Another Week, Another Weekly! Release: 2010-06-12

Can you feel it? The next beta release getting closer? Oh yes, it is indeed ;)

This week’s weekly contains some important improvements to the radar, along with several fixes identified in last week’s weekly (thanks for all the crash logs, those who sent ’em! They helped :) ) Please remember that if you don’t see your issue touched on below, chances are it probably hasn’t changed from last week (bugs in the media system, for example). We’ll get there, but there’s only so much that can be done from week to week. Believe me, we’re working on it ;)

Anyway, changes!

New Features:

  • Added Advanced > Private Look/Point At option to disable sending Show Look At info.
  • Avatar name is shown in window title when Allow Multiple Instances is enabled.
  • Allow Multiple Instances applies when toggled, rather than requiring a relog.
  • New Button: “Titles..” in groups window to select your group title.
  • Moved several preferences around. Mute Wind is now in Audio & Video, Use Legacy Pie Menus is now in Advanced.
  • Added shortcut for creating landmarks: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D.
  • New Button: “Invisible” in texture picker.
  • Clothing Layer Protection is now always enabled.
  • Debug Setting: UseKDUIfAvailable to select using llkdu when starting up.
  • Double-clicking names in the radar’s Estate tab now automatically cams to them.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some bad animation issues.
  • Fixed crash using the logout feature.
  • Fixed crash in Show Look At.
  • Fixed group notice history showing wrong icons for attached inventory.
  • Fixed radar spamming chat with location updates.
  • Fixed radar not showing people in the list who are in the mini-map.
  • Fixed radar showing people as continuously typing.
  • Fixed radar showing up in mouselook when minimized.
  • Fixed advanced build window Apply/Cancel buttons being switched.
  • Began updating UI labels to be more consistent.
  • HTTP textures improved for sculpties using openjpeg (but still not working correctly).
  • Fixed wearable alpha layers not being seen on other viewers.
  • Fixed “Quit” confirmation crashing the viewer after logout.
  • Fixed memory leak/crash introduced in last week’s weekly.

Known Issues:


If you’re on OpenSim, it’s recommended you use the weeklies for now until beta 5 is released, as they contain important stability and bug fixes not found in beta 4. You can install the weekly along with 1.3 beta 4 or 1.2.2 side-by-side.

As always, please post any issues/feedback you have with these test builds in the forums! Thanks!

14 Responses to “Another Week, Another Weekly! Release: 2010-06-12”

  1. Shige

    Thanks a lot. It’s amazing from what I can tell so far. My only remaining grief is the choppy audio in some places and I guess some people would be happy if RLV was working properly again.

    Apart from that I only have some feature requests, like Z-axis offset which helps a lot when taking pictures while using poses that make you sink through the floor or float in the air and a “Teleport to” in addition to the “Offer Teleport” in the Communicate window.

  2. Roberta Messerchmitt

    if the new shortcut for creating landmarks is ctrl-shft-alt-d then what did you do with the show advanced window function of that shortcut in linux (which cannot use the ctrl-alt-d windows version since it is trapped by the os before it ever reaches the program)?

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    Roberta: that was an error on my part, it should’ve been CTR-SHIFT-D. I’ve fixed that. You can always toggle the Advanced menu from the View menu in the meantime.

  4. Ari Blackthorne

    Very nice.

    FYI: Hard crash to desktop (CTD) when right-click a landmark in inventory and choosing the Get Info option. Hard crash wish eventual exit to desktop.

    Otherwise, looking damned stable and rockin’ on. I definitely prefer it to all others. Yes, including Emerald (which there’s nothing wrong with, but Imprudence has much better rezzing performance for me.)

  5. ZoZo Raven

    thanks for the great viewer i enjoy it

    can i make a feature request for fine tune on the edit window spinners ie hold control, shift OR alt for different increments / 0.100 / 0.010 / 0.001
    makes texturing a breeze


  6. Matt

    Does the “Clothing Layer Protection is always enabled” feature mean that I can no longer turn clothing layer protection OFF?

  7. McCabe Maxsted

    @Matt: you can still turn clothing layer protection off in the Debug Settings found in the Advanced menu.

    @ZoZo: interesting feature request! It would definitely be nicer to be able to fine-tune spinner values like that. Ctrl-click is already used by an OS, but the others sound like a good idea to me.

    @Ari: we haven’t been able to reproduce this crash. Can you post the contents of Help > About Imprudence in the forums?

  8. Giovanni

    On Windows 7, i dont hear music/media and voice doesnt work… at least these are my problems….

  9. Giovanni


    “On Windows 7, i dont hear music/media and voice doesnt work… at least these are my problems…”

    it works now; so, RLV is not implemented?

  10. Giovanni

    “Added Advanced > Private Look/Point At option to disable sending Show Look At info.”

    i dont see it, where it is ? thanks in advance !

  11. McCabe Maxsted

    Giovanni: it’s in Advanced > Character, sorry, should have specified that. RLV is mostly-implemented for 1.3. It’s recommended you use 1.2 if you want to use RLV without encountering bugs in the meantime. Otherwise, we just posted beta 5 today :)

  12. Giovanni

    @McCabe Maxsted

    uhh cool, i just downloaded it *.* So i can find rlv only in 1.2 ??

  13. McCabe Maxsted

    RLV is in 1.3. Just it hasn’t been updated in a while, so your mileage may vary.

  14. Giovanni

    i saw it but it doesnt activate, and anytime i relog my settings are gone… i go to try version 1.2 now….