Imprudence Website Maintenance

We are performing some minor maintenance on the website today. I’m expecting a smooth transition, but please let me know if you notice any strange site errors (403, 404, 500, etc.), missing pages, or links that don’t work. You can leave a blog comment, forum post, or email (jacek at to get in touch with me. Thanks for your patience!

3 Responses to “Imprudence Website Maintenance”

  1. Sentry Swashbuckler

    I have no images coming up on the front page (though I can see the link to the video). Clicking on any missing picture brings a 404 page.

    Good luck with the maintenance!

  2. Jacek Antonelli

    Good catch, Sentry! The missing images should be fixed now. Thanks! :D

  3. Raquel

    hello …. I’m in trouble …. need to clarify a doubt … I do not hear the sound of my gestures … I can not hear the sounds of some objects … ex. piano in my house …. must be something I do not know … the imprudence without this problem for me is the best viewer … please help me