Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-07

For those who might be new to Imprudence, each week we release a weekly version that contains the latest features and bug fixes. These are test releases designed to ferret out bugs and provide us with early feedback, and are one of the main reasons why 1.3 RC1 is in the fine shape that it is. This week’s weekly is based on 1.3 RC1, and contains the following changes:

New Features:

  • Added menu option for toggling IM auto-responses: World > Auto-Respond to IMs.
  • Added “Gestures” slider to the audio controls. Gestures can now be muted or turned down (note: this only affects gestures triggered by other people).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for llkdu.dll not loading on some Windows systems (many thanks to Shige on the forums for tracking this one down).
  • Numerous fixes for downloading textures via HTTP (including File > Export not exporting textures when HTTP textures enabled).
  • Fixed Advanced preferences layout being off in 1.3 RC1.
  • Fixed Enable shadows checkbox not updating correctly.
  • Fixed crash when encountering textures with bogus properties.
  • Fixed certain sounds still not being played on mature regions.


  • Removed “About” button in Preferences. Use “Help > About Imprudence” instead.
  • Unknown clients are no longer listed as “Failure”.


Please post any feedback, bugs, or other issues in this week’s official forum thread! Thanks!

Also remember: 1.3 is now a release candidate. Changes you see in the weeklies may or may not be in the final version of 1.3. Don’t fret. They’ll turn up in a future version of Imprudence instead.

6 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-07”

  1. Aaron

    whenever i log in i receive always the same questions: “do you want to play media” – “left click interact with special objects” and similar messages that appear whenever one viewer is installed for the first time… Such frustrating, it’s like Imprudece doesnt memorize my preferences… frustrating… any suggestion?

  2. Yrla

    This version works even better than the RC. And tattoo layers are working again.

    Thanks for this awesome piece of software.


  3. Dale Innis

    > Unknown clients are no longer listed as “Failure”.

    hahaha! :)

  4. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Mmh. Seems to work fine. I’ve been using it with Hypergrid teleport :) and trying to figure out how LightShare works…

    I got a few texture decode bugs though. Refreshing appearance deals with those on the avatars nicely, but the surroundings can become… weird. I suppose it’s all related to cache issues though.

  5. Nalates Urriah

    Right now I rely more on Imprudence than any other viewer. I really like the LightShare idea. Having people come into a region and land on a prim that triggers a LightShare change would be great. I can see how it could be used to grief.

    Having the ability in the estate settings to use Windlight would be nice too.

  6. Lia Saraswati

    The ability to mute gesture sounds is a killer feature. I can’t wait to download and test this weekly!