New Name! Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.04

For a while now, Imprudence has released “weekly” builds to the community for testing. These weeklies have been a excellent source of feedback for us, as well a great way get features and fixes out into your hands as quickly as possible. One issue that’s come up over and over again with the weeklies, however, has been the name: “weekly”. Some people don’t realize the weeklies are an optional download, or that you can run them side-by-side with the main version; others have trouble telling which one version is considered stable. Thus, we’ve changed the name from “Imprudence Weekly” to “Imprudence Experimental”. Hopefully this will alleviate people’s confusion, as well emphasize the role these builds play in Imprudence’s development process. They’ll still be released once per week as usual. Just, under the new name.

Remember: Experimentals are optional test builds. For the latest stable release, 1.3.0 RC 2 is quite good.

Now then, what’s new in this week’s Experimental build? As mentioned in an earlier post, here are some much-requested features and changes:


  • Windows
  • Linux 32-bitLinux 64-bit
  • Intel Mac Note: there are a few known issues with Mac. We are working to fix these for a future release.
    • The “local textures” feature is not available on Mac, due to a crash when selecting the file.
    • Opening web pages in your external browser does not work unless your browser program is already running.

New Features:

  • Spellchecking. This feature can be set up in Preferences > Advanced > SpellCheck tab. (Hint: press “Get More!” to select and download your preferred base dictionary.)
  • Translate, powered by Google. Go to Prefences > Text Chat to choose which language to translate into. You can quickly toggle this off and on in the Local Chat window.
  • WindLight notecards: WindLight water and sky presets as tradable assets inworld. Many thanks to Katharine Berry for inventing this awesome feature!

  • Chatbar as a commandline, e.g. “dd”, “gth”, “calc”. This feature can be configured in Preferences > Advanced.

  • Local texture support. You can now preview textures inworld without uploading, straight from your harddrive. Open the texture picker, then select the “Computer” tab to paste an imagine from your computer onto a prim. Updating the texture on your computer updates the prim inworld. Other users won’t be able to see the textures until you upload them. (huge thanks to Vaalith Jinn for that extraordinary feature!)

  • Preview animations inworld. Set the “PreviewAnimInWorld” debug setting to TRUE to use this feature.

  • Added “Copy Key” button to the tools window, to copy the object UUID of the object, which is useful for scripters.
  • Added Copy/Paste build prim parameters.
  • Added right-click text copy/paste dropdown including translation and spell check options.
  • Added option to disable rendering objects in the mini-map’s right click menu.
  • Added column in friends list to display the fact that they have given you permission to find them on the map.
  • Added “UseLegacyChatLogsFolder” debug setting for saving chat.txt and IM logs in one non-grid-specific log folder. Note that per-account preferences are always saved in the @grid folders. This setting only affects chat and IM logs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when logging in or teleporting on macs.
  • Unreverted numerous HTTP Textures patches from SnowGlobe 1.5.
  • Fixed several images not displaying correctly on OpenSim-based grids that haven’t updated their artwork packages.
  • Fixed inworld audio being muted when running multiple instances.
  • Fixed “unable to login” errors by downgrading curl (note: makes http textures inherently more unstable).
  • Fixed “History” button appearing out of place in the group IM window.
  • Fixed inventory searched items “randomly” disappearing.
  • Fixed inventory highlighting when searching by description.
  • Potential fix for a font-related crash.
  • Fixed inability to see full names in the tools window (names are now hyperlinked instead).
  • Fixed Showcase tab not showing the proper contents (note: teleports might fail from there. We’re working on it).
  • Fixed “NoFileExtension” notification missing.
  • Fixed a tiny error in the first use grid selector.


  • New font! Imprudence now uses DejaVu Sans Condensed as its default font (with font selection soon to follow). This should fix the unicode issues people’ve been seeing.
  • Radar now shows avatars sim-wide for managers (more radar changes and improvements will be coming soon).
  • Draw Distance Stepping (aka SpeedRez) is now disabled by default, to avoid confusion. You can turn it on with Preferences > Advanced tab > Increase rez speed via draw distance stepping.
  • Changed the layout of checkboxes in the Tools window general tab.
  • Tooltips on objects now show more info, such as prim count and distance from your avatar.

Please post any feedback or issues you have with this release in the official forum thread!

Finally, on a personal note, to any new users out there who’re trying us out for the first time, welcome aboard. We’re glad to have you with us :)

39 Responses to “New Name! Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.04”

  1. Kakurady

    DejaVu Serif Condensed or DejaVu Sans Condensed?

  2. nimil

    thank you for the fixes and changes! *runs off to download*

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    @Kakurady: Sans! Ack! Nice catch, thanks :)

  4. Tali

    Wowwowwow, this looks tasty! The local texture support alone knocks Viewer 2 out of the park.

  5. Nathan Scatter

    I want to try this new viewer but the only thing is my antivirus / firewall blocks it as a threat.

  6. Flaran Riggles

    Silly question I’m sure but is this experimental really a 1.4?

  7. Jacek Antonelli

    @Flaran: Yep! Because 1.3 is so near to final release, we’re not adding new features to it anymore (with a few exceptions). So, all the new features in this experimental build are like a sneak peek of things that will be in 1.4. :D

  8. M. Avro

    Still won’t open on my computer. I don’t know if it’s my virus software blocking it, if so i don’t know how to keep it from doing that. When i try to run the viewer, it opens the small gray window that tells it’s loading and/or clearing cache. After that, nothing else happens.

  9. Flaran Riggles

    Knew it was a silly question! ty Jacek:))

  10. Flaran Riggles

    AO Toolbar, the AO On and Off button turns off the ao when it’s on but doesn’t turn the ao back on when it’s off. Is this right?

  11. Flaran Riggles

    In fact I can’t seem to turn the ao back on at all, even dropping the config notecard back on the ao window and reloading doesn’t seem to restart it.

  12. Flaran Riggles

    Maybe it’s lag, will go away and play with this.

  13. Vagabond Carter

    Norton anti virus identifies the setup as an infected file and auto deletes it on download. Mind you Norton does this with a lot of truly harmless files. Solution is to temporarily suspend Norton , then proceed with installation

  14. Vagabond Carter

    a full scan by Avast shows the setup is completely safe, if ever there were any doubts (unlikely)

  15. Ruber

    I’m still without sound in world

  16. Uma Dragovar

    Wow, this looks really good!

  17. Gavin Hird

    What is the holdup with the Mac version? :-)

  18. Gavin Hird

    Ah, it is there at

    Someone just needs to update this page again with the info that got wiped an hour or so ago ;-)

  19. McCabe Maxsted

    @Gavin: oops! Looks like an older update snuck in. The link’s now fixed, thanks :)

  20. livio korobase

    VERY GOOD WORK, many thanks. No strange signals from antivirus at all, this is only for emerald sons and parents. Very good.

  21. livio korobase

    ps: save to inventory for windlight presets not working for me.

  22. Toshik Cyberschreiber

    Nice Work… Kaspersky Internet Security and XoftSpySE keeps silence, so it must be clear…
    I got one question, i miss Gesture button on the front panel… I dont use chat window to often, will be in the next releses an option “gestures chat window/main screen”?
    Ty for your work!

  23. Mojito

    It crashes instantly for me on Unbuntu. Complains about not being able to register a handler with KDE (not surprising – I am running Gnome). Then dies with seg fault.

  24. Dylan Rickenbacker

    Ooo I love the in-world animation preview! Thanks!

  25. Phoenix Desmoulins

    Works fine for me on Ubuntu 10.04.01 LTS. Thanks very much for the cmdline stuff, I’ve really missed that since I abandoned a certain green colored viewer.

    Mojito: You can safely ignore the KDE handler message. As for the segfault, did you download the 64 bit version when you really need 32?

  26. Optikal

    Excellent, please continue doing what you(z) do =]

  27. Catharina

    I say WOW! The latest weekly builds did not start up at all for me, but this one just did and even more awesome is that streaming video works on my 64 bits Ubuntu! It has never worked on any viewer at all for me,so far. So compliments and thanks to all of you and keep up the good work!

  28. Marx Dudek

    It’s running very well for me. Not a crash yet.

  29. charly.arg

    I’d like to see the KeywordsAlerts implemented, its very handy for notices or messages with no sound alert

  30. Fip

    FINALLY! it works on my Mac! I’m soooooo happy happy happy! It’s as good as i heard it was. If it could now just impliment multiple attachments/clothing layers I could delete my other viewers entirely! This is great. Thank you!!!!!!!

  31. Zip

    please introduces selected beam like Emerald!!
    I love Imprudence viewer very mutch , but it dosen’t have wonderful beam!! saaaaaaadrrrrrry

  32. Matthias Rozensztok

    What’s the word on Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard compatibility? Is Mac OS 10.4 support intended?

    The last weekly build I tried (And 1.3.0 RC2) run on my Intel, 10.4.11 macbook, but this release does not. I hope that’s just the inherent instability of weekly releases…

    I’d be very disappointed if Imprudence made like most of the rest of the 3rd-party viewer (And bloody software in general D:) community and dropped 10.4 support…

  33. Tsukibara Namori

    Great viewer without a doubt. Love the ‘high def’ text (at least on my screen it looks like it is) that Other viewers lacks. Though, I noticed I have a lot of problems with attachments in my avi’s hands (no extra attachment points) when I rez ending up floating in the air, completely unattached to the avi.

    I’ve tried a few Other viewers, and this is the only one with that problem…

    Now its time to hope they start supporting multi-login information being saved, so I don’t have to type out my user names over and over each day. :D

  34. Perky

    Wondering if anyone might have this problem….?

    I login, disable logs in preferences, go about my business…log out.

    Log back in…have to disable logs again…every time.

    Any ideas?

  35. McCabe Maxsted

    @Toshik: quick access to the gestures is still there. Click the arrow next to the “Gestures” button in the chatbar.

    @Perky: are you sure you’re using this week’s Experimental release and not 1.3 RC1?

  36. Jacek Antonelli

    @Matthias: This version was unintentionally compiled for Mac 10.5+, instead of our usual 10.4+. We forgot to mention to Elektra, our new Mac dev, that we still support 10.4. The next experimental should be 10.4-compatible again. :)

  37. Chuckie Breda

    The EXPERIMENTAL appears to be wonderful! Stable and robustw ith a great features set.

    ANY idea when we’ll be seeing the Qtmediatoolkit/Flash media support implemented?

    BTW, the audio stream switching bug continues. I consistently lock up after switching streams at the END of a gig I host.

    Great work guys and gals. VERY GROWN-UP!!!

  38. Shadz

    I have downloaded the experimental 3 times now and i still seem to have the RC one which was my very first download when being told about emerald being scrapped… s.. i loved emerald and am looking for viewer that is set out alot like it, well as much as possible.. any help would be greatly appreciate :-)

  39. Shadz

    oh i am using a mac.. could this be the problem?