Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.11

Greetings Imprudentistas!

We are very proud to present you the latest Imprudence Experimental release 2010.09.11 which contains lots of nice bug fixes and a few new features. Remember folks, this is an optional, bleeding edge test release. If you are looking for the latest stable release, 1.3.0RC2 is the current one.


So, what’s new in the latest Experimental? Several new features and a bug fix galore!

New Features:

  • Name/Friends Chat  Alerts:  displays bright colored text in open chat or group IM whenever your name is mentioned by anyone. Also allows you to display chat from friends in a different color.  (thanks Elektra)

  • Font selection from pre-installed fonts. See Preferences > Fonts (thanks Jacek)

  • Teleport history (thanks Zi Ree and Ansariel Hiller)

  • Show access level next to region name (thanks Ansariel Hiller)
  • Right click/Edit inventory items (thanks Kitty Barnett)
  • ResetFocusOnSelfClick debug setting with default to false (thanks McCabe)
  • Group IMs now include the group. This can be toggled with the ShowGroupNameInChatIM debug setting (thanks McCabe)
  • Gestures can now be set to any key (thanks McCabe)


  • New default font is now Droid Sans (thanks Jacek)
  • Ported two popular skins, Gemini and Dark (thanks McCabe and Codie)
  • If a region is listed as maturity “unknown”, it’s not appended to the region name on OpenSim
  • Re-enabled the “Avatar Imposters” option for low-end graphic cards
  • Currency spend or recieved also notifies through chat
  • Added slider to control the number of avatar impostors (thanks McCabe)
  • Replace ‘>’ glyph in cascading menus with a proper triangle (backport from Viewer 2)
  • Increased max settable value for RenderVolumeLODFactor from 2 to 4
  • Changed the menu enabled ‘x’ to a checkmark
  • Fixed Boost.cmake and removed the boost::system and boost::filesystem dependencies (thanks Elektra)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #240: Make Outfit crashes the viewer in OpenSim (thanks Armin)
  • Fixed known crash on bad teleports (thanks McCabe)
  • Fixed local textures not working on Mac Intel version (thanks Elektra)
  • Fixed regression of #295 in 09.04 Experimental
  • Fixed regression of #245
  • Potential fix for a rare crash when creating notecards in the AO – regression (thanks McCabe)
  • Fixed texture bug on all platforms (thanks Elektra)
  • Removed Object-Object Occlusion shortcut as it interferes with the AO (thanks McCabe)
  • 32bit libs for linux64 are not actually downloaded (thanks Armin)
  • linux64: move cxx flags from external script into 00-Common.cmake for transparency (thanks Armin)
  • Fixed color picker size being too tiny for the label (thanks McCabe)
  • Use solid circles instead of asterisks for password fields (thanks Kakurady)
  • Mac Intel: Opening web pages in your external browser does not work unless your browser program is already running. (thanks Elektra)
  • Updated the fix for streaming issue on macs (Thanks Nemurimasu Neiro)

Known Issues:

  • Notecards are missing the “open” option in the context menu. File > Open works
  • The “profile” button in IMs sometimes opens the wrong profile
  • Communicate window closes when selecting Contacts
  • Lossless texture uploads don’t render correctly when using OpenJPEG as your J2C decoder
  • Selecting “About Landmark” causes a crash on newly received landmarks
  • See known issues for 1.3.0 RC2.

Thanks to everyone in the forums/group chat who’ve been helping people discover how we do things in Imprudence. It’s been a great help, and you’ve been appreciated.

As usual, please report any bugs in the forums. We hope you will enjoy this build.

– The Imprudence Team

20 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.11”

  1. HUGSaLOT Valkyrie

    Still no detachable radar from the minimap? :/

  2. chie salome

    Thanks a lot for the new features and Mac fixes. Local textures will make things so much easier for me! Much much appreciated <333

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    @Hugs: radar is being worked on, but not this week, sorry.

  4. Unti Kamala

    As you work on the radar, would it be possible to add the option to have alerts when people leave range as well as when they enter it? I assume others must have requested this already, just making sure it gets mentioned… :)

    Thanks for the good job so far!

  5. Winter Seale

    Could you update your RLVa? You’re using 1.0.5, where as the current is at least 1.1.1 (according to, or 1.1.2 (in Emerald-based viewers). 1.0.5 has some annoying limitations/bugs.

  6. Toshik Cyberschreiber

    There is the trouble with playing of media… i dont hear Shoutcast and Icecast from Imprudence… and i’m not alone with these trouble… all options is OK…

  7. ARADTech

    Great thanks for the update :) I would really like to see HPA support in these versions for Primcomposer :)

  8. Ener Hax

    yay! thank you for continuing to make this the best viewer out there! =)

    it is simply the best for use in OpenSim!

  9. codie

    Toshik please see:

    Winter: I believe Kitty is working on doing that. =)

  10. Arctellion

    Hi Thanks for a great viewer. Any chance of getting a native win x64 build? Linux 64bit is cool, but what about the Windows 64 people :)

    Keep up the good work.

  11. kathi blindside

    why is it that when opening the experimental imprudence viewer in win. vista it states courpt files? or does it only work for win. 7?

  12. McCabe Maxsted

    @Kathi: more than likely you have an incomplete download on Vista. Try downloading it again. The windows installer is ~29mb.

  13. InuNishu

    Today none of the splash screens when starting it work, says error 404 not found for the blog, obviously the blog works, since here I am on it.. :)

  14. SLB

    I think there is some minor issue about the fonts in the texture console, not sure if it was the same already in some previous release, but the loading progess bars fight a bit with the text aside. I tried different fonts and different ui sizes.

  15. BenMcLean

    Please provide a .zip archive, not just a .exe installer for Windows to enable people to use the software on University and shared computers without needing administrator privileges.

  16. Marie Wonka

    You guys are GREAT! I’m LOVING this release for use on Inworldz! THANK YOU!

  17. Siobhan McCallen

    I didn’t see this in the RC3, because I kept crashing with it and backstepped, but I keep having trouble with Linden trees, bushes, and grass textures refusing to rez without cache clearing and relogging repeatedly. I don’t have a repro formula, but it seems to happen most often when I run multiple, and change graphic levels from high to ultra. The next time I log in single, my Linden trees are gray.

  18. Oh no you didn't!

    FFFFF- Why is this not available anymore? It’s the only version I can use without lagging to death. -___-“

  19. Jacek Antonelli

    @”Oh no”: We moved some of the old downloads from Google Code to our own server, to free up space on Google Code. You can find them all in our test-builds directory. I just didn’t get around to updating the links in the old posts like this one.

  20. Lyrica Destiny

    Will IMprudence be coming out with ability to do multiple tattoo layers that one can do in sl viewer? I hope so because as a model that would be very helpful and nothing against sl viewer but I hate that layout so I wont use it plus my computer doenst respond well to it. Also I have a lot of trouble with being fully clothed but not showing up as such to other people. Is this a viewer issue or just a SL issue in general? thanks