Imprudence News (January 30)

Hi ho, friends! It’s time for another status update from the Imprudence team!

January has been somewhat of a slow month in terms of viewer development, due to RL obligations for Armin and McCabe, and myself feeling a bit under the weather. Even so, we have been making progress on Imprudence 1.3, fixing the issues you guys reported from our 1.3 merge test build. I want to send out a heartfelt “Thank you!” to everyone who tried out the test build and reported issues in the forums and comments. You guys really came through for us, identifying a wide range of issues for us to fix. We really appreciate your assistance and feedback! :)

The other bit of news is that in-world “Imprudence Viewer” groups are now open in both Second Life and OSGrid! If you have a group slot available, joining the group is a great way to show that you love Imprudence, and to support us by raising awareness of the viewer. The groups have a variety of fun group titles, including “\m/ Imprudence \m/”, “Imprudence Rocks!”, and the oh-so-tasteful “I do it Imprudently”. ;) To join the group, do a “People” search for me (Jacek Antonelli), then find the group in my groups list. (Alas, Imprudence’s group search does not yet work in OSGrid.)

That’s all the news for now. We’ll continue to post updates as we make progress on Imprudence 1.3. Ta ta!

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