Why isn’t my typing disabled?

Have you gone to Preferences > Text Chat and unchecked Play typing anim like so:

Only to see your avatar still typing afterward? We’ve had sporadic reports of this on the forums, and were puzzled by them too, until we were pointed to a post on sluniverse.com by Innula Zenovka:

The issue may well be that the latest server update [for Second Life], 1.42, fixes a long-standing bug in the function llGetAgentInfo. Previously, if it tested for AGENT_TYPING it only returned TRUE if the typing animation was playing, not if you were typing at the keyboard (which is what it was originally meant to do).

What this means in practice, though, is that some AOs need updating because they assume — mistakenly, now — that, if llGetAgentInfo tests TRUE for AGENT_TYPING it must mean you want an anim playing when you type.

The simple fix is to comment out the line in your AO notecard that refers to the typing anim.

From comments on the forums, it seems this fix is confirmed. Hopefully this helps people who’re seeing this issue and trying to figure out what’s going on.

3 Responses to “Why isn’t my typing disabled?”

  1. Ener Hax

    i like the typing animation, it let’s me know someone is, err, umm, typing something =)

    but then, i also love my duck walk – it’s all part of the experience for me

    thank you for such a great OpenSim viewer! =0

  2. Thex Lecker

    They should have added a new constant rather than changing to a breaking behavior in the old one. If a bug’s been in place for 7 years its not a bug anymore, its expected behavior.

  3. lupopa Grau


    how can i add my own typinganimation without a AO-Hud?
    I’m using for my AO the EZAD Animator, but there is not [ TYPING ] Keyword in the NC.