ImpDev OpenSim grid tour dates

I mentioned in my previous post that we’ll be relocating our ImpDev developer meetups to a new location on an OpenSim-based grid.

Before we settle on a new home, though, we’re taking a tour of a variety of OpenSim-base grids, hosting our meetup on a different grid each week throughout April and early May! Fun! :D

Here are the dates and locations scheduled for the tour. Each meetup starts at 19:00 UTC (noon PDT) and lasts for an hour or so.

Many thanks to all these grids for offering to host us — it’s really fun to see first hand the variety of grids available these days! We’ll probably take more tours in the future, as there are even more grids out there.

Meetup reminders and exact locations (region name and coordinates) are sent to the ImpDev mailing list. If you’re interested in attending the meetups, I recommend subscribing to the list.

P.S. Sorry for not posting this sooner. I meant to include it as part of a larger post about our plans for the future, but things have been hectic lately. That post will be published within the next few days, but I wanted to get this announcement out sooner than that.

3 Responses to “ImpDev OpenSim grid tour dates”

  1. LaeMing

    Can’t make a meet-up. :-(

    But here is a link to my ridiculously long feature wishlist for post-SL ;-D

    Feel free to explore the site. It is pretty basic but has a lot of screenshots from my experimental sim. All built in the Imprudence Viewer too!

  2. Olish Newman

    Hi Imprudence team, and developpers,

    I am from the New World Grid team. We would be glad to host an ImpDev developper meetup if you wish, anytime. Feel free to contact us at olish [at] newworldgrid [dot] com

    Kind regards,

    Olish Newman.

  3. LaeMing

    Went through my old SL JIRA requests and now

    is even /more/ ridiculously long :-D