Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-14

Lots of nifty bug fixes this week, as well as some patch submissions, including a common feature request: Derender. I have to say, it’s exciting to see all the posts in the forums–keep up the great ideas and bug reports! :)


New Features:

  • Added “Reset Voice” button to Preferences > Voice for restarting voice connections.
  • Added “Derender” option to the pie menu. This will derender an object, attachment, or avatar in your client.
  • Web search URL can now be set in the grid manager. Setting the URL here overrides the viewer’s default.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed linden trees/grass not loading on OpenSim-based grids.
  • Fixed web search using the wrong default URL on OpenSim (i.e. not
  • Potential fix for a crash when using HTTP textures on Windows.
  • Fixed crash on logout/disconnect when voice is enabled (i.e. “settings mysteriously not being saved on quit”).
  • Fixed crash when logging in/teleporting with progress screens disabled.
  • Fixed master mute not muting gestures slider in the audio controls.
  • Fixed build math button overwriting some UI text.
  • Fixed missing WL_SUN_MOON_POSITION LightShare constant.
  • Fixed search > maturity rating using the wrong constant.
  • Fixed llkdu.dll loading fix missing from the last week’s (08-07) weekly.
  • Fixed packaging error on Windows.


  • Updated list of supported graphics cards.
  • SLURLs are now supported.

Please post any feedback or issues you have with this release in the official forum thread! Thanks!

10 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-14”

  1. Lillymouche

    >>> SLURLs are now supported.

    Phew! That’s nice. Many fashion blogs point to the maps links and being able to directly open such slurls saves some annoying clicks.

  2. Cara

    I would LOVE to see a save texture button on the actual texture, that would make it really nice to be able to save textures to the HDD to work with.

  3. Saige Garden

    When I derender an avatar they disappear, but after a couple minutes they pop up again but as a cloud. I thought when you derender an avatar or object that it was supposed to be derendered until you leave the region?

  4. McCabe Maxsted

    @Saige: this happens when a derendered avatar changes their clothing. You’ve derendered that specific instance of the avatar, not the avatar itself. I’ll edit the notification to make that clear.

  5. Hiro Protagonist

    Just tried out 08/14 weekly, many texture corruption issues since 07/14 (last I tested) using opensim 0.7.x

    WindLight/LightShare connection seems broken too

    WinXP P4D 2GB Ram GeForce 8500GT dual head 22″ LCD

    If I’m just doing something broken myself please do point it out :)

    Cheers and thanks!

    Hiro P

  6. ARADTech

    Textures are not sticking , rebake they are there shortly and then gone all wacky again shortly after. using latest opensim that is on osgrid. other then that seems hella awesome viewer :)

  7. ZoZo

    Occassional crash to desktop when opening ‘About Landmark’.

    Fine tuning on Edit Menu spinners would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ron Overdrive

    Please folks if you are noticing bugs or crashes report them in the “Bug Reports & Troubleshooting” section of the forums and not here. Your reports are more likely to get seen and addressed if you put them in the right place.

  9. Chuckie Breda

    I’ve discovered a consistent bug. I am a host in SL. Though 8.14 works well in crowded sims, whenever I change parcel streams at the end of a gig, Imprudence ALWAYS locks up, and I have to HARD close it and relog. As soon as I change streams, it locks. The stream change invokes, even though I lock up.

  10. Jo

    Any chance for a feature to derender an avi based on ARC value? For example, all a user-settable maximum threshold of 3500 and automatically derender any avis at or above that ARC value.