Imprudence News (December 30)

Greetings all, and happy (soon to be) new year! I thought I’d take a moment to update you all on the current goings-on of Imprudence.

The first bit of news is that Armin has been working on compiling Imprudence for 64-bit Linux. He has made good progress, and we hope to be able to offer 64-bit Linux versions in future releases. He needs some more testers to try it out and give him feedback, so if you’d like to run Imprudence on your 64-bit Linux box, have a look in the forums!

The second bit of news is that starting in 1.3 we will be offering an option to use an alternative pie menu layout that is similar to the menus in SL 1.22 and earlier, but with a few new menu items for features SL doesn’t have. We believe that our current pie menu layout is more self-consistent and easier to learn than SL’s layout, but we understand that a new layout can be a significant source of frustration for users who have the old layout ingrained from years of use. (In other words, it can be annoying as hell until you get used to it.) We haven’t yet decided which layout will be the default, but you will definitely be able to choose which one you want.

The third bit of news is that we will be having a competition or commission to create new viewer skins for Imprudence. We’re looking for a well designed skin to give Imprudence its own look and feel. Being an open source volunteer project, we don’t have a lot of cash to throw around, but there will be modest cash prizes for the selected skin(s). More details to come.

The final bit of news is that we’re planning to release some early test builds this weekend. We’ve been working on rebasing Imprudence to the SL 1.23.5 source, which will bring full support for “Adult” areas and search results and many other enhancements to Imprudence, including experimental shadow support.

Straylight with Shadows

The test builds are essentially Imprudence 1.2 + SL 1.23, so they won’t have the other awesome new stuff we’ll be adding in 1.3, like font controls, jiggly boobs, built-in animation overrider, or prim import/export as HPA. We’re still working on all that stuff. But while we’re doing that, we need you guys to doubly-triply-quadruply check that all the current stuff still works right and that we haven’t missed anything!

We should have the Imprudence “1.2 and a half” test builds out this weekend. Stay tuned to this blog for that announcement.

6 Responses to “Imprudence News (December 30)”

  1. Garn Conover

    yay shadows!

  2. wizard gynoid

    how do i report a bug? avies show up on my minimap radar as if they are close by (22.8 meters underground) and in fact they are very high in the sky overhead. i have screenshots that demonstrate that in comparison to the MystiTools radar.

  3. Garn Conover

    Wizard that is a LL bug and has been around since the new build heights have been introduced

  4. Mm Alder

    I was able to build the 1.3 version from source on Windows XP using VS2005 Express, but when I run it, I get

    “Imprudence : imprudence-bin.exe – Unable To locate Component”

    “The application has failed to start because libpng12-0.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

    The log file indicates this has something to do with the gstreamer plugin. There’s no libpng*.dll anywhere. The viewer continues to run, thought, when the message is dismissed.

  5. Gaga Gracious

    I have 1.2 work great, smooth and stable but, but, but,,,
    I don’t see support for Hypergrid teleporting. I have been using MeerKat for that but it crashes a lot. Will there be support for Hypergrid TP in Imprudence or am I missing something?

  6. DilSpi

    /me loves You viewer, it is sooth and i get less TP errors Yeah!
    But missing the high-res-snapshoot from advanced menu a bit

    Dil :)

    Thank You!