Imprudence 1.3 Merge Test Build

The Imprudence 1.3 merge test build is now available for testing.

Please be aware that this is not 1.3 final. It’s not even a preview or a beta: it is a test build. It does not have most of the new features we will be adding for Imprudence 1.3, and it may be buggy. If you download it, consider it your duty to tell us how well it works for you!

The purpose of the test build is simply to confirm that Imprudence still works as expected after merging the Second Life 1.23 source. It should have all the features of Imprudence 1.2, plus the changes from Second Life 1.23. If anything from Imprudence 1.2 or Second Life 1.23 is missing or broken, please tell us about it. (However, experimental shadow support is “use at your own risk”. If it doesn’t work for you, or makes the viewer crash, or messes up your snapshots, or eats your cat, don’t bother reporting that. Well, maybe report the cat thing.)

The test build also includes a few extra improvements that we have made already:

  • “Use legacy pie menus” option in Preferences > General (about 1/3 of the way down the window). This option changes the pie menus to resemble the pie menus of Second Life 1.22 and earlier. No viewer restart is necessary, just turn it on.
  • There are a few improvements to the Profile window. You can now drag-and-drop items anywhere on the profile window to send it to that person (in 1.2, you could only drag to the box in the bottom right corner). There is also a new “Copy Key” button to copy that person’s UUID to your clipboard, so you can paste it into scripts and such.
  • The script editor has a new menu item, “Help > Launch Autoscript…”, which will load the awesome Autoscript web tool in the web browser.

Remember: If you try it out, tell us how well it works for you! If you don’t give us feedback, we’ll have to spank you. And not in the fun way, either. :P


  • Linux (32 bit) (md5sum: 6fa04ef13d88e393737e20e9a431f3a8)
  • Linux (64 bit) (md5sum: 6a68d71ccaca940d7c64ce1d71edfabd)
  • Mac (Intel only) [Updated January 4, 6PM SLT.] (md5sum: 260bbd868ae517563264993300ece2c4)
  • Windows (md5sum: 9b7bf948b7b572252020569ec35c23ad)

P.S. Did I mention that you should tell us how well it works for you?

10 Responses to “Imprudence 1.3 Merge Test Build”

  1. Dell

    Ok here is some feedback.

    running on OS X 10.6.2 on a early 2009 Intel mac mini with NVIDIA GeForce 9400 and 4GB RAM

    Logged into Opensim and discovered to my surprise that when crossing regions (sims) that the flash of white which was in the previous viewer is gone! First improvement!

  2. Dell

    Should mention I’m running OpenSim 0.6.8 in standalone mode

  3. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Woo hoo :) Thanks for doing this, Jacek :))

    So hmm here’s my feedback running OS X 10.5.8, old 2007 iMac with ATI Radeon X1600 and 128MB of VRAM…

    1) When turning on the vertical IM tabs, the text at the top saying “Drag and drop inventory here to send” is half-covered by the “Profile” and “Offer Teleport” buttons. This is because I have a relatively small window.

    2) Shadows work! Well… almost. I see the new lighting system entering in full force (bye bye performance hehe ) but the shadows on the ground from avatars are actually not drawn. The usual flickering I get from LL’s code (which is common for me to all viewers) also happens, and, with a lot of dithering, object’s edges get some “shadowy” details, but not “true shadows”. Still, it’s doing something.

    3) After turning off RenderingDeferred, for some reason, the “box” behing the avatar’s title & name disappears (or, well, gets full transparent and I can’t get it back) and apparently the typing animation is gone? (I tried to find the equivalent setting to bring it back on).

    4) The “help text” on the chat box at the bottom (“Press Enter to say…”) is unusually sticky and almost always covers the chat box itself. Often it doesn’t go away. Now this often happens in most viewers I use. It just felt even more stickier than usual.

    5) I wish that someone figured out why you can’t save the “Texture Memory (MB)” (from Preferences > Graphics > Hardware Settings) setting between sessions on a Mac :( This is not an Imprudence bug, almost all viewers I’ve tried have the same problem.

    Performance seems to be slightly improved — my reference is Snowglobe, which has way higher performance due to the way it handles a lot of things differently, of course, and thus unfair as a comparison…

  4. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    All righty, some extra feedback…

    After having “lost” the background of the title & name tag, I can’t get it back, lol. I’m trying to remember which option changes that :)

    The typing anim seems also to be gone… forever. The latest Snowglobe versions have a patch to add it as an option on Preferences. Fortunately, you can set it again from the Admin > Debug Settings (“PlayTypingAnim” to TRUE). However, once in a while, it gets turned to FALSE again. I suspect that it comes from entering Preferences (so it would indicate that for some reason, when pressing “Apply”, it sets PlayTypingAnim to FALSE for some reason)… but I was unable to reproduce it.

    There are still a lot of functions I haven’t tried out yet :) but I’ll try to keep you guys posted…

  5. Andrew Youngs

    Have the 32-bit linux version running under gOS just fine. Cheers again on a fine piece of work.

  6. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Ok, it seems that the Typing Animation gets reset to FALSE when going to Preferences. I believe this is now reproducible as a bug!

    Might that happen because the latest versions of SL have a checkbox for the Typing Animation on the Preferences (and thus all associated code to handle setting it to true/false) but Imprudence doesn’t add that option to Preferences, while still keeping the associated code? It’s just a wild idea, i haven’t checked….

  7. Dahlia Trimble

    Something I noticed in the 1.2.0 Imprudence and the latest Meerkat, and still exists in this Imprudence: when teleporting from one region to another on OSGrid, one which is somewhat distant but still within the normal 4096 region teleport distance, upon arriving the deepest parts of the terrain do not rez, some objects do not rez, and the water is missing. Other viewers such as Hippo, Snowglobe, Emerald, and the LL viewer are able to display the same scene properly when the same teleport is tried.

  8. Zauber Exonar

    I’ve noticed the same thing that Gwyneth has, and it is pretty annoying. I had thought it was a deliberate change, but I guess not.

    Other than that, The merge test build for 64bit Linux works very well. Runs with very good performance and stability on my system.

  9. McCabe Maxsted

    @Gwyneth: you were right about the typing animation bug being caused by opening the preferences. Part of the Preferences > Chat tab wasn’t merged correctly, which caused certain missing options to be set to false when the window was opened. One of those was the typing animation checkbox.

    For anyone who wants to fix the nametags in the meantime, the workaround is to delete your settings_imprudence.xml file.

  10. Averix Ishmene

    Running quad core intel @2.5ghz, 6gb mem, geforce GT8800 on Win7.

    First thing I noticed about this build, I couldn’t get RLVa to work no matter what, but works first time for me on this build (biiiiiiiig plus for me)

    On the downside though, it seems to run around 50% slower on the FPS side of things. Same settings, jut 50% slower