Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-10

This week’s weekly is very much in the spirit of a test release, as many of these changes Work For Us, but might not work for others (hopefully they do. Let us know!).

Likewise, as 1.3 gets closer to moving out of beta, you’ll start to notice some differences in our commits: more bug fixes, more changes, and fewer new features put into the viewer.

Here’s what was ready in time for this week’s weekly:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed UI tooltips not disappearing when they should.
  • Fixed the “Ban…” and “Eject…” buttons in the radar not working for parcel owners.
  • Fixed mac users automatically entering joystick mode on startup when using the apple mouse.
  • Reverted a teleport fix from the 2010-07-03 weekly because it caused some objects not to render.


  • Updated the Grid Manager layout and made the buttons work in a more sensible way.


Thanks to everyone who pointed out the radar and mac mouse issues in last week’s weekly. I’m sure you’re as happy as I am to see tooltips working as they should, too :)  Keep up the awesome feedback!

As always, please post any feedback you have for this release in the official forum thread. Thanks!

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  1. Ghost Vantelli

    I can not download the release Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-10. I LOVE IMPRUDENCE VIEWER . It is the best !!!