Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 Released

Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 is now available! Hooray! This is mostly a bug fix release, but there are a few feature improvements too. Hopefully it will fix most of the issues posted in the forums. If you’re new to Imprudence,  read the previous blog post for the major features found in 1.2.0. For the full list of the changes in beta 2, check out the release notes.

Note: The pie menu has changed somewhat. See the release notes for details.

This is still a beta release, so expect some issues, particularly when logging in/logging out. As always, please post any issues you have in the forums.


Update: there was an error in the original Windows installers that caused them to use the old beta 1 settings file. Fixed versions have been uploaded.

3 Responses to “Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 Released”

  1. Rolf Sautter

    ust downloadet the new Imprudence today and want logg in to my account.Wich seems impossible cause imprudence leed me to to sign up for a SL account wih i already have.I dotn want a new account jsut logg in.
    It sucks

  2. Jacek Antonelli

    Rolf: I’m not sure what you mean. What size is your window? If it is narrower than 900 pixels, the “Sign up for account” link is probably overlapping the Log In button, which could be causing the problem.

    You should be able to log in in by pressing Enter on your keyboard after you have typed in your password, though. I hope that helps.

  3. Myth

    This Viewer works like a charm! Thanks and i’m looking for further versions.
    If you can build some SSE enhanced for win64 (i’m running on ultimate windows version) i’ll thank you deeeeeeeply!