Imprudence Weekly 2010-06-26

Hot on the heels of Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 comes another weekly build. We’re just crazy like that! If you’re crazy like us and want to help try out the cutting edge changes in Imprudence, these weeklies are for you. :D

This weekly is based on 1.3 beta 5, rather than the previous weekly. If you notice anything that was fixed in a previous weekly but is now broken again, please let us know!

McCabe is on vacation for the next week, so we currently don’t have anyone to compile the Windows version. If you’d like to help out, come drop by our IRC channel or send a message to the ImpDev mailing list!


  • Increased max grid size in Advanced Build Options to support megaprims.
  • Added the new names for the LightShare script functions in the script editor. They start with “ls” instead of “cm” in OpenSim 0.7 RC.
  • Use the max height for the grid as the max mini-map zoom out distance.
  • Cleaned up ellipses (“…”) in pie menus.
  • Allow map teleports up to the set grid height.
  • Added menu entries for taking off alpha and tattoo layers.
  • Made Advanced Build Options window conform to Mac and Windows user interface guidelines.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a memory leak in llimage/llimagepng.cpp (backport from SL 2).
  • Fixed a memory leak in llmessage/llhttpclient.cpp (backport from SL 2).
  • Applied patch by Thickbrick Sleaford for SNOW-698: Crash when http-getting an empty texture.
  • Fix for objects surviving kill region, from Emerald.
  • Fix for the chat log loading/saving bad filenames, from Emerald.
  • Fixed the viewer telling you that you were ‘unable to connect to Imprudence’ when login failed. (It now says ‘unable to connect to [grid name]’.)
  • Fixed #357: Crash in LLPanelPlace::onClickTeleport.


Please post your feedback in the forum thread for this build. Thanks!

5 Responses to “Imprudence Weekly 2010-06-26”

  1. Tazy

    nice nice nice!, logout crash fixed. thank you guys very much.

  2. Victoire Lockjaw


    Linux 64bit version…

    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.431746] Free swap = 0kB
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.431748] Total swap = 4192924kB
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442617] 786048 pages RAM
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442620] 13412 pages reserved
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442622] 27645 pages shared
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442624] 742300 pages non-shared
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442628] Out of memory: kill process 6271 (imprudence) score 2467827 or a child
    Jun 27 10:26:54 Victory kernel: [147316.442880] Killed process 6292 (do-not-directly)


  3. Tazy

    Sorry, but i do miss the Emerald command line stuff, for Teleport to ground and key2name, could this get merged in next weekly please?

  4. Garn Conover

    hopes McCabe comes back soon so he can play :) I got the weeklys all set up for my viewer skin and dont want to have to mess around with it all over again lol

  5. Cheree

    Ya, we need to get a Windows build posted here…I notice there has been like almost no feedback on the build because the largest userbase can’t test it.

    Any hints when we’ll see a Windows build? At this point it’d be stupid to build this weekly but are we going to see next weeks?