Mac User Survey

Greetings, Mac users! We’ve created a short survey to help us find out what sort of Macs you are using to run Imprudence, or would use to run Imprudence if it was compatible.

This information will give us an idea of how many people still use PowerPC Macs, how many people would benefit from a 64-bit version, and how many people would be affected if we updated to frameworks only available in 10.5+.

If you use a Mac, please take a moment to fill out the survey. Thanks! :)

All responses are anonymous and confidential. Please respond only once per person.

Which version(s) of Mac OS X do you use on a regular basis?
(You can find this information in the Apple menu > About This Mac.)

What processor type(s) do you have in your Mac(s)?
(You can find this information in the Apple menu > About This Mac.)

13 Responses to “Mac User Survey”

  1. Ron Overdrive

    Pretty much all web statistics point towards 10.6 being the most widely used with 10.4 being just barely more then Windows 2000. I have a feeling we’ll see the same with our results.

    Also we have to consider support for 10.4 & PowerPC an issue. After all most of us are running fairly modern Macs & Hackintoshes running 10.6 on Intel platforms. Unless someone steps up to the plate to become a dedicated “Legacy Mac” dev it will be rather difficult to troubleshoot and fix bugs affecting these older systems for a very small minority of users.

  2. Fang Roffo

    While I don’t often SL on my older Macs, it is a wonderful thing to find a fast viewer that does support PPC. There are some fairly decent PPC machines still in circulation and if its if there is a minimal but heavily optimised PPC client its sure to be popular (with that small market segment). Of course its understandable if this market is so small a limited dev’ time for a TPV can’t support it, just sad to see reasonable hardware obsolesced.

  3. Solo Mornington

    As someone who sometimes uses his creaky old MacBook to log in, I’d suggest following SL’s minimum requirement for Mac: 10.4.

    I’d be amazed if a PPC Mac had the horsepower and video card to deliver a useable framerate, even with windlight turned off.

  4. Cheese

    Pretty much any time I try to use the stable version (the only version that will work on my Macbook pro and actually run), whenever I click on any button on the UI (IE profile in IM window) the application crashes. :|

    Guess there’s no viewer out there that will work for me.

  5. Ron Overdrive

    Solo: LL will soon be updating their System Requirements to my understanding. I know they’re adding Windows 7, but wether or not they will be updating their minimum requirements has yet to be seen. There are also benefits to dropping Tiger as we can finally update libraries to improve stability and utilize local libraries like the Core libraries (CoreImage for example is a local system KDU library).

  6. Matt

    10.4, intel x32 user here.

    Please don’t drop me :(. Hardly anything but the default SL Viewer (1.23 and 2.0) run on 10.4 anymore…

  7. Michael

    10.6 on Intel MBP.

    Works fine and adding CoreImage and 64-bit support would be really a great thing to have. Not to mention reasonable optimization default (currently running a version with -mfpmath=sse, -mcpu=core2, -msse4.1 -Os compiled with LLVM 1.5) works fine besides some rare crashes on startup.

  8. Nad

    I have a PPC G5 and it is still quite formidable and serves all of my needs. I do extensive image, video and audio work. To replace it with a new machine to run SL isn’t feasible. The numbers of ppl who use 10.4 PPC is low, because most ppl who run that configuration have had so many bugs they gave up (imo). I am able to run SL well on my machine with the 1.23 releases. Emerald is now gone. I’d consider compiling my own client(s) for my own use if I could figure out the steps… It is not very clear. For instance on your page the versions and names of the OS are reversed. It’s Tiger 10.4 and Leopard (10.5) This reversal continues on the next line which describes which Xcode one needs to use. I sure would love to inherit a dvlp structure where I could jsut make as it sits – and continue dvlp from that point. Anyways, I dont expect there’s going to be any incentive to do the PPC anymore, but my understanding – that making a universal build really only involves directing the output….

  9. Ron Overdrive

    Nad: Part of the problem of supporting PowerPC is that none of the Mac devs on the team nor myself (I contribute what I can) have PowerPC Macs. We’re all running 10.6 Intel. Some of our libraries are Intel only at this point and even if we rebuilt them all to be Universal to produce a Universal binary, we have no way to test and trouble shoot them. Its the same deal with 10.4 too. The only thing we can do is release and pray it works and that users can give good bug reports to fix the problem.

  10. grey

    I use a G5 PPC. It works great, havent had any major problems, the biggest problem i have with a mac is that it lasts so long. If I had a PC i would be forced to buy a new one, this Mac wont quit. I also cant justify buying a new mac just because I want to play SL, I am totally fine with new versions of viewers not supporting old mac’s as long as they leave the old viewers for people like me. Now that snowglobe is gone I am stuck using the old SL viewer and it sucks, I keep getting kicked off and freezing. I miss snowglobe, it worked so well. And I cant even use the old emerald now either. They are slowly discontinuing all the old viewers and its killing me.

  11. zoon

    I use a powerbook G4 that I resurrected from hardrive death due PMU problems. I now run a dual-boot 10.4 and Debian 5 (lenny) linux. I can understand that the rarity of PPC users makes PPC support hard to justify. After all, my debian is a stable release yet, despite the stability I have come to expect from Debian on other machines, it is anything but stable (hence why I still keep 10.4 around). I believe I can accurately attribute this instability to the lack of users making bug-reports to package-maintainers, lack of package-maintainers for PPC, etc. etc. My point is, I too would love to see a PPC Imprudence, but somehow, in an age when everyone is “going green,” most people have somehow opted to upgrade to machines (speaking of laptops only) which produce a great deal of heat waste as compared to single-core machines. I’m not referring to efficiency of computation vs. energy use, since avg users do not ever max out their machines. I’m referring to how cool a G4 runs compared to an intel dual core laptop. Anyway, it sucks, but that’s life.

  12. summer

    Hello I have a Powermac G4 and want to download a viewer for SL
    please let me know if you can advise me.


  13. jen

    only won i can use on my power pc is sl viewer 1.23 also snowglobe 1.23 to 1.32 will work,,, thats all i can say go to….
    good luck :)