New ImpDev Home, Viewer Directory, and Other News

Hi ho, Imprudence fans! We’ve got several bits of news to share, some news-er than others.

Earlier this month, we finished our OpenSim grid tour. Many thanks to 3rd Rock Grid, ReactionGrid, ScienceSim, InWorldz, and OSGrid for hosting us! It was a load of fun, and we certainly learned a lot by diving head-first into a variety of OpenSim experiences! Thanks also to the other grids who offered to host us. We need to settle down and focus on our viewer work now, but we’ll likely tour more grids in the future. :)

Speaking of settling down, one of the purposes of our tour was to find a new regular location for our weekly ImpDev meetups, what with Second Life no longer being a particularly hospitable environment for open source development, nor our primary target anymore. We’re therefore quite pleased to announce our new regular meeting place is on 3rd Rock Grid!

We have been very impressed by the close-knit friendliness of the 3RG community, and the operators’ dedication to providing a stable and reliable experience. What’s more, Thoria Millgrove of 3RG has been involved with Imprudence for many months, being a regular attendee at the ImpDev meetups. Even with all this in their favor, it was not easy choosing among the many grids! InWorldz in particular was a very strong candidate, and we hope to remain closely involved with it in the future. Like 3rd Rock Grid, InWorldz has a very friendly community, and skilled operators working to maintain a high-quality experience. If you’re looking for a community-oriented grid, these are both grids to watch.

Another bit of news, which McCabe subtly hinted at yesterday, is that Imprudence is now listed in the Second Life Viewer Directory. Although we are quite perturbed about Linden Lab’s efforts to seed uncertainty and fear of third-party viewers, and about the confusion they have created regarding which viewers are allowed, it’s simply not worth our time or effort to attempt to counter their FUD. So, rather than repeatedly explain to people that the directory is not a list of the only viewers that are allowed, we decided to apply to the directory to reassure users that Imprudence is safe to use on Second Life. Plus, it may help increase people’s awareness of our viewer and attract new users, and perhaps even expose them to the wider world of OpenSim grids.

The final news I have to share, is that I will soon be taking a brief vacation from Imprudence, most likely for two weeks. My stress level has been building up from recent events such as the Third-Party Viewer Policy ordeal, the move to OpenSim, and the rez bug in 1.3 beta 3, as well as the day-to-day chores of keeping the project running smoothly. Unfortunately, all this stress has thoroughly worn me down, and has even begun to affect my health, so it’s time for me to rest and recover. McCabe and Armin will keep things rolling with the new weeklies program, so don’t think that development will slow down just because I’m away for a while! ;)

Keep on rockin’, and see you again soon!

11 Responses to “New ImpDev Home, Viewer Directory, and Other News”

  1. Baloo Uriza

    3RG? Not OSgrid? Really? Why 3RG when OSgrid is the largest of the opensim grids?

  2. Jacek Antonelli

    @Baloo: We did give OSGrid consideration, but ultimately the size of the grid was not a significant factor in our choice. In other words, we weren’t looking for a huge grid, we were looking for a comfortable and reliable setting for our weekly gatherings.

    Addendum: That’s not to say we aren’t involved in OSGrid. On the contrary, Armin and I both frequently attend the OpenSim developers meeting in Wright Plaza, I run my own personal megaregion on OSGrid, and we’ll be running an Imprudence testing sim on OSGrid as well.

  3. Lazuli Pooraka

    Thank you for selecting 3rd Rock Grid for your new meeting location. We will do everything in our power to provide you with the the grid support you seek for your development group. We at 3RG are honored to have been selected. Thanks also to Thoria Millgrove, WhiteStar Magic, and all the 3RG team for their efforts in providing the environment that you require. We strive to maintain a stable, secure, and available grid necessary for your meeting space needs.

    We all are dedicated to supporting Imprudence developers in their efforts to maintain your position as a premier OpenSim viewer.

  4. Nebadon Izumi

    Hey were not mad at OSgrid :) there are lots of great grids out there, we are grateful that Imprudence team has selected OSgrid for the viewers default grid on startup. This was the #1 reason we stayed with Hippo viewer for so long. By having OSgrid as the default we will begin offer Imprudence viewer as our recommended viewer for the grid, this should really expand the usage of Imprudence a great deal and hopefully make for better virtual worlds for everyone. Thanks guys.

  5. Justin Clark-Casey

    Just fyi, InWorldz have chosen to pursue completely proprietary development rather than contributing back any changes to OpenSim (as detailed at Therefore, they can’t really be considered an OpenSim grid and any viewer improvements made for InWorldz are less likely to benefit the OpenSim community.

  6. Elenia Llewellyn

    @Jacek: Enjoy your vacation! I too am in desperate need of one, but I have a ways to wait yet it seems! It was great having the Imprudence team visit us, and we look forward to still working with the team in the future!

    @Justin: I understand the frustration it must cause you to not comprehend InWorldz non-submission back to OpenSimulator. But I can assure we have very good reason for it, having to do with OS itself. That being said, I would think it would behoove you personally, and OS as a whole, to rather than harping on the point of our forking away from OS, of rather showing off what CAN be done with the base OS code when time and dedication are put to fixing core issues and desires of residents. Have a good day.

  7. Zauber Paracelsus

    JustinCC, if you and the other OpenSimulator developers are so concerned about others doing their own development and not contributing their code back to the project, then why don’t you guys just drop the BSD license and switch to the Affero GPL?

    I can see one immediate advantage: you’ll be able to drop that policy of “you cannot contribute code if you’ve looked at the Second Life viewer sources within the past 6 months.”

    Being able to drop that policy would remove some of the headaches associated with opensimulator’s development.

  8. Jacek Antonelli

    Let’s not get into OpenSim licensing and contribution disagreements here. It may be beneficial to have a discussion about that sometime, but blog comments are not a good place for that. :)

  9. Zauber Paracelsus

    I agree. No need for drama :-)

  10. Legion Hienrichs


    Thank you for making InWorldz one of your stops. We enjoyed having you visit, and hopefully you will come back to visit us in the future.

    Our intention is to not to be incompatible with Second Life. As long as Imprudence continues to support Second Life, it will continue to function with InWorldz.

  11. Justin Clark-Casey

    I have no problem if people want to do proprietary feature development on top of OpenSim – that’s one of the reasons why it’s BSD licensed after all. But I think that it’s a short-sighted attitude not to share core fixes with the community that gave you the 500,000 line codebase that you’re working from in the first place.

    Still, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour. Any expansion of the virtual world/environment space is welcome – we’re far better off trying to grow the pie for everybody rather than stealing scraps off each other. And I welcome constructive criticism of OpenSim, though not the petty trash-talking that I’ve seen from some corners in the past.