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By: Jacek Antonelli Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:17:58 +0000 @Edward: You are mistaken. We haven’t made any demands of Linden Lab. We understand their motivations, and we don’t dispute their right to set the rules for what connects to their grid.

But just as they are free to set the rules, we are free to reject those rules and go elsewhere. This blog post was an announcement to inform our users of the situation, our decision, the reasons for our decision, and the effects it will have.

As for “taking on their policy team head-to-head”: we and many other developers have been involved in discussions with Joe Linden over the past few weeks. Those discussions have led to changes to the policy that make it less objectionable. I’ll be posting an update here on the blog today or tomorrow to explain the new situation.

By: Edward Cullen Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:13:53 +0000 And so, Linden Labs has to accept your demands to cease control over what people connect to their grid with?
See it from their point of view. Unless they do something they will face litigation from content creators and law suits filed for failure to provide reasonable privacy to users and their data. You cant have it both ways. You cant have lindens cake and eat it. Either you are on their grid or go mak your own. stop being whiney about this and go actually make a difference by taking on their policy team head-to-head in some forum that matters

By: Tali Wed, 21 Apr 2010 21:33:55 +0000 Apparently, LL silently changed some of the wording recently (yesterday?).
I don’t know if it changes anything; goodwill and trust has certainly been damaged badly, and there are still potential problems, but at the very least, it makes your deeplinking to the TPV in your comments on the specific clauses misleading, since it no longer links to what you originally commented on.

By: Boy Lane Thu, 08 Apr 2010 17:47:15 +0000 The Status of the Community
FRIDAY, 9. APRIL 2010, 01:35:12

As the commencement date of LL’s third party viewer policy comes closer to our turf I’d like to keep you on track with developments. As of today the status, still 3 weeks to go until the deadline.

Viewers stopped development for Secondlife:
Imprudence (full)
RealXtend (full)
Luna (full)

Viewers stopped development:
Nicholaz (full)
Rainbow/Cool (full)

Viewers partly ceased/unsure:
OMV, some code removed (full/text)
Emerald, no statement (full)
Marine’s RLV, no statement (full)
Radegast (text) (?)

Viewers continuing and self certified to TPV:
KirstenLee (full)
MetaBolt (text)
Mobile Grid Client (text)

Viewers continuing without viewer directory listing:
Cool VL (full)

*(full) refers to a graphical viewer, (text) refers to a text client

By: Soto Tue, 06 Apr 2010 21:50:39 +0000

By: Ella Mon, 05 Apr 2010 12:35:30 +0000 Personally i do not see what the fuss is all about. Respect to the Inprudence team for having made this decision, but yes it was the best one to make. So i de say, comply to LL’s conditions or just move on. I cannot blame them for wanting to still be masters of thier empire, or for trying to make TPV risk free for content creators

By: Blanche Fri, 02 Apr 2010 22:45:20 +0000 I am so saddened by this news.

I dislike viewer 2, Emerald lags the bejeezus out of me (and isn’t all it’s cracked up to be imho)and I LOOOOOVVVE Imprudence, even tho’ it makes me crash 2-3 times a session…it is something I can live with for the benefits the viewer brings.

Thank you to all the Imprudence team for building pretty much the best viewer on SL – I’ll keep using Imprudence till they ban me for it, then I’ll have to get my hit somewhere else.


By: Matthias Fri, 02 Apr 2010 14:44:38 +0000 Imprudence is far-and-away my viewer of choice, and I am now spoiled for any other viewer.

I will continue to use it on Second Life. Bollocks to the TPV if it’s going to make my life more difficult.

(please don’t make it *too* difficult to set Imprudence to connect to the labs’ grid…)

By: Breen Whitman Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:36:56 +0000 “Funny thing here, KLee “self-certified” even before the current TPV version was published.”

Yes. “Funny” is the key word here.

Is KL a Linden mole for shadow and other feature testing. Snowglobe is restricted due to its official ties.