to access.
  • Imprudence has a “rapid fire” and feedback based development model. We release Experimental viewers about once a week, to include new shiny features, and fix bugs, and we release a “stable” build every few weeks. This allows our users to have a very well tested and stable viewer but still have access to some bleeding edge features we know are very beneficial to our users. We gather feedback, bug reports and such every week, then improve the viewer based on your response. It’s extremely exciting to participate in such a model, as releases are frequent and we can see improvements and exciting new features every week.
  • Imprudence loves the variety of viewers available. We applaud the blooming of several alternative TPVs and see it as an occasion for both self improvement, and collective efforts to achieve a common goal: make viewers more user friendly and more powerful.
  • You know how Google has this “No Evil” policy? Those are just words. The Imprudence developers all have a stellar track record of integrity, being forward, transparent, honest, and for doing the right things for the users. Don’t take my word for it, look it up.
  • The Imprudence team, despite doing very SRS BSNESS, are fun, playful and genuinely lovely people, who are very enthusiastic about being in this awesome virtual worlds community. I have been around Jacek especially for more than 2 years, and met McCabe a bit later. Their passion and creativity is contagious, and it shows in how hard they worked to bring this project to what it is now.

That’s it in a nutshell, of course there are many other personal reasons why I joined this team, and why I’m so proud of it. It’s practically one of the only viewer I can personally endorse and support and vouch for, despite not being perfect, it is the one viewer I trust the most myself.

I developed a passion for third party viewers thanks to Imprudence, Rainbow, Cool Viewer, Kirsten and even Emerald and the like, and I hope our users will feel that passion and catch the Imprudence fever!

14 Responses to “A word from Codie”

  1. zoebuggy

    Congrats Codie

  2. Garn Conover

    You forgot your nutty as well Codie *grins* we still love ya tho!

  3. Terri Zhangsun

    Thank all of you for the work that you do and the time that you spend so we can have a better second life!

  4. McCabe Maxsted

    I know I’ve said it before, but we’re very glad to have you here with us :)

  5. Chantal Harvey

    Congrats! Reading your post makes me feel like downloading Imprudence – now.

  6. callie cline

    they could not have chosen a better person imho! :) i too LOVE this viewer :P

  7. kesseret

    Couldn’t ask for a better liason. Congratulations Codie. I look forward to seeing Imprudence shine.
    I was spoiled by Nicholaz version, and Cool viewer, and now I hope to be spoiled by Imprudence.

    Anywhere to submit feature requests? (if they are even possible?)

  8. Soda Domela

    Congrats Codie! *huggles*

  9. Ener Hax

    yay Codie! congratulations on your new role! it will be easy to evangelise for Imprudence since it’s the best! =)

    i absolutely depend on it for OpenSim and find it runs extremely well and keeps my frame rates high

    good job to everyone at Imprudence! =D

  10. nimil

    @kesseret, you can request features in the forums :D

    *clings to codie*

  11. Dale Innis

    Woot, tacklehugs! :) I’ve been using Imprudence more than Phoenix lately myself. Still haven’t found quite all the features, but I think they’re mostly all here somewhere!

  12. Beezle


    Far better choice for PR person than previous competitors :D

  13. Codie

    You guys can forward feature requests directly to me, I maintain a list which I pass on to the developers. Also, thank you all for the congratulations, it’s very heartwarming. Thank you all also for making Imprudence what it is today. <3

  14. Boy Lane

    Hey sweetie *waves*