Imprudence on Tonight Live

As some of you may have heard, I will be a guest on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe this Sunday, September 12 at 6PM PST/PDT. It should be a lot of fun, and I look forward to talking about why I love Imprudence and just what’s going on with third-party viewers in general.

If you want to watch or attend the show, here’s what you need to know:

The sim will be capped at 50 avatars, but the adjacent Sim at Tropical Treet will also be available to attend with a large Screen available for viewing. Watch the Live Taping on line at and join in the discussion. You can also join the chat by joining the Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe group in Second Life. The group chat is ported over to the live website and Paisley Watches the live chat during her interviews for questions to her guests.

Come to the Live Taping and join in the inworld discussion during the show! Your questions to guests in chat will be noted.

  • The SLURL for the Studio is:
  • Doors open at 5.00 pm PST/PDT and not before to conserve lag during rehearsals.
  • The show starts at 6:00 pm PST/PDT. If you would like to know who is going to be on the show each week, join our subscribomatic placed at the studio, to unsubscribe just click the subscribomatic again. Anyone who can’t get in to the studio during the show can watch the show live here:
  • The show will then be uploaded to the Treet.Tv website and available on iTunes as a download.
  • All shows are now available in Flash, which means cleaner crisper definition, and the ability to copy and paste the player on your own website.
  • Cant be there for the show in world? Watch it live on the web!

There is also an overflow area with Live Screens Set up at Club Treet next door to the Tonight Live Studio:

The show will be held in Second Life (the “secondlife” entry in your Grid Managers) but you can watch the stream from anywhere online.

If you’ve got a question you’re dying to know the answer to, but it wasn’t addressed in the show, feel free to pop in and ask me afterward. Otherwise, see you there!

4 Responses to “Imprudence on Tonight Live”

  1. Chandni Khondji

    When will that be there is no date in the text?

  2. Jacek Antonelli

    @Chandni: It’s this Sunday, September 12, starting at 6PM PST/PDT (doors open at 5). I’ve updated the post to make this more clear. :)

  3. pan

    and for just some glamour no weekly :(

  4. Jacek Antonelli

    @pan: Be patient. The experimental (weekly) build will be ready soon.