Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 Released

Beta 5. Say it with me, say it proud. Beta 5, woo! I’m excited :)

1.3’s come a long way, and now we’re one step closer to finalizing this version. If you’re using beta 4–particularly on an OpenSim-based grid–it’s highly recommended you upgrade to beta 5, as there are many important stability and usability fixes in this release. We’ve made a major effort to improve the OpenSim experience since beta 4.

There are a lot of changes in this release, but here are the key ones you need to know about:

  • Alpha and Tattoo Layers support.
  • LightShare (server-side WindLight) support on OpenSim.
  • OpenSim functions in the script editor.
  • A new planar texture alignment tool.
  • Tiny prim (0.001m)/unlimited megaprim support.
  • AO (Animation Overrider) loading fixes and a new toolbar tab.
  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • Many fixes for OpenSim-related bugs.
  • All the new features from the weekly releases, plus a few more!

For a full list of all the new features, changes, and known issues, read the Release Notes.


(Note: these won’t affect your weekly install.)

If you’re new to Imprudence and curious what makes us different, here is a good place to start reading.


Running this version for the first time will cause you to clear your cache. This is normal. If you get a “missing body part” error on logging in to OpenSim, this is an OpenSim bug. The workaround is to rewear your avatar’s body parts then relog.

As always, post any comments/feedback you have about this beta release in the official forum thread! Thanks!

12 Responses to “Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 Released”

  1. Maria Korolov

    Any progress on fixing the 4096 teleport issue?

    Also, does the new viewer support the new media-on-a-prim?


    – Maria

  2. Ashido

    Sound still refuses to work for me… And it’s not just me, i came across some people with the same problem.
    Seems like Imprudence won’t recognize my audio drivers

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    Maria: what issue is that, specifically?

    Ashido: can you post the contents of Help > About Imprudence in the forums, along with what audio drivers you have?

  4. Ener Hax

    yay! i love your viewer and it works great on Reaction Grid! thank you =)

  5. Giovanni

    this viewer doesnt remember my settings, everytime i log in i need to re-set them … all the settings i mean….

  6. Ashido

    I posted the issue on the troubleshooting forum yesterday and still no answer, McCabe

  7. Bruce Patton

    Unable to login to opensim instances with beta 5 on MacBook Pro (tried OsGrid and our grid). Have to post this here because on the forum I am logged in but can’t post anything as it keeps asking me to login when in fact I am logged in.

  8. Garn Conover

    all that work to make my skin default and it loads an entirely new version onto my comp so now i got 2 Imprudences :P lol

  9. Wordfromthe Wise

    @Ashido … you have to enable PG, MATURE & ADULT CONTENT in the Viewer (Preferences) to get sound to work. This is an issue that all newer viewers based on 1.23 have ..

    maby this is so you can hear other sounds next to the xxx sounds in Zindra .. *just joking

  10. Nebadon Izumi

    OSgrid has now added Imprudence viewer to our downloads page


  11. Bart

    On a former developer’s meeting about 1.3 Jacek Antonelli said, that it is very unlikely to see “Media on a prim” soon. Why? Because the internal changes to get it running are very big and the last time they debugged Linden Lab’s shitty code took about four months to stabilize Gstreamer.

    They are not really keen to repeat that kind of experience anytime soon. So perhaps… it is going to be in 1.4, who knows.

  12. Breen Whitman

    Well done on the new release guys. And thanks to Nebadon Izumi for promoting on OSGrid.