Weekly time! Release: 2010-05-28

Another week, another weekly release, and one step closer to beta 5! Please keep in mind that the weeklies are experimental test releases, so your stability may vary. We’re hoping for a lot of good feedback this one, as it’s very much in the spirit of test releases. There have been a lot of the changes done behind-the-scenes, but also some from a user perspective. Here’s what’s new in the 2010-05-28 build:

New Features:

  • Ability to set tattoo and alpha layers for your avatar (note: see “Known Issues” below).
  • LightShare support, thanks to the people at Meta7! LightShare offers server-side support for WindLight, allowing sim owners to customize their sim’s WindLight settings or change them for individual users (note: you need to be on an OpenSim version that supports LightShare in order to use it).
  • New menu item: Advanced > Rendering > Animate Trees to toggle linden tree swaying.
  • New button: Reset all preferences to default button in Preferences > Advanced.
  • Preferences > Advanced avatar standing checkbox now also disables editing appearance animation.
  • Several changes to prevent griefers from crashing the viewer.
  • New checkbox: Preferences > Input & Camera > Disable min zoom distance. Disables the “push” when zooming in close to objects or avatars.
  • Added a –cache command line flag to change the cache location.
  • Your own nametag now uses the Imprudence color if client detection is enabled.
  • The Build Math cheat sheet buttons are now labeled “Build Math” instead of “?”.
  • Redid the Windows installer artwork.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when simulators stop responding.
  • Fixed certain animations not working on OpenSim.
  • Tooltips now take longer to show. This should be an acceptable workaround until their persistence can be fixed.
  • Fixed group creation showing the price as “GROUPCREATEFEE”.
  • Fixed inability to change parcel voice settings on 1.3 on OpenSim (note: this is a workaround for an OpenSim bug with 1.23-based viewers. Some testing on the latest OpenSim HEAD would be appreciated if anyone’s running it).
  • Fixed missing Notifications Console from Preferences > Consoles…
  • Fixed spinners in the tools window not being reset after blanked.
  • Fixed radar not showing in mouselook.

Known Issues:

  • Create New Tattoo/Create New Alpha buttons don’t work in the appearance editor. Create them in your inventory instead.
  • Sometimes an avatar needs a rebake in order to apply the new layers. If anyone’s able to reproduce this bug, please let us know.
  • If you see corrupt (“rainbow”) or white textures on an avatar, rebake, or ask the other person to rebake. If that doesn’t fix the issue, more than likely the sim isn’t updating their appearance correctly.
  • Teleporting might have issues on megaregions.
  • Sometimes the login menu is drawn over the regular menu, obscuring the status bar. The fix for this is currently being evaluated.
  • Objects with a null (aka invalid) texture can sometimes crash the viewer (or, as the bug’s known to us, the Infamous Wright Plaza Crash of Doom). Hopefully this one’ll be fixed in next week’s weekly as well.

Download Links:

Again, if you’re on OpenSim, it’s still recommended you stick to using the weeklies for the time being, as they contain many stability fixes for OpenSim not yet in the beta. As always, please give these features a runthrough and post any and all feedback on the forums! Thanks!

11 Responses to “Weekly time! Release: 2010-05-28”

  1. Garn Conover

    Hey McCabe, guess what!.. no popups after the last Weekly! lmao how long have i had those dang things now? Hopefully it stays for this one :)

  2. McCabe Maxsted

    WOOOOOO! *fingers crossed* Garn :)

  3. ARADTech

    Viewer is coming along really well guys , keep up the great work !

  4. V

    Hi, since there’s still no Mac compiler I’d like to give it a try, even though it’s gonna be tough. How do I get the source code?

  5. McCabe Maxsted

    You can find instructions here:

    Source for the weekly is currently here:

  6. Lani


    The new feature:
    [x] Disable minimum zoom distance.

    The one that disables the “push” when zooming in close to objects or avatars… works wonderfully!

    Thank you so much for being attentive to this, and for your continued enthusiastic efforts to make Imprudence a wonderful viewer!

    It has solved the problem “Give Me control of my camera!” that so many people have wanted for so long.

    Lani Global

  7. tazy

    nice :> just chat history is bugged, cant turn on save local chat.. relog.. and its disabled again

  8. McCabe Maxsted

    tazy, more than likely you crashed. The setting only persists if you quit successfully. For example, I’m sure if you login, change the setting, then restart the viewer it will be saved.

  9. Starflower

    Couldn’t build the Mac version because the library posted here is no good: reports as not a proper tarball/zip and gives some random xml instead of downloading. Tried to find the parts elsewhere and failed to get it to work. Nearly got there but not quite. Can you put an updated library here that works?

    If I get it to work once, I’d consider being a Mac compiler, depending on what you’d need me to commit to: happy to discuss.

  10. McCabe Maxsted

    Which library link is broken? There are a few known issues with mac building, but have we workarounds for those. If you have IRC, the best thing to do is join us on #imprudence on freenode.

  11. Starflower


    Like most of the other library links on the LL site too. Seems like they have been disabling them…(?)

    Not sure now whether I’m needed, since you’re doing fine as it is with Mac versions. Plus compiling viewers would mean I’d be excluded from any future OpenSim work, which I’m hoping to work towards. So far I’ve not looked at the code, so I’m ok.