Go go gadget weekly! Release: 2010-06-05

So far, the weeklies have been chugging along nicely. Your feedback on these test builds has been excellent. Keep it coming! The more bugs we hear about, the easier it is to fix ’em. This week’s weekly contains fixes for some well-known issues:

New Features:

  • Allow AFK option moved from Advanced > Character> Character Tests to Preferences > General.
  • Advanced > Character> Show Look At now shows names along with crosshairs. This has been a much-requested feature from Meerkat, and we’d love some feedback on whether you like it/hate it/just generally feel uneasy about it. To stop sending this information, set PrivateLookAtTarget to TRUE in the Debug Settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Infamous Wright Plaza Crash of Doom (aka the bad-textures-causing-crashes crash)! Many thanks to Nebadon and Warin on OSGrid, who found the repro for this, and Robin Cornelius for the fix.
  • Fixed menu bar sometimes disappearing/appearing corrupt on login.
  • Fix that should reduce the number of rainbow textures seen inworld.
  • Fixed inability to move avatar when left-clicking on attachments.
  • Fixed your own name being highlighted in Local Chat.
  • Fixed texture alignment accidentally missing from last week’s weekly.
  • Fixed grid manager not working if the loginuri doesn’t end in a slash (“/”).
  • Fixed confusing “opacity” sliders in Preferences > Text Chat.
  • Fixed bad indentations screwing up notification layouts.
  • Fixed certain animations not playing on OpenSim (avatar appears to be standing instead of being animated).

Known Issues:

  • Create New Tattoo/Create New Alpha buttons don’t work in the appearance editor. Create them in your inventory instead.
  • Sometimes an avatar needs a rebake in order to apply the new layers. If anyone’s able to reproduce this bug, please let us know.
  • If you see corrupt (“rainbow”) or white textures on an avatar, ask the other person to rebake or clear your cache and relog. If that doesn’t fix the issue, more than likely the sim isn’t updating their appearance correctly.
  • Teleporting might have issues on megaregions.


Please post any issues or feedback you have in the appropriate forum thread! Thanks!

Note on the mac release:

Whats different about this optional build? Well for starters this build uses the LLVM Clang compiler instead of GCC 4.0 like the normal viewer is built with. LLVM is an alternative to GCC which has been gaining in popularity over the years and has been available as a part of Xcode 3.2 which has a history of providing faster smaller binaries then GCC. More info can be found at http://llvm.org. Also, the viewer has been compiled with SSE4 enhancements for added oomf.

Do NOT use the LLVM/SSE4 version on an Intel Mac that doesn’t have SSE4 support. Most Intel Macs made in the last 3 years should have SSE4.1 or greater. If you’re unsure an easy way to find out is to download and run CPU-X from http://files.netkas.org/cpu-x.zip then look under the Instructions field. If you see SSE4.1 or SSE4.2 you’re golden!


20 Responses to “Go go gadget weekly! Release: 2010-06-05”

  1. W

    Alpha layers don’t work right…only appear right for me but nobody else.

  2. W

    And yes I’ve tried rebaking

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    W: “Nobody else” is pretty vague. Can you list in the forum thread what viewers aren’t able to view alpha layers? They may not work when viewed from older viewers due to incompatibility reasons.

  4. W

    My girlfriend who was using LL’s V2.0 couldn’t see them, and I couldn’t see them while using my alts on Kirsten’s viewer and Emerald’s latest beta release.

  5. Lilly

    Mac build lacks cursor icons, uh..

  6. Ron Overdrive

    Lilly, this is a known issue. It has something to do with the Mac Cursors possibly being non-GPL compliant from what I’ve heard. They’re not supplied with the source so I can’t build with them.

  7. :>

    maybe this?
    http://sldev.free.fr/patches/11905/slviewer-0-v11905-AlphaAndTattooSupport_v0a.patch.bz2 since the cool vl alpha layer working, if its possible to put in ther patches..

  8. Armin Weatherwax

    Hah. found the bug. Temporary work around until it’s fixed:
    go to edit->preferences->advanced and switch “broadcast your client name to others” off.

  9. Katharine Berry

    You have to send a hair bake; if you don’t, all other clients will discard the alpha data (this is a bizarre implementation detail). If you’re using the original clothing protection code, the hair bake is not sent due to use of an incorrect constant…

    Change “4” to “20” on line 1166 of llprimitive/llprimitive.cpp to fix.

  10. Katharine Berry

    Oh, should add: this only shows up if you are using a partial alpha layer; a fully transparent texture will work. The line 1166 reference is assuming this file.

    Also be aware that I haven’t tested this against Imprudence, but that’s how we fixed it in Emerald.

  11. Armin Weatherwax

    yay thanks Katharine :)
    /me started the compiler

  12. Armin Weatherwax

    and (of course) \o/ it works :)

  13. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Aww. No SSE4 support on my iMac :( Oh well…

  14. James

    There is no SSE2 optimized version for windows listed– when will it be posted? Why doesn’t anyone go for SSE3 or 4? I have version 1.3.4 beta and it said I have to update imprudence when I went to put a t-shirt on.

  15. McCabe Maxsted

    James: there won’t be any SSE2 optimized weeklies posted for Windows, sorry. You don’t have to update anything if you’re using beta 4. The weekly builds are entirely optional.

  16. James

    Thank you. But what happened was I tried to put on a t-shirt and it said I had to update my version of Imprudence. The t-shirt was something strange that made you go headless somehow. It had worked before. When I tried to wear it no matter how many times I tried, it would pop up a blue coloured box with an ok button that said something like you need to upgrade your version of imprudence to do this…I should have wrote it down I don’t know why they don’t make these boxes cut and paste. Also do you know when the more updated features will be out for SSE2 use?

  17. McCabe Maxsted

    Ah, okay. The “shirt” is actually an alpha layer (i.e. transparent). You need a version that supports alpha and tattoo layers to use them properly (which the weeklies have done since 05-29). An SSE2 version will be available for the next beta.

  18. James

    Thanks :)

  19. James

    Maybe I could help compile the beta I do have VS 2008 and may be getting 2010.

  20. McCabe Maxsted

    James: if you wanted to compile an SSE2/3/4 version for the weeklies, that would rock :) As a matter of fact, I’m going to be out of town this weekend so we need someone to take over the Windows compile for this week’s (06-26) weekly if you’re interested. I recommend joining #imprudence on irc.freenode.org and talking to either Jacek or Armin for more info on that.