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Imprudence Weekly 2010-06-26

Hot on the heels of Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 comes another weekly build. We’re just crazy like that! If you’re crazy like us and want to help try out the cutting edge changes in Imprudence, these weeklies are for you. :D

This weekly is based on 1.3 beta 5, rather than the previous weekly. If you notice anything that was fixed in a previous weekly but is now broken again, please let us know!

McCabe is on vacation for the next week, so we currently don’t have anyone to compile the Windows version. If you’d like to help out, come drop by our IRC channel or send a message to the ImpDev mailing list!


  • Increased max grid size in Advanced Build Options to support megaprims.
  • Added the new names for the LightShare script functions in the script editor. They start with “ls” instead of “cm” in OpenSim 0.7 RC.
  • Use the max height for the grid as the max mini-map zoom out distance.
  • Cleaned up ellipses (“…”) in pie menus.
  • Allow map teleports up to the set grid height.
  • Added menu entries for taking off alpha and tattoo layers.
  • Made Advanced Build Options window conform to Mac and Windows user interface guidelines.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a memory leak in llimage/llimagepng.cpp (backport from SL 2).
  • Fixed a memory leak in llmessage/llhttpclient.cpp (backport from SL 2).
  • Applied patch by Thickbrick Sleaford for SNOW-698: Crash when http-getting an empty texture.
  • Fix for objects surviving kill region, from Emerald.
  • Fix for the chat log loading/saving bad filenames, from Emerald.
  • Fixed the viewer telling you that you were ‘unable to connect to Imprudence’ when login failed. (It now says ‘unable to connect to [grid name]’.)
  • Fixed #357: Crash in LLPanelPlace::onClickTeleport.


Please post your feedback in the forum thread for this build. Thanks!

A Boring Post About the Viewer Directory

You may have noticed that Imprudence has been missing from the Second Life Viewer Directory ever since Imprudence 1.3 beta 5 was released this Wednesday. We’ve received many questions about this, in the forums and elsewhere. Some people have wondered if Linden Lab removed us for being non-compliant, or if we removed ourselves as some sort of protest. Neither of these is true; the reality much more boring.

Because of the way the viewer directory is programmed, a Linden Lab employee must manually process all changes submitted to the directory. Unfortunately, until the changes are processed, the viewer disappears from the list entirely. So, when I tried to update the download links for Imprudence 1.3 beta 5, Imprudence disappeared from the list. If I had known how long the wait would be, or how much confusion it would cause, I would have posted about this earlier. But, I’ve submitted a second update to make it simply point to our Downloads page instead of directly to the files, so thankfully we won’t have to go through this again. (I’ve also filed a JIRA ticket to request that the site be improved, if you want to follow along.)

So, to be clear: Imprudence was not removed from the directory, just temporarily hidden while the new links are processed. Imprudence is still compliant with Linden Lab’s third-party viewer policy, and it’s still safe to use Imprudence to connect to Second Life. I expect Imprudence to be visible on the list again later today, or Monday at the latest.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to try out 1.3 beta 5! :)

Update June 28: Imprudence is now visible in the directory again.

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 Released

Beta 5. Say it with me, say it proud. Beta 5, woo! I’m excited :)

1.3’s come a long way, and now we’re one step closer to finalizing this version. If you’re using beta 4–particularly on an OpenSim-based grid–it’s highly recommended you upgrade to beta 5, as there are many important stability and usability fixes in this release. We’ve made a major effort to improve the OpenSim experience since beta 4.

There are a lot of changes in this release, but here are the key ones you need to know about:

  • Alpha and Tattoo Layers support.
  • LightShare (server-side WindLight) support on OpenSim.
  • OpenSim functions in the script editor.
  • A new planar texture alignment tool.
  • Tiny prim (0.001m)/unlimited megaprim support.
  • AO (Animation Overrider) loading fixes and a new toolbar tab.
  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • Many fixes for OpenSim-related bugs.
  • All the new features from the weekly releases, plus a few more!

For a full list of all the new features, changes, and known issues, read the Release Notes.


(Note: these won’t affect your weekly install.)

If you’re new to Imprudence and curious what makes us different, here is a good place to start reading.


Running this version for the first time will cause you to clear your cache. This is normal. If you get a “missing body part” error on logging in to OpenSim, this is an OpenSim bug. The workaround is to rewear your avatar’s body parts then relog.

As always, post any comments/feedback you have about this beta release in the official forum thread! Thanks!

Imprudence Weekly: no release for 06-19-10 this week

We’re working hard on getting beta5 out the door, so there will be no weekly release this week. Feel free to continue using last week’s weekly until then, and be sure to post your feedback here!

Another Week, Another Weekly! Release: 2010-06-12

Can you feel it? The next beta release getting closer? Oh yes, it is indeed ;)

This week’s weekly contains some important improvements to the radar, along with several fixes identified in last week’s weekly (thanks for all the crash logs, those who sent ’em! They helped :) ) Please remember that if you don’t see your issue touched on below, chances are it probably hasn’t changed from last week (bugs in the media system, for example). We’ll get there, but there’s only so much that can be done from week to week. Believe me, we’re working on it ;)

Anyway, changes!

New Features:

  • Added Advanced > Private Look/Point At option to disable sending Show Look At info.
  • Avatar name is shown in window title when Allow Multiple Instances is enabled.
  • Allow Multiple Instances applies when toggled, rather than requiring a relog.
  • New Button: “Titles..” in groups window to select your group title.
  • Moved several preferences around. Mute Wind is now in Audio & Video, Use Legacy Pie Menus is now in Advanced.
  • Added shortcut for creating landmarks: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-D.
  • New Button: “Invisible” in texture picker.
  • Clothing Layer Protection is now always enabled.
  • Debug Setting: UseKDUIfAvailable to select using llkdu when starting up.
  • Double-clicking names in the radar’s Estate tab now automatically cams to them.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some bad animation issues.
  • Fixed crash using the logout feature.
  • Fixed crash in Show Look At.
  • Fixed group notice history showing wrong icons for attached inventory.
  • Fixed radar spamming chat with location updates.
  • Fixed radar not showing people in the list who are in the mini-map.
  • Fixed radar showing people as continuously typing.
  • Fixed radar showing up in mouselook when minimized.
  • Fixed advanced build window Apply/Cancel buttons being switched.
  • Began updating UI labels to be more consistent.
  • HTTP textures improved for sculpties using openjpeg (but still not working correctly).
  • Fixed wearable alpha layers not being seen on other viewers.
  • Fixed “Quit” confirmation crashing the viewer after logout.
  • Fixed memory leak/crash introduced in last week’s weekly.

Known Issues:


If you’re on OpenSim, it’s recommended you use the weeklies for now until beta 5 is released, as they contain important stability and bug fixes not found in beta 4. You can install the weekly along with 1.3 beta 4 or 1.2.2 side-by-side.

As always, please post any issues/feedback you have with these test builds in the forums! Thanks!

Go go gadget weekly! Release: 2010-06-05

So far, the weeklies have been chugging along nicely. Your feedback on these test builds has been excellent. Keep it coming! The more bugs we hear about, the easier it is to fix ’em. This week’s weekly contains fixes for some well-known issues:

New Features:

  • Allow AFK option moved from Advanced > Character> Character Tests to Preferences > General.
  • Advanced > Character> Show Look At now shows names along with crosshairs. This has been a much-requested feature from Meerkat, and we’d love some feedback on whether you like it/hate it/just generally feel uneasy about it. To stop sending this information, set PrivateLookAtTarget to TRUE in the Debug Settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Infamous Wright Plaza Crash of Doom (aka the bad-textures-causing-crashes crash)! Many thanks to Nebadon and Warin on OSGrid, who found the repro for this, and Robin Cornelius for the fix.
  • Fixed menu bar sometimes disappearing/appearing corrupt on login.
  • Fix that should reduce the number of rainbow textures seen inworld.
  • Fixed inability to move avatar when left-clicking on attachments.
  • Fixed your own name being highlighted in Local Chat.
  • Fixed texture alignment accidentally missing from last week’s weekly.
  • Fixed grid manager not working if the loginuri doesn’t end in a slash (“/”).
  • Fixed confusing “opacity” sliders in Preferences > Text Chat.
  • Fixed bad indentations screwing up notification layouts.
  • Fixed certain animations not playing on OpenSim (avatar appears to be standing instead of being animated).

Known Issues:

  • Create New Tattoo/Create New Alpha buttons don’t work in the appearance editor. Create them in your inventory instead.
  • Sometimes an avatar needs a rebake in order to apply the new layers. If anyone’s able to reproduce this bug, please let us know.
  • If you see corrupt (“rainbow”) or white textures on an avatar, ask the other person to rebake or clear your cache and relog. If that doesn’t fix the issue, more than likely the sim isn’t updating their appearance correctly.
  • Teleporting might have issues on megaregions.


Please post any issues or feedback you have in the appropriate forum thread! Thanks!

Note on the mac release:

Whats different about this optional build? Well for starters this build uses the LLVM Clang compiler instead of GCC 4.0 like the normal viewer is built with. LLVM is an alternative to GCC which has been gaining in popularity over the years and has been available as a part of Xcode 3.2 which has a history of providing faster smaller binaries then GCC. More info can be found at Also, the viewer has been compiled with SSE4 enhancements for added oomf.

Do NOT use the LLVM/SSE4 version on an Intel Mac that doesn’t have SSE4 support. Most Intel Macs made in the last 3 years should have SSE4.1 or greater. If you’re unsure an easy way to find out is to download and run CPU-X from then look under the Instructions field. If you see SSE4.1 or SSE4.2 you’re golden!