Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-24

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. This week’s release is pretty minor, as not much has changed from the 07-17 weekly. Here’s what’s new:

New Features:

  • Added Advanced > Area Object Search for finding objects on a sim.
  • Added MU* pose style (“:” as an alternative to “/me”) and OOC “((” auto close chat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Potential fix that should improve avatar textures not loading.
  • Potential fix for being unable to relog after crashing on logout.
  • Fixed Events search layout being off.
  • Updated libndofdev Linux64 libs.


  • Moved “Limit Select Distance” from the Advanced menu to Advanced Build Options window.
  • Regrouped several options in the Advanced menu.


Please post any feedback or issues you have in the official forum thread! Thanks!

15 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-24”

  1. Burnman Bedlam

    Even minor releases like this are a big deal, and much appreciated! Can’t wait to try out the area search. I’ve got a couple of rogue prims I know are out there… somewhere… lol

  2. Fi Folland

    Hey :)
    I have been gonna post something here for ages and now something has happend that has made me.
    The last 2 updates(17th & 24th) I cant use because as soon as I open a script or a notecard the viewer crashes :(

    I love Imprudence and I’m so totally addicted to the speed of it.

    There are some features that I wish it had tho.
    I’ll say them now hoping you might add them oneday.
    * Double click Teleport.
    * Disable camera contraints.
    * Avatar age shown in radar.
    * Sit anywhere.

    I still use it because of how fast it is… so hopefully you could add these things to make it complete for me :))
    Oh and fix the crashing problem with opening notecards !!
    Plz :)

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    Fi: almost all of those are in there. Double click TP is in Preferences > Input. Disable Camera Constraints is in Preferences > Camera. Sit anywhere is in Advanced.

    The best thing you can do to help us fix the crash you’re seeing is to post on the forum thread and include your debug logs: along with whether or not it’s any specific notecard that’s causing the issue.

  4. Jacek Antonelli

    Hi Fi. We’ll investigate the script/notecard crash. It will help us a lot if you can email us your logs immediately after experiencing the crash. :)

    We already have most of the features you mentioned:

    * Double Click Teleport: Open Preferences > Input & Camera tab, then change your “Double-click Action” and “Autopilot Style”.
    * Disable camera constraints: Also in Preferences > Input & Camera tab.
    * Sit anywhere: Advanced menu > Ground Sit.

    We will consider showing avatar age in the radar for the future.

  5. McCabe Maxsted

    Wins! :D

  6. Flaran Riggles

    Does anyone know how I turn of something that means I can’t type :( without it becoming :(())? Is it something to do with OOC?

  7. Armin Weatherwax

    Flaran, the MU*Pose and Auto-close OOC are controlled by the debug settings AllowMUpose (that is a colon at the beginning of a chat line replaced by “/me”) and AutoCloseOOC (that is if opening two parenthesis without closing two parenthesis automatically two closing parenthesis are added at the end of the chatline).
    To disactivate go to the “Advanced Menu” (activate Advanced Menu in View->Advanced Menu if yo haven’t already) go to “Debug Settings” type in the name of the setting you want to change – from what you write what you want to change is: AutoCloseOOC – and choose FALSE from the drop down menu. Sounds complicated? Well it isn’t, but anyway I’ll add an easier way to do it soon. Hope that helps


  8. Hiro Protagonist

    Sorry folks,

    But the problem with relogging after a crash still persists

  9. McCabe Maxsted

    Hiro: the fix in question was for the connecting to region timer not being long enough for connecting to the SL grid. From what I’ve gathered, the being unable to log in to the same region after a crash is an opensim presence issue, unless there’s another relog/crash bug we need to look into?

  10. Hiro Protagonist

    Actually McCabe, I think it probably might be an opensim issue, as shortly after this happened, it came to light on IRC #opensim-dev that there were some regressions – among which was a presence issue.


  11. Hiro Protagonist

    Oh and thanks so much for incorporating breast physics – I am a diehard fan of ‘realism’ XD

  12. AzaRia

    how about instead of having the radar in mini map..

    have it`s own lil section on the toolbar

    & some more skin options

    & instead of the drop down menu in IM`s just have telport etc.

    other than that good job

  13. Flaran Riggles

    Armin, ty very much. Followed instructions and problem solved.

  14. AzaRia

    also multiple attachment points would be nice

  15. Shelia Baxtor

    im having crash issue every time i go in Inworldz i’m in there for a few mins then i crash when i frist started Inworldz i never had this problem and i need help with this to fix it please: Thank You: