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Updated weekly Windows installer: 2010-05-29

This is why I love the weeklies so much! They help us identify key issues that we as viewer developers just don’t see, then we can roll out a quick fix for them. This improves the viewer experience for everybody. Many thanks to Shige on the forums for discovering an important issue with Tattoo/Alpha Layers on Windows then confirming the fix. The installer linked below should enable you to see the new layers when worn from your inventory:

Please keep using the same weekly thread for your feedback! Even though we might not respond right away, we read and keep track of everything that’s posted!

Weekly time! Release: 2010-05-28

Another week, another weekly release, and one step closer to beta 5! Please keep in mind that the weeklies are experimental test releases, so your stability may vary. We’re hoping for a lot of good feedback this one, as it’s very much in the spirit of test releases. There have been a lot of the changes done behind-the-scenes, but also some from a user perspective. Here’s what’s new in the 2010-05-28 build:

New Features:

  • Ability to set tattoo and alpha layers for your avatar (note: see “Known Issues” below).
  • LightShare support, thanks to the people at Meta7! LightShare offers server-side support for WindLight, allowing sim owners to customize their sim’s WindLight settings or change them for individual users (note: you need to be on an OpenSim version that supports LightShare in order to use it).
  • New menu item: Advanced > Rendering > Animate Trees to toggle linden tree swaying.
  • New button: Reset all preferences to default button in Preferences > Advanced.
  • Preferences > Advanced avatar standing checkbox now also disables editing appearance animation.
  • Several changes to prevent griefers from crashing the viewer.
  • New checkbox: Preferences > Input & Camera > Disable min zoom distance. Disables the “push” when zooming in close to objects or avatars.
  • Added a –cache command line flag to change the cache location.
  • Your own nametag now uses the Imprudence color if client detection is enabled.
  • The Build Math cheat sheet buttons are now labeled “Build Math” instead of “?”.
  • Redid the Windows installer artwork.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when simulators stop responding.
  • Fixed certain animations not working on OpenSim.
  • Tooltips now take longer to show. This should be an acceptable workaround until their persistence can be fixed.
  • Fixed group creation showing the price as “GROUPCREATEFEE”.
  • Fixed inability to change parcel voice settings on 1.3 on OpenSim (note: this is a workaround for an OpenSim bug with 1.23-based viewers. Some testing on the latest OpenSim HEAD would be appreciated if anyone’s running it).
  • Fixed missing Notifications Console from Preferences > Consoles…
  • Fixed spinners in the tools window not being reset after blanked.
  • Fixed radar not showing in mouselook.

Known Issues:

  • Create New Tattoo/Create New Alpha buttons don’t work in the appearance editor. Create them in your inventory instead.
  • Sometimes an avatar needs a rebake in order to apply the new layers. If anyone’s able to reproduce this bug, please let us know.
  • If you see corrupt (“rainbow”) or white textures on an avatar, rebake, or ask the other person to rebake. If that doesn’t fix the issue, more than likely the sim isn’t updating their appearance correctly.
  • Teleporting might have issues on megaregions.
  • Sometimes the login menu is drawn over the regular menu, obscuring the status bar. The fix for this is currently being evaluated.
  • Objects with a null (aka invalid) texture can sometimes crash the viewer (or, as the bug’s known to us, the Infamous Wright Plaza Crash of Doom). Hopefully this one’ll be fixed in next week’s weekly as well.

Download Links:

Again, if you’re on OpenSim, it’s still recommended you stick to using the weeklies for the time being, as they contain many stability fixes for OpenSim not yet in the beta. As always, please give these features a runthrough and post any and all feedback on the forums! Thanks!

Fixed Linux binaries for this week’s weekly

For those of you who’ve had issues with this week’s weekly for Linux, new binaries have been uploaded that should fix the issue. Please give them a try and let us know in the forums:


New ImpDev Home, Viewer Directory, and Other News

Hi ho, Imprudence fans! We’ve got several bits of news to share, some news-er than others.

Earlier this month, we finished our OpenSim grid tour. Many thanks to 3rd Rock Grid, ReactionGrid, ScienceSim, InWorldz, and OSGrid for hosting us! It was a load of fun, and we certainly learned a lot by diving head-first into a variety of OpenSim experiences! Thanks also to the other grids who offered to host us. We need to settle down and focus on our viewer work now, but we’ll likely tour more grids in the future. :)

Speaking of settling down, one of the purposes of our tour was to find a new regular location for our weekly ImpDev meetups, what with Second Life no longer being a particularly hospitable environment for open source development, nor our primary target anymore. We’re therefore quite pleased to announce our new regular meeting place is on 3rd Rock Grid!

We have been very impressed by the close-knit friendliness of the 3RG community, and the operators’ dedication to providing a stable and reliable experience. What’s more, Thoria Millgrove of 3RG has been involved with Imprudence for many months, being a regular attendee at the ImpDev meetups. Even with all this in their favor, it was not easy choosing among the many grids! InWorldz in particular was a very strong candidate, and we hope to remain closely involved with it in the future. Like 3rd Rock Grid, InWorldz has a very friendly community, and skilled operators working to maintain a high-quality experience. If you’re looking for a community-oriented grid, these are both grids to watch.

Another bit of news, which McCabe subtly hinted at yesterday, is that Imprudence is now listed in the Second Life Viewer Directory. Although we are quite perturbed about Linden Lab’s efforts to seed uncertainty and fear of third-party viewers, and about the confusion they have created regarding which viewers are allowed, it’s simply not worth our time or effort to attempt to counter their FUD. So, rather than repeatedly explain to people that the directory is not a list of the only viewers that are allowed, we decided to apply to the directory to reassure users that Imprudence is safe to use on Second Life. Plus, it may help increase people’s awareness of our viewer and attract new users, and perhaps even expose them to the wider world of OpenSim grids.

The final news I have to share, is that I will soon be taking a brief vacation from Imprudence, most likely for two weeks. My stress level has been building up from recent events such as the Third-Party Viewer Policy ordeal, the move to OpenSim, and the rez bug in 1.3 beta 3, as well as the day-to-day chores of keeping the project running smoothly. Unfortunately, all this stress has thoroughly worn me down, and has even begun to affect my health, so it’s time for me to rest and recover. McCabe and Armin will keep things rolling with the new weeklies program, so don’t think that development will slow down just because I’m away for a while! ;)

Keep on rockin’, and see you again soon!

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-05-21

Has it been a week already? Wow, time’s flown! Time for another weekly release from the Imprudence Developers ;) Due to the feedback from last week’s weekly, if you’re an OpenSim user you’re strongly encouraged to start using the weeklies. The stability changes have made a noticeable difference. Now then, what’s in the release for this week:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashing when creating/renaming/switching to certain windlight presets.
  • Fixed the login screen sometimes stuck on “Connecting to Region…” while logging onto OpenSim.
  • Fixed some issues with the default camera behaving oddly on OpenSim. Note that the camera is a mix of viewer and server components. For example, OpenSim has a bug where, while sitting on an object, the correct camera position defaults to the root prim rather than the prim on which you’re sitting. Second Life doesn’t have this problem.
  • Fixed certain viewers being identified incorrectly.
  • Fixed “currently online” in the profile.
  • Fixed preferences > input> autopilot > move.
  • Windows: fixed the weekly overriding the default install (now installs to a unique folder with a unique shortcut).
  • Linux: should find the correct version of openjpeg in install.xml now, if you like to build from source.

New features:

  • Tiny/nano prims (prims 0.001m x 0.001 m x0.001m small) are now supported on OpenSim by default.
  • Texturing changes in the build window: you can now align a single texture across multiple prims using the new “Align textures” checkbox, and use texture repeats higher than 100.
  • Added OpenSim Scripting Language functions to the script editor (os* functions).
  • Linux: option to install voice components along with the viewer (we’re working on the other platforms).

Known issues:

Download Imprudence 1.3.0 weekly 2010-05-21:

As usual, please give these features/fixes a thorough run-through and post any and all feedback in the forum thread :) Thanks!

EDIT: If you’ve had trouble with Linux, the new binaries linked above should fix your issue.

New 64-bit Linux Builds for 1.2.2 and 1.3.0 beta 4

Armin has prepared new 64-bit Linux builds for Imprudence 1.2.2 and 1.3.0 beta 4. These new builds fix a startup crash related to a GLIB header, so if you’re using 64-bit Linux and the viewer crashes at startup (sometimes or always), you should definitely download the new builds!

Many thanks to makomk in the forums for pointing the way to the fix for this issue! :)

Introducing Imprudence Weeklies

I’m happy to introduce a new project of ours: Imprudence Weeklies. These are releases that will come out about once a week and include the latest features and fixes in the Imprudence Viewer. Hopefully these will provide important feedback for us so that bugs like the one in 1.3 beta3 will be caught far earlier, as well as be a resource for those who enjoy using Imprudence but want to stay on the bleeding edge.

This week’s weekly contains mostly OpenSim stability fixes, in particular fixes for problems caused by corrupt assets:

  • The viewer should no longer crash when entering Wright Plaza, or when encountering corrupt textures in builds.
  • Avatars that try to bake corrupt textures no longer “flash” invisible/rainbow ad infinitum (corrupt avatars will still need to rebake to fix this, though).
  • Includes a new version of openjpeg that should hopefully be more stable on OpenSims like LBSA Plaza.

Also, some UI changes:

  • The mini-map radar now has a “TP to” button to teleport to someone’s location.
  • International shortcuts should now work on macs.
  • A couple of UI tweaks here and there.

Note that these are test builds and we won’t be publishing release notes for weeklies (read the included ChangeLog for a full list of changes). As such, they come with no guarantees other than they worked for us.

Download the Imprudence 1.3.0 weekly for 2010-05-14:

Please post any bugs or other issues you have here on the forums (but try clearing your cache and relogging first!).

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 4 Released

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 4 is a critical fix for the serious bug that was discovered in version 1.3.0 beta 3. If you are using beta 3, you should definitely upgrade to beta 4.

We’ve worked around the clock since the issue was discovered, but there does not seem to be any clean fix in sight. The viewer simply isn’t given enough information from the sim to reliably tell the difference between a new prim and an object rezzed from inventory. To the viewer, they’re both just objects suddenly appearing. The feature seems to work correctly on OpenSim only due to a slight difference in the message OpenSim sends to the viewer, but if that behavior changed in the future, OpenSim users might also be affected by the bug.

Of course, there are a number of tricks we could use to try to tell the difference between a new prim and a rezzed inventory object, but none are reliable. They would just be educated guesses, susceptible to false positives, which could cause considerable frustration for users. So we have decided to remove the buggy feature entirely until we can find a proper solution and thoroughly test it.

That means that in this release, you cannot choose default object status (physical, phantom, temporary, material) or texture settings (including color, etc.) for new prims, nor automatically embed an inventory item in new prims. However, we have left in the ability to change the default prim size, since that feature is implemented in a different, reliable way. The rest of the Advanced Build Options are also still there, including the pivot point and land group settings.

Besides removing the buggy feature described above, we’ve fixed a small problem with the “Show Selection Outlines” checkbox, and reverted a change that might have had negative side effects for private voice conversations. See the 1.3.0 beta 4 release notes for details.

Other than the changes mentioned above, this release is the same as 1.3.0 beta 3, so you should be sure to read the release notes for beta 3.

Thank you for your patience, and please continue to post your feedback and bug reports in the forums.

Warning: Serious bug in 1.3.0 beta 3 on Second Life

A user has reported a serious bug which affects users connected to Second Life with Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 3.

If you are using Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 3 while connected to Second Life, avoid rezzing objects from your inventory while the Build window is open, especially no-copy objects! Doing so will cause the custom texture settings from the Advanced Build Options to be applied to the object, even if you have not changed any of the Advanced Build Options. Rezzing no-copy items with the Build window open may permanently ruin the item’s textures!

The issue does not occur when rezzing objects while the Build window is not open. So, be sure to close the Build window before rezzing objects from your inventory.

The issue does not seem to occur while connected to OpenSim, but OpenSim users should still be cautious until they have determined whether this bug affects them.

We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible. We have removed the downloads for 1.3.0 beta 3 while we fix the issue.

Update: Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 4 has been released, which addresses this bug. If you are using beta 3, you should definitely upgrade.

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 3 Released

Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 3 is now available for download! Please try out this test version and give us feedback in the forums.

Version 1.3.0 beta 3 adds many new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Improved OpenSim support. Support for up to 100 groups, 99% hollow prims, 1% hole size, megaprims up to 256m in size, and prim Z position up to 10km, --grid command line flag, non-web based group search, and more.
  • Built-in Animation Overrider (View > AO, Ctrl-Shift-O). We’ve ported Emerald’s build-in animation overrider, and cleaned it up a bit, too. See the Animation Overrider page for details.
  • IM Autoresponse (Prefences > Communication > IM Response Options). Another popular feature ported from Emerald. The viewer can now perform a variety of actions when you receive an Instant Message, such as sending a response automatically.
  • Tools > Advanced Build Options (Ctrl-Shift-B). The old “Grid Options” window has a bunch of great new options and features to help builders. See the Advanced Build Options page for details.
  • Tons of other cool stuff. Read the release notes for the full details! Seriously, read them. Don’t make me smack you! :P

Also, like version 1.2.2, this version will no longer download textures as part of the object export process when connected to Second Life. When connected to grids other than Second Life, the object export tool behaves the same as before. We believe this new version to be compliant with the Second Life Policy on Third-Party Viewers, and therefore safe to use with Second Life.

(Please be aware that Imprudence versions 1.2.0, 1.2.1, 1.3.0 beta 1, and 1.3.0 beta 2 are not compliant with the new policy and therefore should not be used to connect to Second Life.)

Also, the Mac version is now compiled with SSE3 optimization, so you should see significantly better performance on Mac than previous releases! We aren’t aware of any Intel Macs that do not support SSE3, so this should be safe and stable for all Intel Mac users.

As always, please post your feedback — good or bad — in the forums! We rely on your feedback to improve Imprudence!