Imprudence 1.2 Released

After many months of development, we’re extremely pleased to say that Imprudence 1.2 is finally available!

If you’re new to Imprudence, you should know that the purpose of the project is to improve the viewer’s usability: to clean up the UI, add new tools that make the viewer more useful, and make a more satisfying viewer experience. Part of that process involves making changes to the UI, which can cause some temporary confusion if you’re expecting the UI to be the same as the UI of other viewers. So be aware: the UI is not entirely the same! Give it time, and we’re sure it will grow on you. If you can’t find something in the UI, just ask in the forums.

Imprudence 1.2 adds many new features, fixes, and improvements to the viewer experience. Here are a just few of the new features and improvements since Imprudence 1.1:

  • Backup your builds, your scripts, and your avatar’s shape. If you created it, you have the right to back it up or move it to a different grid. (See Content Backup for more info).
  • Double-click Teleport and Autopilot. We’ve taken the popular double-click teleport feature and improved upon it. The default behavior can now be set in Preferences > Input & Camera. We’ve also added an ignorable confirmation dialog to reduce the chance of accidental teleportations.
  • Improved minimap with built-in radar. The minimap now has enhanced zooming and panning, a built-in avatar radar to see who is nearby, plus optional chat notices when avatars enter or leave chat range or the sim. (Enable minimap notify in Preferences > General.)
  • Improved OpenSim support. We’ve added a list of popular grids to connect to, as well as a grid manager so you can add your own. You can also enjoy many building benefits when using OpenSim, such as the ability to build and edit prims larger than 10m on a side!
  • Restrained Life support. Thanks to RLVa by Kitty Barnett, Imprudence now supports the Restrained Life API for BDSM items and scripted gadgets.
  • Windlight toolbar. We’ve added a new tab along the bottom of the screen for quick access to your Windlight presets and certain graphics options. We’ve also added a variety of Windlight presets from Ana Lutetia, CodeBastard Redgrave, and Torley Linden!
  • Numerous other features that improve the viewer experience, such as double-click to wear attachments in Inventory, optional vertical IM tabs (in Preferences > Communication), unread IM count, search inventory by creator or description, better profile window layout, select default chat channel, Link/Unlink in the Build window, sim avatar counts on the World Map, and many more.

For full details about all the changes and improvements we’ve made, please refer to our extensive (and rather intimidating) Release Notes!

Now without further ado, the goodies (you should download these even if you have downloaded 1.2.0 before):

We want to hear about your experiences with Imprudence — both positive and negative! Please post your feedback in the forums or comment here on the blog. Thank you! <3


10 Responses to “Imprudence 1.2 Released”

  1. Garn Conover

    sooo is this a new release of the 1.2 for everyone then? o.O cuz wasn’t it released a few days ago *confused look*

  2. Royer Pessoa

    Looking good! Great job!

  3. Jacek Antonelli

    Garn: Yep, this is a new version, 1.2.1. We found some issues in 1.2.0’s libraries before we finished releasing it, so we fixed them for 1.2.1.

    Vista users should probably stick to 1.2.0 until we fix an issue in 1.2.1 on that OS, but everyone else should use 1.2.1.

  4. Maria Korolov

    Does this viewer fix the problem with teleporting distances of more than 4,096?

    This is especially a problem when teleporting from one grid to another, since some grids are centered at 10,000 and others at 1,000 — and grids running the Diva Distro are randomly located between the two.


    – Maria Korolov
    Editor, Hypergrid Business

  5. McCabe Maxsted

    @Maria: yes, it does, but long distance hypergrid teleporting needs to be enabled for the tp to work. Right now, opensim disables it by default.

  6. Maria Korolov

    Thanks, McCabe! Is there a way to enable longdistance hypergrid teleports — say, in the OpenSim.ini file? This would be useful for someone running a standalone and wanting to be able to teleport to both ReactionGrid and OSGrid. Or from ReactionGrid and OSGrid — is the distance limit set by the origination grid or the destination grid?


    – Maria

  7. McCabe Maxsted

    @Maria: I honestly have no idea. Something to ask the opensim people :)

  8. Tali

    Reading back and seeing your “A Year of Imprudence” blog post made me want to throw a word of encouragement in here. With the 1.2 release, Imprudence instantly shot to my favorite spot. Without slamming specific projects, there are things which grate rather badly to me with other viewer projects, and your dedication to a focused purpose and detailed changelog (which also shows through in your work to get all licensing right) is what really sells me on the Imprudence viewer. I feel confident with it, on a “gut feeling level”, which is really what you need with an opensource project.

  9. Jake

    My thanks & congrats to Jacek (the ‘most visible’ team member ? ; ) et al for the great work !

    I ‘stumbled upon’ Imprudence while playing with my own ‘private’ (OpenSim) grid and apparently hit some ‘disconnect’ between every other viewer I tried and the sim (apparently some confusion about a ‘teen grid’ bit ?) – once I put underwear on my avatar I could neither edit it nor take it off. An odd ‘reason’ perhaps, but a wonderful bit of serendipity in that it lead to my discovery of Imprudence.

    Aside from managing to resolve my ‘immediate’ challenge, I’m really liking other features already – the ‘avatar scanner’ in particular (which nicely exceeds anything possible in an LSL scripted HUD), to name one.

    Also love the ‘manifesto’ – and the general approach towards such things that I’ve read so far here… ‘talking-up’ the project (realistically) while avoiding ‘trash-talking’ the ‘competition’; that always comes across much better.

    One strong suggestion – a ‘gotcha’ I encountered early on… perhaps emphasizing what’s needed to get voice working more clearly at install time ? (I added an edit to the wiki for that btw, correcting the list of files that need to be copied for windows installs.)

    Thanks all for the great work – *really* hoping y’all keep at it ! I’ll certainly keep ‘nudging’ all my friends to switch to Imprudence – *definitely* my favorite viewer now !

    Be well & enjoy –

    – Jake

  10. Bruce Henderson

    I am so very excited about Mac versions being available!
    When I logged in, though, Imprudence asked whether to enable video, and each time I allowed it, it crashed.
    Then I declined enabling video, and got in to my opensim.
    Then I tried to watch a video I had set up… and, alas, crashed out again..