Watch my interview with Paisley Beebe online

So, my time in the hotseat is over! Being interviewed on Tonight Live was an interesting experience. Lots of good questions were asked about Imprudence (why the name “Imprudence”, what makes us unique, how does our development process work, etc.). Plus it was great to see so many purple tags in the audience!

For those who missed it and want to watch, here’s the full episode:

iTunes podcast.

If you enjoyed the show, please shoot Tonight Live a comment and let them know. They deserve much praise for being so organized and professional (not to mention for booking a quality singer/song-writer like Nance Brody. Good stuff :)).

1 Response to “Watch my interview with Paisley Beebe online”

  1. Garn Conover

    They did NCI a while back as well :) good job