Imprudence 1.3 beta 1 Released

Oh look, Imprudence 1.3 beta 1 is now available! And just as I happened to be writing up this blog post to announce it, too. What a fortuitous coincidence!

There’s still a sizable chunk of work to be done before the final 1.3 release, but we’ve made a lot of progress, and we wanted to give you all something fresh to play with. :D

One of the major focuses of Imprudence 1.3 has been to bring Imprudence up to date with SL 1.23. In addition to gaining the features and improvements from that feature, updating makes it considerably easier to port features and changes from other viewers. The update has been a big effort, and there are still some issues left to fix, but the dust is finally settling. My sincere thanks to everyone who has given us feedback about the 1.3 merge test build. You guys rock!

The other big news with this release is that we have incorporated the texture and object engine improvements from Snowglobe. You should notice significantly faster rezzing of textures and objects than in Imprudence 1.2!

Also in 1.3, you can now choose a legacy pie menu layout that’s quite similar to the layout used in SL 1.22 and earlier. Just turn on “Preferences > General > Use legacy pie menus” and off you go! This should be a big help to users who have the old layout ingrained from years and years of use.

Beta 1 also includes client identification and clothing layer protection, several smaller improvements, plus plenty of bug fixes, so be sure to check out the release notes for the full details. (If you used the test build, you’ll notice a great many bugs have been fixed from that as well, although we didn’t list them in the release notes.)

There’s still plenty of work left before we’re done with 1.3, but we hope you’ll enjoy the current progress! :)

Remember: We rely on your feedback to help improve Imprudence, so please post in the forums or leave a comment here on the blog. We want to hear from you, no matter whether your experience is positive or negative!


6 Responses to “Imprudence 1.3 beta 1 Released”

  1. Ara

    Nice festures, but i has not be able to run it properly on windows vista 32 bits. Neither the regular win version or the optimized one.

  2. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Yay! Congrats :)

    Now it’s time to add Imprudence to the Third-Party Viewer Directory and, of course, start working on the difficult task of adding the SL 2.0 features to it ;)

  3. Boy Lane

    “Now it’s time to add Imprudence to the Third-Party Viewer Directory”
    Hmmm….to expose yourself to a can of worms of RL threats? Perhaps you haven’t seen it but LL already made the RL details of Kirsten’s and Metabolt available to the whole world. I don’t want anyone to know where my children go to school.

  4. Chuck Baggett

    Regarding “LL already made the RL details of Kirsten’s and Metabolt ” – is that true?

  5. Jacek Antonelli

    @Chuck: Yes, the RL name, address, etc. of KirstenLee and the METAbolt developer were visible on the directory site for at least a day, I believe. (I saw them myself, but don’t know exactly how long they were visible.) The address is now hidden, but RL name and country are still shown. To be listed in the directory, you must provide your legal name and address (including city and country) and must agree that Linden Lab may publish that information.

  6. Boy Lane

    LL posted the complete personal details of KLee and the Metabolt dev for about a day or so. People started to got concerned about it and someone in Teh Labratory pressed the emergency button.

    That was not an unplanned incident in hectic processing as the listing of KLee (and I know that from a direct source) was approved a couple of days in advance. Clearly one hand in LL does not know what the other does *again* as it was pointed out in the mailing list that private details were not to be published. Still they did. And there is not a single Linden who works on the viewer or anything else and needs to publish her or his RL name or address. I’d call that scary at best.