Updated weekly Windows installer: 2010-05-29

This is why I love the weeklies so much! They help us identify key issues that we as viewer developers just don’t see, then we can roll out a quick fix for them. This improves the viewer experience for everybody. Many thanks to Shige on the forums for discovering an important issue with Tattoo/Alpha Layers on Windows then confirming the fix. The installer linked below should enable you to see the new layers when worn from your inventory:

Please keep using the same weekly thread for your feedback! Even though we might not respond right away, we read and keep track of everything that’s posted!


5 Responses to “Updated weekly Windows installer: 2010-05-29”

  1. Tali

    Great. I tried the alpha layers, didn’t see any effect, and, noticing it looked a little different from what I remembered from Viewer 2.0 (the sliders), thought, “I’ll look into that later”.
    In any case, it was a wonderful surprise to see the alpha feature show up. It’s one of the killer features in 2.0, so it’s great to see it ported into Imprudence.

    -The other is arguably “shared media”, but considering that LL has entirely refused to even acknowledge that there is a security issue with the plugins, I suspect people will be defensive about it, and adoption will be slow.

    But on such topics, something I have been wondering: Meshes. Does the Imprudence team know anything about the mesh support? Will it be possible to port into Imprudence as-is, or will it require 2.0? This could be a huge issue for 3rd party developers, but I have not heard any hint about which way the dominos fall.

  2. McCabe Maxsted

    It will all depend on how LL implements it, but there’s a good chance it’ll require–if nothing else–a 1.23/2.0 hybrid. I’ve heard rumor that mesh support will be in the 2.1 release of the Linden viewer, but have no way to verify that.

  3. Tali

    I bothers me that LL with the Viewer 2.0 features and now meshes are keeping people so much in the dark, leaving 3rd party developers to catch up to a *massive* headstart.
    Meshes could be a gamechanger for SL, and if they are practically impossible to backport, it could either kill them completely (with no adopters), or kill the existing 3rd party viewers. (-Though that may be LL’s plan exactly.)

    Yeah, there have been murmurs of meshes in 2.1, but then again, I think most people expected them to be in 2.0.

  4. McCabe Maxsted

    Heh, yeah, that’s typical LL behavior for you. They actually keep beta testers for new features under NDA and maintain them in a private branch. “Open development” has never been in their vocabulary. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain Lindens see killing TPVs as a plus, considering how the Lab has treated the OS community in the past.

  5. ScoobieDoo

    I dont think you have thought this through really. Of course Linden Labs wont kill TPV’s. Sorry I am not having a rant at you but trying to balance out the thinking behind your post McCabe. Even if LL arent so forthcoming about developmental ideas for their viewers it simply raises the game for the other viewers, it doesnt squash them entirely. I will digress here because, in real life, looked at one way, it would seem mother nature is trying to kill us all but looked at another way its all we have thats keeping us alive. Without Second Life and similar, very much smaller, projects there are no TPV’s to worry about, and just like humans cant call all the shots in RL, TPV devs cant expect to always be catered for by LL. Lifes a struggle to survive and then u die. Nothing is forever but it still doesnt mean LL cant take the strain of competition from TPV’s it means they have to think more and believe me they know exactly how much of a blunder they made with viewer2. I doubt as a policy LL would want to see TPV’s go simply because if emerald had not been there to take the strain of a massive blunder like viewer 2 then LL would by now be facing the biggest walkout of customers it ever thought possible. Competition is good when u own the world. It means u can make mistakes and learn from those who did better