Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-21

For those who are new to Imprudence, each week we take the latest code and release it to the community in a testing version. Sometimes these have unexpected bugs. Often they have they latest fixes. As with all test releases, your mileage will vary from week to week. In other words:

This Version Is Not Guaranteed.

If you want the latest stable release of Imprudence, download Imprudence 1.3.0 RC1. It’s quite good, and soon we’ll be following it with RC2. However, if you want to help us test the latest batch of fixes and other code changes, download the weekly release linked below. Helping us try out the weeklies helps everyone have a better viewer experience.

Here’re the latest changes in this week’s weekly (note: when you first run this version it’ll clear your cache. This is okay and the expected behavior):

New Features:

  • Added “Teleport to Ground” option in the Advanced menu, by popular request.
  • Profiles now show an avatar’s age next to their rezday.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed trees rendering white even after having loaded (reverts a fix for http textures loading as blurry/invisible).
  • Fixed “select texture” image rendering as white.
  • Fixed inworld audio sometimes not loading/stuttering on Windows.
  • Updated libndofdev support on Linux.
  • Potential fix for a crash when using http textures on Windows.
  • Fixed RLVa teleports (and numerous other RLVa bugs).
  • Fixed the font size in the script editor being too small.
  • Fixed missing constants in the script editor and added llGetLinkNumberO.
  • Fixed crash when writing to cache while using http textures.
  • Windows 7 is now properly detected.


  • Disabled ParticleChat by default, as it’s a privacy concern.
  • Tooltips/hovertips now load much faster.
  • Grid list is now pre-populated on install in case connecting to the website fails on startup.


Find an issue? Have a comment or an idea? Or just want to give us some general feedback? Post in the official forum thread.

P.S. if you’re looking for how to enable voice chat in Imprudence, go here.

16 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-21”

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    So, what exactly is that “particle chat” feature?

  2. Garn Conover

    boo it nuked my skin this time :( damnit lol

  3. Chuckie Breda

    I’m a little disturbed that you folks would moderate out my comment about 8.21. I really like the work you’ve done in Imprudence. But your latest release won’t load planar textures (they remain black). And, attempting to disable HTTP fetch crashes it immediately. I mightily hope that you are able to fix this. Fortunately, rolling back to 8.14 works, except for the audio stream switching bug which invariably locks Imprudence up. I am using Imprudence on Centrino dual core machine running Windows XP Pro.

  4. AzaRia

    I thought the black textures was just me.. [ cleared cache twice ] , uninstalled & reinstalled it again still wasn`t loading right.. went back to 8/14

  5. Jacek Antonelli

    @Zauber: Have a look at this thread for more info about ParticleChat.

    @Chuckie: Did you make another comment besides your post in the forums (which I even responded to)? I’m not aware of anyone moderating your comments (except that first time blog commenters have to be approved before they show up, to ward off spam).

    @AzaRia: Yeah, many people have been reporting texture issues in this weekly. As a work-around until we fix it in the next release, textures seem to work okay if HTTP texture fetching is disabled (which you may need to disable before logging in, or in the worst case using an earlier version to disable it).

  6. Noirran

    Huge texture issues, if I disable http texture fetching it crashed immediately upon logging in. Turning it back on it’s not rendering anything with an alpha nor my skin.

  7. Chuckie Breda

    Yes, I did make a comment about this weekly release being borked, because of the planar texture issue and the crash on disabling HTTP fetch. It was moderated out.

    With the chaos currently occurring with the Emerald dev team, I am praying that its not contagious and spreading to Imprudence which I love.

  8. Chuckie Breda

    YAY!!!!! 8.21 WORKS if you disable HTTP fetch before login. WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!

  9. McCabe Maxsted

    @Chuckie: you weren’t moderated out, no worries. First-time blog comments need approval for everyone (the blog’s setup this way to prevent spam). You might see a crash when disabling http textures in this weekly after having logged in with them enabled. The fix for that is here:

  10. AzaRia

    i need the http textures to change clothes.. so i`ll have to use the other one.

  11. Ana

    Please help me -how do I block the camera so that people won’t see where I am focusing at.

  12. McCabe Maxsted

    @Ana, you can enable this option in Advanced Menu > Character > Private Look At

  13. Marx Dudek

    Wow, this build won’t work for me. Half-loaded textures, clickable objects cannot be clicked on, random dead-stop crashes, friends list won’t load.

  14. Oyster

    Talk is always disable everywhere .. why and camera focus point dont close this viewer :(

  15. Wills

    I use Windows7 and thought I’d give this viewer a look and the ONE TIME I got in world with it, it looked great. But now every time I try to use it, it just sits there and tells me it’s loading 20 minutes, then says my smime3.dll is missing and to reinstall (which doesn’t fix the problem) then when/if it finally loads if tells me my graphics card is not recognized. I used NVIDIA which only about 2/3rds or the freaking world uses…….

    So what could be wrong…. BTW, devs… please put in the commands ala Emerald I use the flr and gth comman almost constantly. The double click TP would be great as well.

    If these already exist, sorry. It’s just I have not been able to use IMPRUDENCE often enough to find out… :-(

  16. Kia Naxos

    I’m having problems with log ins with this weeks release…a very long log in that ends saying it can’t connect to the region try picking another. Even refuses to let me start at Pooley or my home.