Why is the world map gray?

For those of you who use Imprudence on Second Life, you may have noticed a strange bug recently: the world map is gray.

It seems Linden Labs broke our world map a couple of days ago, either accidentally or on purpose. A bug report has been filed with LL: SVC-6301 (now being addressed in SVC-4575). If you’d like to see this fixed, please join us in voting there.

10 Responses to “Why is the world map gray?”

  1. Ash

    Or you could just update your viewer code to use HTTP based map API instead or even update your viewer code to re-request region data that returns null keys.

  2. Mimika Oh

    And maybe for http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-4575 because that one is marked duplicate now.

  3. soror nishi

    omg…why oh why oh why do WE have to report it. They are supposed to be running this thing.

  4. Jacek Antonelli

    @Ash: We will be, eventually. But that won’t help anyone using current versions of Imprudence, or the many other viewers based on SL 1.23 and earlier.

    When LL breaks their own service, the TPVs shouldn’t always have to clean up the mess. ;)

  5. Agahnim Griffith

    Why would LL purposely break it?

  6. Antonius Misfit

    I’m running the latest weekly release, and I don’t see a gray map at all. This may be due to the fact that I enabled HTTP texture fetching in the Advanced section of Preferences. I’d advise everyone who is using the latest weekly to do the same if a gray map bothers you too much(such as if you’re looking for a plot of land to buy).

  7. Dahlia Jayaram

    I heard the maid knocked over a can of coke that had been placed on top of the computer that generates the great world map. This, while she was playing solitare on the monitor there—her choice of online games.

  8. Six

    I am using 1.3.0 RC2 i do not have HTTP fetching enabled, but i still am able to see my map no gray. Not sure if that helps any to know that.

  9. Jacek Antonelli

    Some quick update on this issue:

    – Andrew Linden has confirmed the issue on LL’s end, and says they “have some people working on it”.

    – Starting in 1.3 RC3 and the next Experimental (both due to be released this weekend), we’re including a patch (courtesy of Henri Beauchamp) to fetch map images with HTTP when available. This should fix the gray map issue, plus map images will load more quickly in SL. The viewer will fallback to the old way of fetching map images when HTTP is not available (e.g. on current OpenSim versions).

  10. Flaran Riggles

    This doesn’t seem to be a permanent problem. I don’t have HTTP texture fetching enabled and some days map is gray while on other days it’s fine. Very odd.