Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-17

My apologizes for the delay in getting this week’s weekly up. Jacek got trapped on an island then mysteriously transported back to the 1970s, Armin invented a perpetual chocolate machine and was found three days later covered in a hard candy shell stamped with the Mars logo, and myself? Well, let’s just say Jayna’s not allowed anywhere near the Hall of Justice after the mess she made last night. Anyway, here’s what’s new this week:

New Features:

  • Notecards now have a File menu for importing/exporting text. (Note: currently, only text can be exported, not embedded items yet.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed LMs crashing after logout.
  • Fixed Advanced Build Options setting the default object size to 0.
  • Fixed View > Web Browser not opening.
  • Fixed web browser missing “Home” button.
  • Fixed leading 0 missing from log timestamps.
  • Fix for lag caused by audio engine stuttering.
  • Fixed default script export not using the file name.
  • Fixed missing notification when enabling Show Look At.
  • Fixed missing ignore button on IM and calling card notifications.
  • Fix that should improve avatar baking times.


  • The grid manager can now be accessed from Preferences > General.
  • Inworld sounds are now played regardless of a sim’s maturity setting.
  • Channel setting temporarily removed from Local Chat.


Please post any feedback for this week’s weekly in the official forum thread. Thanks!

7 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-17”

  1. Burnman Bedlam

    Looks good so far! Will test this more strenuously this evening. I did notice the channel setting is still available on the chat bar, so the feature is still there just not implemented in the local chat window.

    Keep up the great work, it is more than appreciated!

  2. Gavin Hird

    The export notecard and script from the File menu of the open card or script is very interesting. Very good!

    Perhaps add an extension like .lsl and .txt for editors like BBEdit to easier apply the correct syntax highlighting to it when opened.

  3. Flaran Riggles

    I’ve found one weird thing, the clock on my Imprudence Weekly, 17/7, shows the time as an hour ahead of everyone else! Is there a fix?

  4. Ghost Vantelli

    Hi everyone:
    I find a problem in this last weekly updates…each time I login with imprudence and I take a tp inmediatly I logg in I crashed and imprudence shut on….I must wait about 10 minutes before take a tp to avoid this. How can fix this?
    I love imprudence viewer ,,,I know it will be each time more perfect!!

  5. Anonymous

    Excuse me, i want to stay Anonymous but i found a flaw in the clothing protection the Eye and Upper / Lower body Tattoo layer send out an specific UUID this can be be abused to find out when an person got client tag disabled, hope this gets fixed by IMG_DEFAULT_AVATAR as texture instead of the other one… xD.

  6. Hiro Protagonist

    I have a feature request (so what else is new heh), and, of course, I don’t expect much fo free (so what else is new heh).

    Here’s the deal: I run a pair of 22″ studio monitors on a G-Force card. I do a lot of scripting and building. the unfortunate part of all that is the viewer application really runs comfortably on only one monitor. I can get with this (one) or I can get with that (one), but ne’r both.

    So, my thinking is, it would be very cool if I could ‘pop out’ the various application windows from the viewer, and drop them over on the other monitor – inventory, build tools, script/notecard editors; those are the biggies, but of course a thorough application of this notion would be very welcome. It seriously wouldn’t suck to be able to pop HUDs off the main viewer screen too.

    Then I could seriously make use of my desktop realestate.

    Many Many Thanks to the Imprudence dev team, you guys are doing what I am sure (to some at least ;) is an embarrassingly good job!

    Hiro P

  7. Anikaluv

    Hey I’m a new user and im luving this version but some how much Voice calls now working can anyone send me a message with this info plz tyvw.